New Year BBQ!

I was invited to a barbecue dinner today at an ex-colleagues' place in Pasir Ris. I had promised to bring over some Yu Sheng as my contribution. Earlier, i had intended to buy the Yu Sheng from Sakae Sushi at Harbourfront, but i didn't go to the office today, so ended up buying from the coffee shop below my block. Thinking that there will only be a few people (the usual few from my department), i bought one large Yu Sheng set. The last time i was invited to this colleague's place, it was a small gathering.

Half an hour later, i arrived and was surprised to see SOOOO many people crowding around the BBQ pit. There were almost 15 people. All ex-colleagues of mine from the airport. My colleague, the host, started to gather everyone to mix in the Yu Sheng that had been placed on a huge round table. So there it was, my one pathetic plate of Yu Sheng, and 15 people crowding around to mix it in and have one bite each. I was so embarrassed i didn't even bother to join the crowd... Stupid me should have called and asked how many people were there! = (

I hope not many people knew i was the one who brought the Yu Sheng!

Overall, i had a good time catching up with old friends. Gave away some name cards of my signage business, had some good food (fried bee hoon, otah, curry, satay and some really delicious brownies from BREEKS), indulged in some juicy gossips and life stories of my old pals, and realized that one of my male ex-colleagues is afraid of cats! = )

The hosts are both my ex-colleagues. Both husband and wife had just came back from Beijing. A real humorous couple. During the BBQ, the husband was giving out paper cups to us for drinks. To avoid confusion, he had labeled the cups with alphabets. Then he started teasing us about having "A" cup and "B" cup etc. in reference to bra sizes. One of the guys who was holding an "F" cup was drinking wine when he dropped his cup and spilled the wine. So this host teased him and scolded him for drinking so much that he lost his "F" cup, and now has "No Cup". It was hilarious! Maybe not as effective with me telling the story in words..

Incidentally, i also found out that one of my ex-collegagues is now working at the New Zealand embassy. Talk about a small world! I'll see if she can help me with my Work Holiday application!

Tomorrow will be another long day for me. Lunch with in-laws, then to my sister's house, followed by visitations to 3 different aunties' house (and 2 dinners). Last but not least, gambling and drinking to end the night at a Zhiyong's place..

My girls..

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On the first day of the lunar new year, K and I went to my grandmother's place as one of our visiting stops. When we stepped out of the lift, we were greeted at the lift landing by 4 little girls standing in a straight line, and dressed in their Chinese New Year best. It was such an adorable sight i wished i had taken a picture of them all. there and then! They were all looking at us with such big eyes when we stepped out of the lift. Apparently, they had been playing, and when they saw me, they yelled in unison: "Ah Yee!" "Biao Jie!" Too cute! = )

These days, my youngest niece loves to pose for photos by putting a finger to her cheek. Based on my few opportunities to play and interact with her, i find that this girl is really intelligent for her age. Plenty of potential and a bright future ahead.

And my cousins! Both getting prettier by the years.. The eldest one in the photo looks so much like her father!! Like a photocopy image of him lah! I took plenty of pictures with all my girls that day. But using my sister's camera. Can't wait for her to send over!

2nd Honeymoon..

Yesterday, i went over to my in-laws' place for steamboat dinner. K's grandma was there, and the conversation during dinner turned to my business trip to Japan in March. Suddenly, everyone got excited. My mom in law started telling me all the places i could go in Tokyo. Then both she and K's grandma started to persuade K to go with me. My mom in law even offered to pay for his air ticket. So now, K is contemplating. If business picks up, he would have to stay in Singapore for his customers' check-ins etc. But, if there is no business, then he will most probably go with me. That would definitely be nice. Kinda like a second honeymoon for us!

This morning, i spoke to my supervisor. She asked me to meet her in HongKong the week before Valentine's Day. She doesn't want to fly to Singapore, so she can return home for Valentine's Day. So smart.. I'm trying to persuade K to go with me as well, but he declined.. Sigh.. how to make babies like that!! So many things to do, so little time!!! = (

Yellow Tower

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I went for a jog at East Coast Park after work today. Ran past the iconic yellow staircase tower by the beach. This brought back some old memories, which i SO wanna erase from my mind..

Pursuing our dreams..

2 days ago, K and I submitted our applications (which cost us $120 each) for a Work Holiday Progam to work in New Zealand for 6 months. It's kinda been what we've wanted to do for some time already, but we never got down to doing it. Besides, now seems to be the most appropriate time, given that K is nearly out of business, and I am getting rather bored of my job / life in general. Actually, the "want" is much stronger in K than in me. But i am kinda glad we did it anyway. And New Zealand definitely sounds exciting! Once there is some kind of a hint that our Visa will be approved, i will submit my request for unpaid leave for 6 months.

We discussed about this, as i had some resistance towards such a dramatic move. I was concerned about not being able to get my unpaid leave approved. If that's the case, i will have to resign from a well-paying job. K really wants this to happen, and one of the criteria for this program is that we must be below 30 years old. Plus, we are trying for a baby, so we need to do this fast. My second concern was my grandmother, who is getting weaker by the day. But, after much thought, i agree with K that we shouldn't put our lives on hold because of others. Besides, it's just for 6 months. And, a part of me really wants to do this as well. Sometimes, I feel I am living my life for the sake of people around me. So much so that i forgot what i really want to pursue, what i want to do or should do. After living for 28 years, i've really got nothing to show. We all tend to think we are so important. Truth is, if we die tomorrow, we will not have achieved anything. I so agree with that. Not that i will enjoy a great achievement from working 6 months in New Zealand, but at least i am not stuck in Singapore my whole life. Besides, K and I plan to apply to work in other countries after New Zealand (if we are eligible) = )

I've been reading this audio book called "The Adventure Capitalist" by Jim Rogers. This book was read by the author Jim Rogers himself, a very wealthy investor who drove a custom-made Mercedes 4 wheel drive roadster around the world to 116 countries with his wife. The whole journey took him 3 years. The book recorded his observations about social and political conditions in the world. Listening to this book made me feel so small, like a frog in the well. All the business trips in the world will never give me the kind of experience that can be gained only from living overseas for at least a few months. Doing things that the locals do, and not things that only tourists on holidays do.

K already told his parents about his decision. It seemed like second nature to them.. I guessed they too shared the same views. My parents on the other hand, will probably freak out and make a big fuss out of it. Taking unpaid leave or even the possibility of quitting my job in the current crisis will definitely not put a smile on their faces, or for that matter, money in their pockets. See!! I am living my life for others again.. Decisions, decisions.. I will just let fate decide. If our application is approved, it shall be a sign that i need to live my OWN life for once..

Energy Outlook 2030

I went for another free lunch on Friday. This time, it was a lunch and learn session at the Spinelli's below my office building. The topic was on Energy Outlook till the year 2030.

Had the usual muffins, sandwiches, cookies and coffee for lunch. Learnt a few interesting points on the supply and demand of energy, and also on CO2 emissions. Some points that i jot down during the talk:

  • In 2005, the world's population was 6.4 billlion. By 2030, we will have 7 billion
  • In 2030, we will have a GDP of 30 trillion in Asia Pacific alone. This is far more than US with a GDP of 26 trillion
  • As of today, there are 1.5 billion people who have no access to electricity
  • Total global energy demand was 230 million barrels a day (mbd) in 2005. This will increase to 310 mbd in 2030
  • By 2030, China will make up 10% of the global energy demand, most of which is coal
  • Good news ise 70, the world is becoming more efficient in energy use despite the increasing demand for energy. By 2030, we will be 70% more efficient, saving 170 mbd. This is double the growth in our world energy demand
  • On CO2 emissions, we will have a 35% increase in fuel demand by 2030, but only 28% increase in Co2 emissions. The US and European countries are showing reduction in their Co2 emissions, but China is not. By 2030, China will make up 40% of the world's Co2 emissions due to their fast and furious economic progress. Somebody gotta stop them from progressing OR teach them how to be more efficient!! Otherwise, soon we will be seeing snow not only in Thailand but in Singapore as well..

Celebrating Love 2 & Spring Cleaning

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K and I decided to try something different for dinner on our 103rd monthniverssary. We met up in Bugis cause we had to collect our kueh lapis there anyway... After walking a few rounds, undecided about what to eat, we ended up at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant..

We had the usual Chinese / Shanghainese dishes, fried rice, Za Jiang noodles, and some garlic chicken. We also ordered xiao long bao (steamed soup dumplings) and this huge ass king-sized soup dumpling that comes in one big piece with a straw inserted in the center for you to sip. the soup. very interesting!!

I took some photos of us sipping from the huge dumpling but can't seem to find it in my phone now.. This Omnia is starting to piss me off.. it's not the first time that my photos get lost..

Finally finished my spring cleaning today!! Now my whole body is aching, and i have a huge bruise on my right leg. Kinda crashed my leg into the sofa when i was moving it around.. But i am an extremely satisfied owner of my now spick and span house..
= )

K and I went to Orchard for dinner today.. Had Shanghainese food again at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao. Totally disastrous. The Za Jiang noodles i ordered had spicy minced meat sauce.. and the dumplings we ordered had chili oil poured all over it. I ended up tearing from all the spiciness and feeling as if my lips were on fire.

After dinner, we went to Agnes B to change for a bigger sized version of the wallet K gave me. It's almost impossible for me to fit all my cards (mostly discount and membership cards!) in the small wallet, so for practical reasons, we decided to change it to a bigger one.

1 more day to the year of the Ox!! I hope the reunion dinner with my in-laws tomorrow will be good!! Initially the plan was to do a BBQ, cause steamboat is quite boring. I had gotten quite excited about the idea, but for some reason, now it's back to boring ol' steamboat.. i guess everyone's too lazy to do the BBQ.. = )

Warren's Wise Words

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Words of financial wisdom from the wealthiest man in the world (at least according to Forbes in 2008):
  • Spending: If you buy things you don't need, you'll soon sell things you need.
  • Savings: Don't save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving.
  • Hard work: All hard work brings profit; but mere talk leads only to poverty.
  • Laziness: A sleeping lobster is carried away by the water current.
  • Earnings: Never depend on a single source of income.
  • Borrowings: The borrower becomes the lender's slave.
  • Accounting: It's no use carrying an umbrella, if your shoes are leaking.
  • Auditing: Beware of little expenses; a small leak can sink a large ship.
  • Risk-taking: Never test the depth of the river with both feet.
  • Investment: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
I'm certain that those who have already been practicing these
principles remain financially healthy.

I'm equally confident that those who resolve to start practicing
these principles will quickly regain their financial health.

Let us become wiser and lead a happy, healthy, prosperous and
peaceful life.

- Warren Buffet

Roast Duck Frenzy

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K and I went to buy some roast duck for our reunion dinner tomorrow..

This place sells really good (supposedly) roast pork and duck at wholesale prices, and it's very near our house. Needless to say, we were not the only ones who knew about this place.

The queue was so long for both ordering and collection that i nearly died from the stuffiness under the tentage.. We even saw this malay couple queuing up to buy. Which was strange cause they are not suppose to eat pork, and the duck is not halal either.. or well..

Actually, i am not really a big fan of duck / pork, so this better be worth it.. = )

There's no such thing as a free lunch??

I've been getting a lot of free lunches lately.

On Tuesday, after my big conference meeting, i had free tim sum at 88 restaurant, and my first loh hei. Courtesy of our Zone Sales manager.

Then yesterday, i met up with this old uncle whom i used to work with in Sales. My intention was to give him a treat (together with another colleague) since he treated us the last time we met. But we lost to him in fighting for the bill. That was for some yummy Chinese food at Dian Xiao Er. We had fried mee sua, cod fish, fried lotus root and mixed vegetables, and delicious winter melon double boiled soup.

Then today, i had lunch and my second loh hei at Tung Lok Signatures. Courtesy of my admin supervisor. Haven't had such good Chinese food in a long time (discounting my mom's cooking which i have once a week!). The loh hei was fantastic with really fresh salmon and some kind of yummy nuts with honey. The double boiled chicken soup was so heavenly, i had two servings. = ) Then we had sweet & sour pork, leaf wrapped glutinous rice and some deep fried prawn meat ball and asparagus. Dessert was mango cubes with two scoops of mango and lemon (i think) ice-cream served in a small coconut with coconut meat! I like the dessert the best!

Sigh.. Chinese New Year hasn't even arrived yet and i am already getting fat.. more business lunches to come after that! All these free lunches actually make me want to get pregnant, so i won't look "fat". heeheh..

Celebrating Love..

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Today marks the 103rd month that K and I have been together since the new millennium..

Yesterday evening, K picked me up from my facial and we discussed on the way home what we wanted to do today to celebrate. Nothing concrete came up. We went back home and brought pails of water downstairs for some car washing. During the wash, I had an arguement with K on this little incident that happened 2 days ago. K was cutting apples after dinner while i went to bathe. When i came out, i realized he did not cut apples for me. So i got upset cause i also cut for him when i am having apples! Anyway, i asked him about it yesterday during our car wash, he apologized and said he would make it up to me tonight (i.e. yesterday night)...

This morning, when i woke up, K made a comment (jokingly) that i was an idiot.. Didn't know why he said that but ignored it anyway and started to get ready for work. As i was getting dressed, K said: "I actually made it up to you yesterday night, but you were too asleep to notice it." I immediately jumped up and asked him what he did. He said it was under my pillow. And i found this under my pillow:

Didn't realize the whole night i have been sleeping on it! That's why K called me an idiot! = ) I didn't have to open it to know that it was a wallet. I had kinda given up on the whole wallet thing, cause i had asked K about getting me a wallet several times, and everytime i asked, he asked me to wait. I thought it was because he didn't want to spend the money due to the recession. Didn't realize he was waiting for today!

And i felt totally guilty when i saw the present cause i didn't buy anything for him. In fact, i even scolded him yesterday cause i was pissed off at him for being so forgetful.. he's been forgetting things quite often recently even though i reminded him. And yesterday when i asked him if he knew what day tomorrow was, he said no.

My guilt got worse when i saw the card he wrote.

ARGGHH!!! It was like something just exploded inside me. I began to think of myself as a bad wife. Not at all "lovely". I started to think that i shouldn't always doubt K, that i should start to cook some damn soup for him (it's been so long since he last requested for it), that i should understand why he keeps forgetting things cause he is very troubled by the recession and the minimal sales his business is getting.. Despite all that, he still bothers to get me a present. And i can't even cook some soup for him! = (

Yes We Can!!

I did not stay up to watch the inaugural ceremony of US 44th and current President Barack Obama yesterday.

I thought things would get better after his inauguration and announcement of all his plans to revive the US economy, but this morning, K and I found out that US stock market is falling. SIGH..

Murphy's law at work again..

Let's see if things improve after the Singapore government announces their Budget tomorrow..

Murphy's Law @ Work

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Yesterday was an eventful day for me.. talk about Murphy's Law (everything that will go wrong WILL go wrong)!

I reached the office at 8am (haven't done that for SOOO long!) to prepare for the conference call at 9am. When i went to the room to set up my laptop, i saw that the room was still not arranged in the style that i had wanted. In fact, the 2 rooms that were supposed to join togetAher were still separate. I started to get fidgety cause i had a pre-call at 830am and thereafter at 9am, the main conference would start.

I asked the receptionist to get the in-charge to set up my room quickly, and then I proceeded to another room for my pre-call. Folks were supposed to call in from Fairfax, but when i went into the room, both my colleagues (who were supposed to be there) were not there. So i had to call Fairfax, ask them to give me another 5 mins before they call. This delayed time. 5 mins later, we finally got everyone in the room and started with the pre-call. My department's VP was in the call from Fairfax. I had to leave this pre-call to attend another pre-call with my Asia Pac colleagues 10 minutes before the conference. So i left the room and went to the first room where my laptop was. The room was STILL not set up. Just when i was about to get really pissed off, the man in -charge arrived.. He looked hasty and made some comments about him confusing my conference to be at another time. I couldn't care less, and just asked him to please hurry up.

At 9am sharp, the conference was due to start, everyone from Asia Pac (6 countries) had dialled in. I did a roll call, and then realized the Fairfax folks were missing. ARGGHHH!! So i had to call them on their cell phones, then found out they had problems dialling in and were contacting the operator. So i had to tell everyone else to wait for another 5 minutes. Eventually, the entire conference overshot by 30 minutes.

When i went back to my office after the whole damn thing, i got an email informing me that 2 of my colleagues in Australia were left out from Part 2 of the conference due to some miscommunications on their travel schedules. Hai.. Arranging all these logistics is such a tough job!

The good side was, i got a lot of appreciation and recognition from the managers in Asia Pac. Got a free dim sum lunch from the AP Zone sales manager and did my first Loh Hei for the year. My French colleague was there, and i had to explain the significance of Loh Hei and what all the individual ingredients symbolized. Don't think i did a good job on that! haha.. = )

In the evening after work, i went for a farewell dinner at Modestos with my colleagues. Had a good time there, cause this group is the one i am close with. K came and picked me up after that, and we watched "Prison Break" till midnight. It's getting more and more exciting this show! = )

While walking to Modestos, i passed by Ted Baker and there was a sale!!! Up to 60% off. I already targetted a few cuff-link blouses that i really loved.. Will go and take a look again later during lunch.

ANYWAY, i am SOOO glad this conference is now over.. need to focus on getting all my other work done before Chinese New Year now!

Pardon my French!!

I had to do some entertaining yesterday. My colleague from Paris was in town, and i had promised to meet him for dinner. So i met him at his hotel, then took a cab to Clarke Quay to my favourite Mexican restaurant. I figured since he is going to pay using the company card, i might as well have something i like but won't usually eat cause it's too expensive!! heehee.. Besides, i asked him what he would like to eat but he said anything!

At the restaurant, i saw my colleague at the table behind us, but don't think he saw us though. Anyway, the food was great, we talked a lot about work (he was here for tomorrow's big conference call), about our families, and his dog blah blah blah.. I also found out that he has a son my age. He took my hand once to tell me how happy he is to meet me and have dinner with me.. That felt awkward. Not sure if it's something the French does so i just ignored it. After dinner, we went to Coffee Club for dessert. I sat down, and expected him to sit on the chair opposite me, but he chose to sit beside me instead. I ordered my favourite mud pie. He got a shock when he saw the humongous mud pie that was served. Haha.. that was funny! So we talked and then he took my hand again for the second time. And said the same thing. I was definitely not comfortable by then. But didn't know what to do. So I decided to call K and ask him to come and pick me. I talked a lot about K during our conversations. I think subconciously, i was hoping that he will get the hint that i am happily married and stop flirting!

Not sure if i am being overly sensitive here, cause I know that French guys like to flirt, and he can be old enough to be my father. But i don't think i will meet up with him again alone next time!!

Bangkok Dangerous

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I wonder what's up with Bangkok/Thailand these days. They seem to be making the headlines so frequently!

First, there was the famous airport closure in Bangkok that got so many people trapped in transit. Then they had a new and handsome Prime Minister. This was followed by a deadly fire on New Year's eve in one of their night clubs that killed some Singaporeans (1 of whom was my father-in-law's colleague). This fire was followed by another fire in one of their shopping malls.. And most recently, news has it that it is freezing in Thailand. 4 degrees celcius in Chiang Mai. So many people were caught offguard by the sudden drop in temperature that a few died from the sudden cold. I noticed the weather has been very cold these days even in Singapore, but 4 degrees C in Thailand?! That's very unusual!! Soon it will be snowing in Thailand. And then a few years later, snow in Singapore.

Everything is getting so screwed up in the world these days.. recession, strange weather, Israel and Gaza war.. Let's just hope the swearing in of Obama tomorrow will be the start of a string of good things this year!!

Water tales..

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I won't be taking part in the Dragon boat competition next month.. These days, i seem to be having a lot of funny encounters with water.. Firstly, i dreamt twice about losing my loved ones in water. The first dream was of a tsunami washing my grandmother away. The second one i dreamt that i lost K in the sea where the Volvo Ocean Race finishing line is. In the second dream, i was with the spectators at the finishing line. Everyone was cheering for the racers, but i was crying my lungs out.

When i told my sister about my 2 dreams last week, she said it might be a sign that i shouldn't touch water or play water sports this year. When she said that, i had not told her i was going to go dragon boating next month.. Some of my friends said the dream might be a symbol of wealth. Since the Chinese believe that water symbolizes wealth. Maybe my Grandma or K will strike lottery since they got "washed" away by the sea. = ) Then K said my 2 dreams might be a sign that i should go and learn how to swim. Haiyah, i also don't know who to believe. Anyway, i decided not to take the risk and withdrew my application for the dragon boating. Plus the fact that last year, some Singaporeans just drowned in the sea during dragon boating in Cambodia.

Then recently, K and I have been hearing loud water noises in our bathroom in the middle of the night when we sleep. It's so loud that it sounds as if someone is using water in our bathroom, which is just next to our bed. Usually, we hear similar sounds when our neighbours upstairs are using water and the water runs through the pipes. But the recent water noises in our bathroom are super loud. I don't want to scare myself, but so far it has occured at 130am in the morning. Will see if today it happens again (provided i am still awake!) And as usual, K thinks nothing about it..

Deadlines or datelines??

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I've been so tired recently from both the spring cleaning and from work..

K and I managed to pack up our bomb shelter over the weekend. At least now there is some walking space inside the shelter. Previously, cannot even go inside at all. Once i open the door, a whole pile of mess is right there smack in my face. I already did the shoe cabinet and kitchen, so K is in charge of the book shelves in our study room = ) Once that is done, we are left with cleaning the windows, and changing new bedsheets!

As for work, been staying late these few weeks to meet some deadlines before the Chinese New Year. I have this big conference call tomorrow that i am arranging for the whole Asia Pacific.. more than 100 people will be dialing in... This stupid conference took up quite a lot of my time. Can't wait for it to be over.. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about what i might have missed out. And the funny thing is, i almost forgot all about it. 2 weeks ago, i had promised K and my in-laws to go on a 3day cruise on Sunday, and come back tomorrow afternoon. My mom-in-law had free tickets so all we had to pay was the port tax. Then last week, when i was applying for leave for the cruise, i realized that i had this conference call on Tuesday morning. I was totally embarrassed when i had to call my mom-in-law and asked her to cancel my tickets last minute. Luckily she managed to cancel it! Sigh.. don't know where my memory went.

Just finished a conference call with my colleagues.. As usual, because i am in Asia Pac, i have to do the late night calls.. Today's call was the first with my new Ang Moh boss. Good news is, we will be going to Tokyo in March for our team meeting!! But the bad news is, since i am based in Asia Pacific, i will be the one organizing the logistics for the meeting. Sigh.. i wonder if my boss will let me go Japan first before the meeting to recee the hotel and the meeting location?? hehehe.. Wait long long me thinks..

Can't wait for March to come.. but first.. have to work hard to clean my house to meet the Chinese New Year deadline. And work overtime to meet my work deadlines!! Gambatte Kudasai!!

Sista bonding...

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I went shopping for Chinese New Year clothes with my sister last Wednesday. It's been such a long time since we last went out together that i can't even remember when was the last time. It's usually with her two girls, or with my parents.. Initially, our plan was to meet up at Eunos MRT and then go to Orchard for lunch and shopping. Sis had taken half day leave and I was working from home. However, we ended up meeting quite late around 130pm cause Sis had work to clear. So we went to Bugis instead of Orchard.

We had lunch at this Japanese cafe which sucked. I wanted to eat fried rice at my fave tea house but apparently, it's no longer there. So sad!! = (

After about 2-3 hours of shopping, Sis managed to buy all her New Year clothes. Me on the other hand, didn't buy any clothes at all. Instead, i bought 2 pairs of shoes. Nearly bought 3, but the 3rd pair was too tight. I think i am falling in love with this shoe shop at Bugis Junction. It's got a Japanese sounding name. "Mitju" or something like that. They have a branch at Clarke Quay too. Will probably go there and get some more shoes before Chinese New Year.. heehee..

After 3 hours of air-conditioned shopping, we proceeded to the back street market to look for a pair of black tights to match this top that Sis bought. While shopping, we passed by this tattoo shop where there were quite a few people getting tattoed inside the shop and outside where the shop owners had chairs set up for people to sit and get inked. I asked Sis if she wanted to take a look, her response was "Yee, don't want la." So i asked her why she responded the way she did, and she said she thought tattoos were gross and so painful.. At the moment, i was torn between telling her i had one, or not to. In the end, i decided not to. There will be a better time for my little secret to be disclosed to her!

Anyway, our little shopping spree ended with us exchanging our receipts for Ang Baos at the customer service counter, and then buying bread at Four Leaves for breakfast the next day. Sis also bought some Otah (fish / Mackeral cake) at this store called Otah Inc. Which i thought was a brillant idea. They sell Otah in such a creative way i am impressed.. Otah Tortilla, Otah tarts, Not so spicy Otah for kids etc...

I wonder which genius thought of this idea, and what else can be done like this??

Chinese New Year decorations

K and I were driving along Chinatown on the way home last Friday. The decorations for Chinese New Year were already up so i decided to snap some pictures while we were caught in the traffic jam with our car top down.. = )

I think this year's decorations are quite pretty.. too bad i cannot take the front view of the ox statues!!

The one where K fell sick (AGAIN!!)

K fell sick again.. Actually, he hasn't been in the pink of health since last week. In fact, he has fallen sick so many times since late last year till now.

On the one hand, i am worried that his poor health will affect our chances of having a baby. Or the fact that the baby will be weak IF i manage to get pregnant.

On the other hand, i am worried that his poor health will affect HIM. I know he has been very stressed out recently by the recession affecting his business and all. Stupid HP want to cut costs, so froze all travel and recalled their employees back to HQ in India. So K got no business. Sigh.. So poor health + stress = poor chances of me getting pregnant.

In addition, i wonder if he keeps falling sick because i am not taking good care of him. Have I been a good wife? Come to think of it, i've been travelling a lot for work for the past year, i hardly cook for him at all, i'm not really able to help him with his work.. everytime he's sick he goes to see the doctor himself cause i am in the office.. Maybe that's why he always sick. When i came back from dinner with my girlfriends just now, K and I talked. And he made a request for me to cook some soup for him 3 times a week.

I said i will think about it. Time to ask Mom for some recipe help!! = )

The one where i had my late night telecon!

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It's blardy 215am in the morning and i am still awake.. Had a conference call earlier on which ended at 1230am. After the call, i still couldn't really sleep so i decided to clear some emails.. But one thing lead to another, so i continued to work, chatted online with some colleagues from USA and Americas South and now i am still wide awake!

Really hate these late night calls, cause everytime the people in Asia Pacific (like me) have to sacrifice due to the time zone differences. During the call, i kept getting cut off and all kinds of technical problems. Then someone on the line didn't mute his / her phone so there were a lot of background noise when the organizer of the meeting was speaking. So inconsiderate..

Anyway, the good thing is, i will be able to work from home tomorrow using this reason that i worked until very late today! = )

Meeting my sister to go shopping for Chinese New Year clothes tomorrow.. very long never catch up with her already, just the two of us, and have some "sister" bonding. Looking forward to it!! In fact, planning for some high tea after all the shopping! = )

The one where i got persuaded to go dragon boating

I can't believe it. I am going to join a dragon boat competition next month.

Somehow, my super enthusiastic colleague managed to convince me that it will be fun. I was relunctant at first cause i'm afraid i would fall in the water and i don't know how to swim / afraid of water and all.. but he said got life jacket, he will save me, plus the fact that one other female colleague of mine is joining and she is also a non-swimmer. And, everyone else in the office is going.. So i agreed. I think it will be fun!

Still a bit worried though..

Hee hee.. my first adventure for 2009!!

The largest Ang Bao lantern in Singapore

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Harbourfront shopping mall is going to launch the largest Ang Bao lantern in Singapore sometime this / next week.

The first time i saw it, i thought it was huge! But i see it now every other day cause it's so near my office..

I still think it's pretty.. I wonder how long it took to complete this lantern??

The one on my spring cleaning discoveries!

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Yesterday, i worked till 8pm, had dinner with my colleague, and reached home at 9pm.. .These few weeks have been really crazy for me.. last week also worked until almost 10pm then go home... Not used to it, been nearly 3 months ago since i last did over time!

Anyway, when i reached home, for some reason i felt quite energetic, so i decided to spring clean my bomb shelter.. Took out all the black trash bags full of stuff which i brought back from my parents' old simei home. The unpacking experience was so full so nostalgia i couldn't help smiling throughout the whole 2 hours..

Here are some of the stuff which i found in the heaps of trash bags..

Photo of little me!!

I never knew i had this CD compilation of Shakespeare plays. It's a gift from a colleague. I am so going to watch this sometime soon!! Have a Shakespeare movie marathon!

One of the major milestones in my life... Still remembered my sister rushed all the way from work just so she could wait outside the convocation hall for me (i only had 2 tickets so gave them to my parents). When she saw me, she run up with a bouquet of flowers, and cried!! I will remember this moment forever.. = )

Picture of me and K taken in year 2000 outside Nooch restaurant at Wheelock Place.. We look so innocent!! Restaurant is non-existent now.. = (

My JC class photo!!

I labelled all those bags that i want to donate and piled them all up.. Initially, i had intended to give them to the Salvation Army. Had already donated a few bags to them.. But recently, i saw a poster at my void deck that says some students are coming around the flats this thursday to pick up old clothes and newspapers. I figured it might be easier for me to just leave the bags at my door step for them to collect, rather than having to carry them all the way to the Salvation Army! Haha.. can't stand myself. Do charity also lazy! = )

Anyway, now my bomb shelter has some walking space.. but for now, my living room still looks quite messy!

The one where i completed a crystal puzzle

I got this little 3D crystal puzzle as a Christmas gift last year.. had some time to spare this morning so decided to play with it while eating my strawberry cake for breakfast..

It wasn't as easy as i thought. I ended up spending 30 minutes trying to fix the damn thing.. nearly wanted to give up halfway trying to fix the 14 pieces together. A very very interesting toy i must say!!

The end product is a 3D red crystal apple key chain / handphone accessory. It was too big for my handphone so now it's hanging on the zipper of my shoe bag..

When K came back, i showed him my achievement.. was half tempted to tear it apart and let K have a go at fixing it, but decided not to waste time.. better start with my spring cleaning!

So far, over the past 2 days, i have tidied and cleaned up my kitchen, shoe cabinet and bedroom wardrobe. Will be starting soon on my store room - the biggest nightmare of every spring cleaner!

The one where Kirby appeared on Channel Newsasia

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I was doing spring cleaning and watching TV yesterday afternoon when i saw Kirby on Channel Newsasia. He was being interviewed together with Chris Garver on the tattoo show in Singapore.

I thought it was pretty interesting listening to the 2 news presenters asking questions on tattoos, like whether it was painful, whether it can be removed etc etc.. Apparently, the longest Chris has ever done a tattoo on someone else was 12 hours. Amazing!! Even if the person being tattooed can tahan, i wonder how Chris can tahan?

Kirby was perspiring like crazy after he did my / and K's tattoos, which were only for 3-4 hours each!

Still feel very proud of Kirby.. at least he is doing something for his passion, spreading the tattoo art around the world.. plus the fact that he did my tattoo!! heheheh...

Thinking of adding some color to my current one.. hmmm..

The one where i got 2 prezzies...

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I got 2 nice presents from my colleagues last week.. One was a nice bookmark of a Japanese woman in Kimono. My colleague had just came back from his honeymoon in Japan and had bought these nice bookmarks for all of us.. Sometimes i feel that it's so troublesome to have to buy things back for the office every time i go overseas.. Although it's nice if i am the recipient of the presents! Usually, for me, i just do last minute shopping at the airport and use up my left over currency. To me, it's like a major obligation. It's like since everyone in the office knows I go overseas, i have to buy something back. So now, i don't. I can't be bothered. I will just buy some nice gifts for people whom i am close to in the office, my close friends, and that's it. Gifts that i put in some thought into, and not some last minute shopping at the airport. I don't care what people at the office says lah.. most of the time, the tidbits i buy back from overseas just rot at the pantry nobody eat.

There are times also when i just don't tell anyone in the office i am going overseas.. They are all so busy they probably won't notice that i am not in the office for a few days!

Anyway, the other present arrived on Thursday. I arrived in the office, no mood to work as usual, when i saw this huge box on my table with a huge FEDEX sticker pasted on it. It was a most pleasant surprise. Like a child, i eagerly opened the box and in it was a nice little glass ball Christmas decoration from my colleague in US. She did mentioned she bought something for me for Christmas but kept forgetting to mail it out. Supposed to hang it on my Christmas tree, but i had already tore down all my decorations the night before so will keep it for next year!

:) it's always nice to receive presents.. i wonder when i will get the BIG one..

The one where we went for our medical & shopping for rims..

I left office earlier at 3pm yesterday to go to SGH for a medical appointment. Actually, it was an overdue appointment to find out the results of my previous blood tests. As usual, despite the fact that i had an appointment at 320pm, i still had to wait an hour before i got to see the doctor. What's the whole damn point of making an appointment i wonder?! This just pisses me off so much cause it's not the first time already. K said someone wrote in to the newspaper complaining about the same thing. Maybe i should write in as a follow up. As K mentioned, if enough people write in to complain, maybe the hospitals will take action.

Anyway, it was kinda wasted trip cause the results were all normal. Nothing wrong with me (or K) and our fertility. I know it sounds weird, but i was actually a bit disappointed. But then no news is good news i guess. So now, K wants to move on to the next step. For some reason, i still want to procrastinate and keep trying the natural way, but he doesn't. The doctor proposed 3 options for us, some cheap (like increasing my number of eggs), some expensive (like IVF). I'm starting to feel the pressure now cause even K wants to give up trying the natural way. He'll rather pay and have a go at something that increases our chances of becoming parents. Me on the other hand, want to go al naturale. To me, if i get pregnant by "artificial" means, i will also think of my baby as "abnormal" when it is born and forever i guess.. Which i don't want. Eventually, we left the hospital with an appointment for 6 months later. We had told the doctor that we will continue to try for 6 months before deciding on one of her proposed options.

After we left the hospital, K decided to go shopping for rims. We're currently using Gary's rims and wheels so we needed to get our own set soon.. So we went to Ubi Industrial Park for some rims-shopping. I never seen so many different types of rims before.. We ended up at this shop called Yong Seng or something, where we saw this black 16 inch, 5-spookes rim.. After much consideration, we decided not to get it as K thought the design doesn't go well with our car..

This afternoon, K called and told me he's going to buy this other set of rims he saw today.. Plus some lowering springs that's supposed to lower the back of the car so it's more stable and less prone to accidents.. Oh well.. unless the driver himself changes.. no use modifying the car to make it stable or safe!! = )

The one on the Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

The world is full of coincidences. On Monday, i received a message on Facebook from my wedding photographer. He is now working in my company as an intern. We found each other on the company's mailing list and chatted online. What a small world.

This morning, i heard on Class 95 that there is a
Singapore Tattoo Show 2009 going on this weekend at the Singapore Expo. The 2 deejays had invited Chris Garver, the celebrity tatto artist from the show "Miami Ink" over to the radio station for an interview. Apparently, Chris will be at the show as well.

It was during this brief introduction of the tattoo show that i realized Kirby Lian, my tattoo artist, was the organizer for the show! I feel so proud.. = )

So naturally, being the auntie that i am, i contacted my good friend (who's Kirby's good friend), and asked if she had free tickets to the show.. She did, but unfortunately, she rejected Kirby, and now it's too late to get the tickets from Kirby cause the show starts tomorrow and he is already super busy now..
Anyway, i don't think i would pay $18 for the entrance fee just to go inside and see folks getting themselves inked.. hee hee.. cheapskate i know..

The one where I want a new wallet!!

I need a new wallet! The clasp on the BB one i have now came off so now i cannot close my wallet. With all the bulk inside (not money, mostly rubbish), now my wallet keeps opening by itself..

Went online shopping just now, and spotted a few wallets that i like.

All these are really expensive though, so not sure if i should get them. I went to Tangs to shop around during lunch just now, and saw this Guy Laroche white wallet and key pouch set going for SDG 119. Maybe i will just get that one.. Sigh, need to save up for rainy days to buy umbrellas given the severe recession in Singapore now.. = (

The one where my niece is a baby genius

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I had a strange dream yesterday night.. I dreamt of my 1.5 year old niece, and in my dream, she's a baby genius!

I told my sister about my dream, and she said that i may be pregnant. Apparently, the old wives believe that if a married woman dreams of a baby or children, she will get pregnant soon!