Happy Birthday to Me!!

It's been more than 6 months since I last blogged..

A lot has happened since my last entry.  Let's see...

I passed my driving test in May... Bria is officially 22 months today.. My baby is a big girl now!

And.. i still want to quit my job.. haha..

Just celebrated my 30th birthday. can't believe i reached the big "3" now!  Just received a Prada lunch bag from B.. Will use it tomorrow. My colleagues will probably think it's a fake cause i am so auntie.. haha..

10 more days to my 3 week US cum Vancouver trip! It will be my first long long distance trip with Bria.. 16 hours flight time.. this is gonna be some crazy shit man!  Hope i will survive.. haha..

The last day of March... is finally OVER!!

I took my driving test for the third time today.  When i woke up this morning at 7am, my feet started to itch.. Then when i ironed my blouse, i burnt the ironing board fabric cover.  I should have know those were bad signs.. 

Nonetheless I still did my best.. compared to the last 2 times, I think I did much better.  No immediate failures this time.  Just a whole load of demerit points.  Another $200 down the drain.  I've already spent so much money for this stupid license, which seems so difficult to get! I've never failed a test or exam in my life, so this is really demoralizing.  Plus it's getting very embarrassing  every time i take leave from work to go for my test, then when my colleagues asked about it when i go back, i have to say i fail again.  I swear I won't tell anyone when i take my next test!

Anyway, when i got back home, i was totally not in the mood.  Only Bria could cheer me up.  I'm so glad i have her. I was so sad i kept asking Bria to hug and kiss me.. haha.. Initially, i thought i would go back to work for half a day, but in the end, i had a shower and took a 3 hour nap. 

When I woke up, i took Bria and C to C's maid agency to apply for her home leave.  We took the train, then switched to the bus.  Which i regretted.  Cause Bria kept wanting to get down and walk on the bus.  I had a hard time distracting her and holding her tight.  That kinda reminded me why i never took a bus with her.

C's going home for a week on her birthday so it's going to be just me, K and Bria.  I took leave from work, but K didn't, so i guess it'll just be me mainly.. I'm so used to having C's help that I hope I don' screw up when she's gone!  More importantly, I hope she comes back. Otherwise i will have a HUGE problem.  Then again, i don't think she is so ungrateful.  I pay so much for her ticket and home leave let her celebrate her birthday with her son leh!  And her contract is not even up yet.  How many employer will do that.. only nice people like me.. haha

After our visit to the maid agency, we headed to Parkway Parade to look for gold.  Literally.  Cause C wanted to buy a gold pendant for her son.  She already got the gold necklace last week, so just missing the pendant.  The first shop we visited, Princess Jewellery, has such nice people.  The ladies there carried and played with Bria.  They even gave us water before we bought anything from them.   Eventually, we walked out empty handed cause we wanted to find more designs and compare prices.  So we trotted over to Poh Heng.  What a huge contrast.  Firstly, the people there ignored my daughter.  And they gave only one bottle.  I reckon that's for me, so C had none.  Then when Bria started to whine, one of the female staff there looked at her and shake her head in disgust.  I was so pissed, but i didn't say anything.  Despite all this, we bought a pendant from them, cause C liked the design and it was relatively cheaper.  I still cannot get over the guilt of not buying from the nice people at Princess Jewellery!!

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day.  And the start of a really busy busy month for me.  3 business trips, 2 events, 2 project launches and loads of presentations to complete.  All within one freaking month.   Arghhhh!!!  I want to quit..

Life is full of Ups and Downs

I had a most depressing day today.

To start the day wrong, i went to take my driving test for the first time.  And failed. After spending 9 fucking months of my time and spending a few thousand dollars on the lessons.

Then i went to see my dad's doctor to get an update on his health condition.  The doctor told me my dad's can never recover from his stroke cause it's too late already.

What the fuck.

They say life is full of ups and downs?  When is my "UP" coming??

Christmas is coming!

It's been more than a month since i last blogged.. And so much has happened!!

I've been to Bangkok and back, to Hong Kong and back, celebrated Bria's first birthday, celebrated one of my best friend's marriage, and Christmas is 3 days away! 

My baby is a big girl now, and she has 4 little teeth!  I am so delighted.. At the same time, so hoping for another baby soon to relive all the little baby moments now that Bria is growing up so fast!  I need to work harder.. ha ha..

It's been a really really crazy two months for me.  Year end is supposed to be rest and relax, but it seems to be super crazy for me.  So starting from this friday, I am going to go on leave until 2011 !!  Sounds like a long time, but actually it's only one week.

I'm going to spend time with my baby and my hubby during this one week.  K is also on leave, so i can't wait for Friday to come!! 

Looks like it's gonna be difficult for me to blog more often now.. thinking of starting a blog to sell baby clothes from Bangkok.  My recent trip to Bangkok had me shopping at MPK, and the branded baby clothes there are super cheap loh!!  But gotta think about the logistics and all...

Sigh, how i wish i can just sell baby clothes online for a living.  I would so love that.. just go to Bangkok once a month to shop for clothes to sell back in Singapore.. But the margins are not that good to replace my income loh.. gotta look for other ways.. = )

Super long weekend!

I worked only 2 days this week.. Supposed to be a super long weekend, but so far, the past 2 days had been sucky.

Yesterday, i took Dad to the hospital for day surgery to remove his cataract.  Thought it would be a quick procedure, so i brought Bria and C along.  Ended up staying in the hospital for 8 freakin hours from 8am to 3pm.  Poor Bria also had her whole feeding and bathing schedule disrupted.  Don't know why the stupid hospital people asked us to reach at 8am when my dad could only go into surgery at 12pm!

By evening time yesterday, i fell sick with fever and flu.  Went to see the doctor this morning, and spent the most of today drifting in and out of sleep..  Just finished a telecon with my colleagues from Fairfax about an hour ago.  Still have a bit of flu now, so worried that i will spread to Bria.  And it's not helping that she keeps wanting me to carry her! = )

Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.  My mom in law wants to bring Bria to Pasir Ris Park tomorrow morning, and i really want to be there with my baby.  Last weekend, we had a free stay at Grand Copthorne Waterfront.  Bria had 2 days of swimming in the pool, and slept really well at night.  Lucky loh, else K and I will be sleep deprived, especially since we didn't bring C!  We will be bringing Bria to KL and Genting during the Hari Raya Haji long weekend.  It's gonna be 5 days without C.  Keeping my fingers crossed that Bria will be a good girl, else I will be really really exhausted!  Anyway, for now, i will just focus on enjoying my long weekend.. = )

Bria's clothes for sale

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Every month, my in laws will rent a stall in Cairnhill CC for the monthly flea market.  And for the past 3 months, i have put up Bria's clothing for sale.  But i never sold a single item.  So last month, i decided to improve my "marketing" for Bria's clothes and attempted to decorate the display box in which i put Bria's clothes. I also hang some of her clothes onto little hangers.

Got teased by my relatives (who also set up stalls there) for my efforts.  They said it seems like i was selling Bria more then her clothes.. haha.. = )

In the end, i managed to at least sell a few beanies / hats.  My sister in law keep saying i am selling at too high a price for my clothes.. A lot of the other stores were selling Carter's rompers at $1-$2.  I was selling at $5.

I think it's just ridiculous to sell them at $1-$2.  So cheap!  I rather keep for next one, or give to Salvation Army.

Daddy's back!

K is coming back from Shanghai tomorrow!

He's been gone for 5 days now, and i miss him terribly.. = (  For some strange reason, i keep dreaming about him these few days.  Never happened in the past when he travels.  Stupid haze has subsided a bit today, but i still didn't want to bring Bria outdoors, in case she falls sick.  So we stayed indoors today, and only went out to my grandma's place in the evening after my driving lesson.

I had a talkative instructor today.. But he's quite funny lah, kept making me laugh.  Good and bad, bad cause i wanted to concentrate on my driving.  Good cause he help to make me feel more relaxed.  Went on 4 test routes today, and had at least 5 "immediate failures".  Sigh.. i really must pass my driving the first time.  Don't want to waste money retaking.  I can do it!!  Tomorrow another lesson, at 430pm. I really hope K's 3pm flight will land earlier, otherwise i will be late for my driving lesson.  And i really want to go airport to pick him..

This weekend is kinda boring.  K not around, plus the haze, so never go out at all.  But i guess i got my wanted rest.  I have been complaining to K that every weekend is so packed with activities that we never seem to get enough rest before the work week starts again. 

Bria is sound asleep on my bed now.  And suddenly, i got nothing to do, so got time to blog.. She really fills up my life, this little baby!