Snoring duo

It's past midnight. I just sneaked in to check on Bria before heading to bed. Both Bria and her daddy are snoring. Such joy is priceless... :)

Bria is 5 months !

Bria turned 5 yesterday. Months, that is. K and I had planned to celebrate by bringing her out for dinner. What was supposed to be a nice relaxed dinner became more like having fast food.
Yesterday was an unlucky day for me due to a whole series of events.  At the office, I was jammed by the sliding glass at the turnstiles. As a natural reaction, I used my arm to block. Now I have a super huge and painful bruise on my right arm where the stretch of bone is.

My colleagues and I also went on a farm excursion yesterday for the second half of the day.  We visited qian hu fish farm and this vegetable farm in Lim Chu Kang. The fish farm was not so bad,  cause most of it was sheltered. But the vegetable farm was super hot man! It was like free flow perspiration!  We were under the hot sun more than half the time. I did have fun though. We had a competition to harvest plants and flowers, and even potted our own plants. I took home a dill plant and a pandan leave plant.. So now no need to buy dill and pandan leaves for my cooking..  ;)

The bummer was, number 1, I got bitten by mosquitoes even though I had a repellent patch and switched on the mosquito repellent application on my phone. Number 2, I ended up carrying so many things plus my laptop, and lugging them all the way from lake side to eunos in a jam packed Mrt.  Lastly, the event took longer than I expected, and this shortened my dinner time. By the time I reached home, it was almost 7pm. And I had a telecon at 9pm. Which means I had to be home by 830pm. I was tired, but still decided to head out and bring Bria out to celebrate.  We had delicious ramen at east coast but had to eat so fast I didn't enjoy it that much. 

Then finally, to top off my unlucky day, I couldn't log into my company laptop for my telecon. Had to use internet chat and ask my colleague for the number to dial in. I missed a little of the presentation, but it wasn't a useful one. I already knew what they were presenting. Which means I wasted my time. Should have enjoyed my dinner slowly!  

Think poor Bria didn't really enjoy her 5 Months too. There was a big thunderstorm last night. The thunder frightened her and she couldn't sleep the whole night after that.. hopefully tonight she will feel better...

Happy Mother's Day!

I celebrated my first Mother's day yesterday. Being my first Mother's Day and the dramatic queen that I am, I was really excited and had been looking forward to this day.  Since Bria doesn't really know how to please me yet, the job was delegated to K, so everything kinda went "my way" yesterday. = )

K and I started the day at the sky gardens on the 50th floor of The Pinnacles, the super high class block of HDB flats at Outram.  It was a group outing with the Miata folks, and we had to pay $5 per person to enter the gardens, and it was a bloody waste of money.  The view is nice and all, but i don't think it's worth $5.  Plus, it was super hot.  And there wasn't much of a breeze even though we were 50 floors high.  Bria behaved very well throughout even though it was so hot.. I guess that's her "present" to me that day!  Then again, my baby has always been very easy. = )  It was the first time that the Miata folks met Bria, so naturally, she became the center of attraction. 

After the walk, we drove to this cafe called Colbar and had a hearty brunch.  That's when Bria's stroller became the center of attraction.. haha.. I had a tasty dish called "Chicken Merryland", which consisted of fried chicken cutlet, baked beans, goreng pisang, egg and bacon.  It was so much i couldn't finish.  Bria also made a new Ang Moh friend when this man came over an talked to Pui who was carrying Bria at that time.  The man thought Bria was Pui's baby..

K and I headed back after our brunch, and kinda rested by watching several episodes of 24.  We've been following the series like mad these few days..  Still got 10 more episodes to go..

Then at night, we brought Bria to the airport to pick up my in-laws who just came back from their 9 day holiday in Osaka.  Bria got herself some new toys and shoes from Japan.. = )  We tried to find ourselves a nice restaurant for dinner, but it was so crowded everywhere that we just gave up and went to the food court.  It wasn't that bad.  I enjoyed a nice soupy bowl of Kuay Chap, and ice kacang for dessert.

Sigh, I have been SO busy these days with work that I don't even have the mood to blog anymore.  I just want to spend time with Bria when I come back from work.  Then on weekends, I just want to spend the whole day with her.  K and I are planning our 10th anniversary next month, and I am so confused.  Cause on the one hand, I want to celebrate this special day with him, but on the other hand, I can't bear to leave Bria at home for too long.. Arghhhh...