My Taipei Trip

I just realized that i haven't been blogging for more than a week now.. the past week has been quite busy for me.

Wanted to write while i was in Taipei, but i couldn't really use my laptop during the meeting, and the wireless did not work in my hotel room. Besides, i went to the night market every night and got myself so exhausted that i just wanted to go straight to bed.

My virgin trip to Taipei was pretty interesting.. watched 2 movies on the plane (to and back): Ghost Town and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Both were actually very nice, quite unexpected.

On the business side, i got to know the Asia Pacific SOS folks much better. We were supposed to share during the ice-breaking session some secrets that nobody in the room knew.. it was supposed to build trust among the team. So i told them 3 secrets: 1. I was top in Literature for my O Levels, 2. I appeared on newspaper and television before, and 3. I had a tattoo. During this session , i found out that one of the team members had plastic surgery on her ankle because she wanted to run faster. Interesting!! I thought at first it was on her boobs cause she seemed more well endowed these days.. haha!! The team also shared on some of the projects and work they were currently working on, as well as came up with a motto and slogan for the team.

On the leisure side, i boosted the Taiwan economy quite a bit. I bought my Christmas present for Emily for the Christmas party. Bought some local produce such as sour plum, flowers for tea, clothes, face masks, plenty of their local fruits for my mom in law, and of course ate a lot!! Then at the airport, bought plenty of their local Mochi for loved ones..

I also tried their smelly beancurd for the first time. It was a "Mouth-opener"! I could smell it like a hundred metres away. And it actually tasted worse than it smelled. My Japanese and Thai colleagues thought it was the funkiest thing they've ate.. Their expressions were priceless!! We also tried the famous oyster mee sua also at the street side stalls. And of course, their famous deep fried chicken cutlet. In fact, i had chicken cutlet thrice. Once at Shih Lin street. Super delicious!

And of course, the reputed Taipei 101. One of my colleagues keep refering to it as Beijing 101, and when she told the driver "Beijing 101", he got confused! = ) We had dinner on the 85th floor on the 2nd night. Apparently, the highest one can go is the 91st floor for 400 Taiwenese Yuan. We thought 85th and 91st floor wouldn't make much of a difference so we didn't pay to go up to the 91st. The view was so-so.. pretty much like Equinox view if you ask me. Oh, and i thought the 101 didn't look very fantastic in the daytime. The top part and the rest of the building looked mis-matched in terms of colors.

On the last night, we went to Din Tai Feng for dinner. It was my suggestion, cause i wanted to try the authetic Din Tai Feng and see how it compares to the one in Singapore. The xiao long bao was heavenly.. My Japanese colleague made me laughed so hard when he ate the xiao long bao by poking it with a fork!! The soup inside the dumpling all seeped out before he could eat it! = )

Our team building activity was a cooking class at a local Taiwanese's home. It was called Jodie's Kitchen. We learnt the basic ingredients of Taiwanese cooking, some tips on nutrition, then had our hand at kneading the dough for some home made green onion pancake. We also learnt how to make Taiwanese dishes such as hot and spicy Sze Chuan sauce. I was amazed at how something as simple as beancurd with vinegar and garlic can taste so amazing! Will make some for my Christmas party tomorrow.

Overall a good trip.. although i would have preferred to have had more time for shopping!! = )

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  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    hey, you are back! how come you still have so much opportunities for travel?

    Hee, maybe your colleague had plastic surgery on her boobs too. Just that she chose not to share THAT secret!

    I only have tried smelly tofu in SG. I am sure the one in TW is much worse. So how was Din Tai Fung in TW compared to SG?

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!