Bria is 6 months now!

I can't believe I have been MIA for one whole month now.. Just don't have the motivation to blog anymore..  Whatever little time I have, I want to spend with Bria.. Nothing major happened during this one month..Maybe except for the fact that I completely lost my voice for 3 days and couldn't talk to anybody.  That includes Bria, so it was really torturous for me! = )

Work is starting to get busy, in fact, I knocked off at 7pm last Friday, my latest record so far since i came back to work.  Naturally, I wasn't too happy, especially since Bria sleeps at 830pm, and I only got home around 730pm, which leaves me little time to spend with my darling.  And i don't think things will be getting any better from now on, cause the peak period for my team has started.  Sigh..  Plus, I kinda feel like I still can't click with my colleagues.  It's like I've moved on to a different stage in life, i.e. motherhood, so the things they talk about don't really interest me anymore.  And I don't really feel like pretending I am interested when I am not.  So these days, I tend to lunch alone.  Which I enjoy, cause I get to go to my Sean Im hawker center for cheap and good food.  Just last week, I met my ex-colleague from UOB  and it appears she lunches alone and likes Seah Im.  Plus, she's a mother of 2 little girls.  So there you go, i think i found my "kaki"!

Motherhood has also been treating me very well.  There's a small part of me that can't wait to have another baby.  Bria is growing so fast I am starting to miss her first 3 months! The good part is, she's getting more and more fun to play with.  And she is SOOOO pretty!!! = )

Time really flies. Bria just turned 6 months yesterday!  6 months is kinda like a major milestone for us, cause it's the time she starts to change her "pattern".  It's also the time for weaning, and teething,  and more immunizations, plus a super active baby who has the energy to roll around and lift herself up when she is on her tummy.  She is SOO quick to roll over nowadays she nearly fell down from the bed last Friday when I was changing her.  I just popped into the washroom to wash my hands for ONE minute (cause I had Ru yi oil on my hands) and the next minute, half her body was dangling at the edge of my bed.  My heart jumped out of my body when I saw that.  After that incident, I promised myself NEVER EVER to leave her alone on the bed AGAIN. 

K and I had another busy weekend.  I brought Bria to my parents' and grandmother's place yesterday.  Bria had her first bus trip, and was the center of attraction of all the aunties who boarded the same bus throughout the journey.  Then at night, K and I went for supper at Changi Village with some of the Miata folks.
This morning, K and I had some alone time, and we caught "The Karate Kid" at Cathay cause they had a 1-for-1 movie ticket offer for M1 customers.  K and I kinda agreed to go for a movie every Sunday now because of this offer.    After our movie, we picked Bria up and met up with the Miata club folks at Changi Bistro for lunch.  Bria became the center of attraction again, cause she was always smiling, and anyone could carry her without her crying.  She also got some new prezzies - baby clothes from our Miata friends..

After lunch, K and I went to my uncle David's place to help fix up their MP4 player.  Bria got more prezzies again from my auntie and uncle - crawling and stroller toys.  I've been looking for a stroller toy for some time now, so it was super good timing!  Dinner was at the airport with my in laws.. Had lousy food at Xin Wang cafe.  Never going back there again.  

I think my mom in law is obsessed with Bria.. When we were saying our goodbyes, she behaved like she cannot bear to part with Bria.. haha.. so cute.  She even took 3 days MC to take care of Bria when K and I go for our holiday next week.  Speaking of holiday, I can't wait!!!  Think I will miss Bria a lot, but I really must learn to let go and enjoy some couple time with Daddy!