I love www.pipi.cn

I discovered a new website where i can watch new movies online!

I can't believe i have never heard of this website until my sister in law told me about it during grandma's birthday celebration over the weekend.  So now, i am spending my days and nights watching movies after movies.. Shiok man! 

The good thing is, there are no streaming problems or lagging when i watch the shows online, and THAT, to me, is just amazing. = )

Right now, i am watching HEROES season 4.  After that, i am going to watch "Twilight: New Moon".  Never thought i would find my "happiness" in a Chinese website!

The Pursuit of Happiness

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I've been rather deprived of happiness recently.   I wouldn't say i am UN-happy, just lack some joy and laughter in my life.

I guess it's hard to be happy when you're bored and stuck at home most of the time.  It's really getting more and more difficult for me to walk around nowadays, even in the house.  Bria's getting heavier and i can feel her head descending in my pelvis. Plus, both my feet have swelled for the third time now.. It's been more than a week and it's still swollen.  This time it's the worst, cause it's actually causing me some pain and discomfort compared to the previous two times, especially my left foot.  Mom told me to soak my feet in warm salt water to reduce the swelling, which i did.  But that kinda worsen things cause the swelling and pain got worse.  Then i went to research on the internet, and found out that one of the causes for swollen feet is salt and water retention.  Sigh!  So much for all these old wives' tales!

ANYWAY, since i lack some happiness in my life, i decided to do something about it.  As a start, i decided i was bored of reading, so i rented some DVDs to watch, mostly comedy.   I rented the cartoon "UP", Adam Sandler's "Bedtime Stories" and Angelina Jolie's "Changeling", which isn't comedy at all, but a true story that i thought was really good. I've always had a thing for true story movies. = )

Things started getting "happier" since. During the recent long weekend, i felt as if i was part of the local community that was celebrating Hari Raya Haji.  It was feast after feast. = )  I celebrated both my Dad's and Keson's Grandma's birthday over the weekend.  On Friday, we had seafood lunch with my in laws and Keson's grandma.  We were quite a comical sight, party of 6, and half were sort of "immobile".  My mom in law had one leg in a cast and was in her clutches, grandma with her walking stick, and me, well I was outright waddling.  haha.. i couldn't help smiling when i saw us leaving the restaurant and walking towards our car. = )

On Saturday, i celebrated my Dad's birthday, and then Keson's grandma's birthday on Sunday.  After attending both celebrations, i can't help but feel sad at the huge contrast between the 2 celebrations.  My dad's birthday was celebrated over dinner at a stir fry restaurant in a coffee shop near his HDB flat.  Then we had fruits and the birthday cake back at Dad's house.  It was a simple, small and cosy affair, as with all previous birthdays.  Thing was, it was my Dad's 60th birthday.  So to me, it should have been a big one.  Then again, there's always the big "BUT" when it comes to family celebrations.. = )

For Keson's grandma's birthday, we had an 11-course dinner at a chinese restaurant in Orchard Hotel.  As with previous years, we had a private room with 2 tables.  And every time the whole family gathers together to sing the birthday song, i see so much joy and happiness in grandma's eyes as she witnessed her 3 generations of descendants all gathered together to celebrate her birthday with her.

THIS is what i want when i grow old.  THIS is why i need to have more children.. = )


I've been thinking what kind of values i want to instill in Bria when she is growing up..  So i decided to start listing some positive virtues for each letter in her name.

B = Benevolent, Brave, Brilliant, Bold
R = Respectful, Responsible, Righteous, Reliable, Resilient
I  = Integrity, Intelligent, Insightful, Inspiring
A = Amiable, Affectionate, Ambitious, Adventurous

What is a Friend?

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What kind of a friend are you if:
  • the last time i heard from you was an sms on my birthday more than 2 months ago?
  • you can't even find time to celebrate my birthday with me, and it's been almost 2 months now?
  • you can't even find time to call or sms to ask me how i am, even though i am going through the biggest milestone of my life?

Top 5 Companies to Work For

Top 5 private companies from this year's Jobsfactory Employer of Choice Survey:

1. Singapore Airlines
2. Apple
3. Google
4. 3M
5. ExxonMobil

I've worked for 2 out of the 5 companies, but i don't think they are all that good.. Maybe there's something wrong with me then?? = P

2 pregnant persons?

There seem to be 2 pregnant people in my house.. Cause K seems to be rather forgetful too nowadays..  It's kind of disturbing for me, cause i need him to NOT be forgetful especially at this crucial time! Sigh..

My feet are swollen again, it's been swollen for a few days now, and it's starting to hurt, especially my left one.  I really need a feet massage, but i have no oil or cream for massaging.. Hai.. so ke lian..

Bria is doing hiccups inside me again.. These days, i can feel her EVERY move.  Cause my tummy is now 90% her and 10% liquid and sac.. 4 more weeks!!! = )


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I've been having strange nightmares recently.  Few days ago, i dreamt that i was being chased by a ghost.  But i could run really fast in my dream, which meant i probably weren't pregnant.

Then yesterday night, i dreamt that i was bitten by a huge furry black spider while i was at an animal museum / zoo.  The freakin' spider just flung itself on my shoulder and bit me near my neck area.  In my dream, i started to imagine things after the spider bit me, that my baby will be poisoned, that the baby inside my tummy became a black spider and so on..  Basically i totally freaked out in my dream.  It was so scary.

I wonder why i am having such strange dreams recently.  Maybe because i haven't been too happy.  I mean i'm not unhappy, just not VERY happy, and extremely bored.  These days, nothing seems to make me happy, except thinking about Bria and how soon i will get to meet her.  Then again, THAT makes me nervous too.  I need something or someone to make me happy, but i don't know who or how or what.  Maybe i need to have a party at my house, but i am too tired to organize one.. And i definitely am not in the right physical state to go to one.. SIGH....

Bria's Crib

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My helper got Bria's crib ready today.. Doesn't it so sweet!!

Now all that's lacking is my little baby Bria.. = )

Coincidentally, just after Bria's cot bedding was all set up, i came across this article on MSN website.. Scary!!

I hope my baby cot will be sturdy enough!

Post Hibernation

After nearly a week (seems like a year) of hibernating at home, I finally went out and got myself some fresh air.

Since my helper came last Sunday, the only places i have been to are the coffee shops and wet market below my block.  But i've had fun cooking together with her!

On Friday, K and I went for baby's check up, and in the evening, I met up with my SATS colleagues for dinner at Orchard.  Dr Lim says Bria is growing very healthily and now weighs 2.8kg!  That's pretty big for 35 weeks, and it makes me a bit worried that she will be so big at full term that i will have a difficult labor.. = ( 
Anyway, last Friday's check up was like THE shortest wait i've ever had at the clinic, cause i was the 2nd last one.  The clinic actually had to call me to see if i was already on the way.. haha.. And by the time we were done, it was almost 7pm already.

Over the weekend, I attended a 20 minutes F&N beverage survey and got myself $20.  Then K and I went out to complete our baby shopping and did some grocery shopping.  In the evening, we went to my sister's house, where my helper further honed her cooking skills, and we all had dinner together with my parents.

This week, i am going to pack my hospital bag (finally), and explore some confinement dishes with my helper.  I went for another survey / focus group today for Canon, and got paid $70 for 2 hours of talking.  But it was so tiring for me i don't think i want to go out or do these surveys anymore. 

Bria is now 36 weeks old.. 4 more weeks to go!!  I am getting so lethargic these days..  Want to rest at home, but at the same time, feel so bored!  The mind is strong, but the body is weak.. Sigh..i guess i just have to bear with another 4 weeks of waiting in anticipation.. = )

Boycott Philips!

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My hair straightener is giving me problems again.

I sense another complain email coming up again.  I called Philips on Friday and requested for someone to come and pick up the straightener from my house and send it for repair.  Cause i am not going to go all the way to their Toa Payoh service center in my now very pregnant state. 

This time round, a Filipino-sounding girl attended to me.  Poor girl got scolded by me today when i called the second time.  Firstly, cause she asked me to pay for the pick up and delivery.  Secondly, she was supposed to get back to me on Friday or Saturday, but she didn't.  And when i called her today, she kind of asked me to repeat my story again.  So naturally, those 2 combined pissed me off.

Now i don't think i am being unreasonable here.  The last time this hair straightener went all faulty on me, somebody came and pick up the device, found nothing wrong, and send the same thing back to me for free.  Thing is, i had specifically told them the device was faulty.  But instead of giving me a replacement set, they send back the same thing to me and even suggested that I was being difficult.  The person who called me told me that they had tested the device and found nothing wrong with it, he also added something like i was less than 1% of users who complained about the product!

That was on 28 Oct 2009.  Less than a month later, the device stopped working again.  If they had given me a replacement the last time, i don't think this would have happen.  So now they want me to pay for the pick up and delivery?  No way!

I am so going to bring this up all the way to their HQ in Netherlands if necessary.  I have had enough of all this nonsense with my hair straightener, and all the inconvenience of having to wait for it to be fixed while I tolerate with my messy hair. 

As the saying goes, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", much less "a very pregnant woman scorned"!

The incompetency of it all!

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I sent out yet another complaint email last week, this time to ICA.

I am totally fed up with their level of customer service.  K had a friend visiting from Nigeria, and because he was out of town, i was put in charge of applying the Visa for his Nigerian friend.  I had like 2 days to get the Visa applied and approved because his friend had bought his flight tickets and was due to arrive in Singapore in 2 days.

And for some reason, the ICA website for the online Visa application doesn't seem to work, regardless of whether i used Internet Explorer or Mozilla, or if i tried again at another time.   So i tried to call their 24 hour hotline. Which never gets picked up cause it is always engaged.  I tried calling for 2 freaking day at different timings and it is ALWAYS engaged.  So next option was to email.  Their email response was quick, but when i asked for someone to call me to guide me through the technical problem, all my requests were ignored.  The stupid help desk just kept sending me replies via email, despite my email stating that i need to get the Visa urgently and for them to call me.

Just when i thought i will explode because it is so damn difficult to get help for the whole damn day, i finally managed to get the website to load and submitted my application and paid $30.   Then the next day, i was told the application for rejected.  Which totally puzzled me cause K had applied Visa for the same guy before with the same details and it was approved.   So i sent an email to ask why my application was rejected.

Again, the response came quickly via email.  In the email, i was asked to provide details on the application reference number and other details etc.  Now this pissed me off cause when i sent the email asking for the reason for the rejection, i had attached the acknowledgment letter, which already contained all the details that they asked in their email response.  But I still typed out all the details in the email.  Then, the second email came from them.  And you know what they said?  That they cannot reveal reasons for the rejection of Visa applications.  Then in the first place, why the F did they ask me for the details??  Waste my time!  Stupid, stupid stupid..

So anyway, somebody actually responded to my complaint email 4 days ago, citing that the ICA takes feedback seriously blah blah blah..

I got a call this afternoon from the ICA.  This guy called asking me some information about my application which was rejected more than 1 week ago. I did not even bother to be nice to him, cause firstly, i did not expect the call.  Secondly, even if i did expect the call, it would be to address my email complaint, and NOT to ask me stupid questions on a Visa application that was rejected more than 1 week ago and totally useless since our Nigerian friend is already in Singapore with an approved Visa.

So the call today made me write another email to follow up and complain again...  Let's see what their response is this time.

I Love My Helper!

Or maybe i should say I love HAVING a helper.

Since my helper came on Sunday, so much has improved:

  • My house is cleaner
  • My house is neater with all the boxes stored in the bomb shelter
  • The baby's room is all set up 
  • Baby clothes and stuff are all washed and packed
  • I have someone making my milk and breakfast for me every day
  • I have someone cutting fruits for me and bringing me glasses of water every day
  • I have someone making my bed for me every morning
  • I have someone cooking and doing all the cleaning and washing up for me after every meal!
So far, i have brought my helper to the market for 3 days, and cooked meals for 3 days now.. It's so nice to have home cooked meals!  I think K is enjoying it too.  Actually, i must say i am a good cook, just lazy to get down to it, and the cleaning and washing totally turns me off.  Now that i have a helper, all i have to do is supervise her, point here point there, and then sit down and wait for my food to be served!  Damn shiok man..

The problem is, I am running out of things for her to do except cook.  One can only cook so many meals a day.  Plus, i don't want her to do too much cleaning cause it's a huge waste of water.  So i basically dumped a whole lot of recipe books and ask her to read up.

Next week, we are going to learn and cook confinement food.. while i still can and before baby is born. = )

Shorts and Pajamas

Ever since my tummy ballooned again for the 3rd or 4th time, i gave up wearing shorts when i'm in the house. So i basically just walk around with a really big tee shirt (one of K's) and "shortless".

I really hate wearing shorts cause the elastic types kinda leave marks below my tummy, even though i'm already wearing those huge ass size ones and K's shorts.  After all, they still need to fit me so i can't wear them too loose else they will drop!

Well, i have my one piece dress pajamas, which i totally love, cause it's huge and airy.  But i only have one piece.  I'm currently on the search for more one-piece dress pajamas with buttons in front (suitable for breast feeding), particularly the silky types.  But not sure where to get those leh!  Sigh...

ANYWAY, now that my helper is here, i don't feel that comfortable walking around the house without any bottoms... So I was looking for a pair of shorts to wear after my bath today, and K's boxers caught my eye.. I tried on a pair and viola! it's actually quite comfy.  So from now on, i shall wear K's boxers, although he ain't too happy about that.. haha. = P

I'm 5 weeks away to my due date now.. I REALLY need to start packing my hospital bag! Argghhh...


Or at least i think i have them.. Need i say more??

My New Helper

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My helper is finally coming to my house tomorrow.

At last, someone to help me tidy up the house FULL TIME and prepare for my baby's arrival!!

Most importantly, someone to prepare home cook meals for me everyday!  = )


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I went swimming today at S's condo...

Maybe it's been too damn long since i last craved for a dip in the pool, but i didn't really enjoy myself much.  K did not join me in the water at all.. He just basically kept himself dry sitting on the beach chair while chatting with me while I was in the jacuzzi and in the pool afterwards.  Plus, i couldn't really kick my legs much, cause it hurt a bit when i do that, so i just basically hop around and walk in the water.  So after a while, i got bored.  I was quite thrilled by the fact that i could actually jump and hop in the water though.  I can't even remember the last time i could do that on land. = )

Sigh.. so sad... looks like i have to stick to slow walks and strolls for my exercise!

Cold Calling Record

There are 130 Primary Schools in Singapore.

How do I know? 

I just finished cold calling every single one of them.  And only got myself 1 meeting so far..

K is not in town again.. So Bria and I are home alone for the next 2 days.  ARGGGHHH!!

We are Number 1

NUS Business School is ranked TOP in Asia!!

Does this mean i can put a higher asking salary in my resume?? = )

My very cute mother in law

My mom in law hurt her left ankle when she missed a step at the road side pavement and lost her balance during one of our house visits on Saturday.

As a result, she now has her left ankle in a cast and hopping around in clutches.  She seems to be having difficulty using the clutches though, claiming that she hates using it.

This morning at about 8am, my very excited mom in law called K on his mobile, just to tell him that she has found a way to move around the house without her clutches: office chair with wheels.

I can't help but smile to myself when i visualized her rolling around in her house on the office chair..  Isn't she just so adorable?!

Pre Natal Blues

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I might be suffering from a mild case of pre-natal depression.  I wouldn't say i have been the happiest of my pregnant self, cause i have had quite a few breakdowns since i got pregnant, the last being one week ago.

During my recent breakdown, I rattled on in between sobs and complained to K about how he doesn't seem to have time for baby and me, how he is always so busy with work that we don't have enough "us" time, and how he can't even set aside 3 minutes at night to talk to the baby in my tummy...  Till now, I'm still not sure if those were the REAL reasons why i broke down.  Or whether I'm just plain nervous and scared shitless about the fact that I am going into labor in 7 weeks time.

Anyway, after my outburst, things have changed.  K had a pretty long talk with Bria the night after, just before we went to sleep.  I know it's really difficult for him to talk to a bump in my tummy, cause it CAN be rather weird.  So I thought it was really sweet of him to try.  He actually talked to my tummy for more than 3 minutes, sharing with Bria the origins of her name, and the life of Bria Theren from Star Wars.  He stopped  talking when i couldn't help it and burst out laughing.. = )

Over the weekend on Saturday, we spent some "us" time at the HortPark.  It was the first time at HortPark for both of us, so it was quite a nice trip.  The weather was too hot though, so we didn't take much photos and we didn't finish walking through the entire park.  We went for Macdonald's breakfast at East Coast after that, and then headed home to watch the movie "Fool's Gold".  My in laws came over shortly after, and we left to view more houses in the afternoon.

In the evening, we attended my niece's kindergarten graduation ceremony at this outdoor park in Tampines.  By the time i reached, i had missed my niece's graduation cause the ceremony started early.  Mah Bow Tan was the guest of honor, and I was surprised that he sat on the floor mats like everyone else.  There were several dance performances by the 6 year old graduates in colorful costumes, and it was all so cute i couldn't stop smiling throughout.  K on the other hand, was more occupied with spotting Mah Bow Tan's bodyguards.  Such is the difference between us women and men! = )

Yesterday, we had ramen for lunch at my in law's place. It was more house viewing after that. with my father and sister in law.  K and I then spent some "us" time reading in the library, and i witnessed yet another case of "Ugly Singaporeans" when two middle aged men started arguing loudly over who should get to read the newspapers.  One of them even challenged the other to a fist fight. My goodness!

B and J came over to our place for mahjong in the evening.  We played for almost 2 hours, and I didn't even win a single game! Who said pregnant women are lucky in gambling?

Stroller Dilemma

K and I are exploring options for Bria's stroller these days.. Everytime we pass by a mother with a stroller, we will pay extra attention to the brand, the design etc.. It's funny how people don't notice things around them until they need it.

There are just so many options in the market that we are kinda lost.  2 weeks ago, while K and I were shoppin around in Tanglin Mall, K saw several strollers lined up in a row outside a shop front.  So he went to "test" some of the strollers and pushed it around.  It was after a while that he realized that the "shop" was actually a clinic and the receptionist inside was staring at him cause the strollers belonged to her patients!  That was totally hilarious. = )

I guess we are just too engrossed with finding the perfect stroller for Bria.  So far, we are down to 2 options: the Stokke Xplory, and the Maxi Cosi.  I wonder which one Bria will prefer?

Bria's Check Up - 33 Weeks and Counting!

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K and I visited Dr Lim yesterday.  It was the shortest waiting time we had since the first visit, so that was good...

Moving on, i would have to visit him once every 2 weeks, cause Bria is due very soon!  I was also given a letter in case of labor emergency, all these combined are just making me more nervous now, cause i know Bria is going to come out soon! = )

Dr Lim says Bria is growing very well.  She's 2.2kg now, and her head is in the right position for birth already..
I requested for an ultrasound photo of her, but Dr Lim didn't cater to my request cause he said Bria is too big for me to see anything significant on the photo.  I was so disappointed! = (

Anyway, for me, things aren't looking as good.  Dr Lim says i have to watch my diet cause i am still too high on sugar / glucose and will need to get an injection when i am admitted into the hospital cause of my high yeast / fungus levels.  Sigh..  And during the whole time, K was staring angrily at me.. Plus, i need to get more rest and walk lesser cause of the stitch-like pains i am getting on the right lower part of my tummy.  Which is rather strange, cause i feel i haven't really exercised enough these days!

No More MRT

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I am not going to take the MRT as long as i am still pregnant.. If i can help it!

Yesterday, i went down to my office in Harbourfront for a discussion with Kim on my career and welfare in the company.  Now that my boss is going to move to another department, i am not sure how i will be "managed" when i returned from my maternity leave.  In addition, HR mentioned that if the company still cannot find a job for me in April when i come back, i will have to resign.  Sigh...  Keeping my fingers crossed!  Otherwise have to start sending out resumes after Bria is born!

After my discussion with Kim, i met up with CY for drinks and a chat.  He was supposed to pass me a baby gift that Paula had bought for me.  I felt so bad that Paula had to bring the gift from the US to Singapore, bring it back to US cause i didn't manage to meet up with her in Singapore, then bring it to Sydney during her business trip to pass to CY so he can pass to me.. what a load of trouble just for me!

Had lunch with SC after that, went to my favourite Seah Im hawker center and consumed a bowl of my favorite prawn noodles.  I also had to pack my favorite economical fried bee hoon to bring home for my dinner.

I took the MRT home from Harbourfront.  The journey from Harbourfront to Outram Park was smooth with plenty of seats available.  But it was the leg from Outram to Eunos that really got to me.  When i went in, a nice female student from ITE gave up her "Priority" seat for me.  Few stops later, 2 old women boarded the train, and both of them stood directly in front of me.  Don't think either of them noticed i was pregnant so they were kinda like expecting me to give up my seat.  A lady 2 seats beside me gave up her seat to one, so one old lady remained standing.  I turned and stared at the young guy sitting right beside me.  It took him nearly 2 stops before he finally felt uncomfortable with my staring that he stood up and gave his seat to the other old lady.  Ridiculous!

THEN, i had a young Malay girl stand in front of me.  Throughout her entire journey, she kept coughing, so much so that it half made me want to stand and move away, even though that meant i will have no seats.  Maybe i am just paranoid, cause she did cover her mouth when she cough, but i really don't want to risk falling sick now! Eventually, i just continued sitting, cover my mouth and hope she alights soon or the train will get so crowded she gets pushed further away from me.

After the coughing girl alighted, an auntie boarded and stood in front me.  I think this one didn't notice my bulging tummy either, cause her entire chain of actions after she boarded the train indicated that she wanted and expected my seat.  Firstly, she stood so damn close to me that she kept grazing my legs.  This was despite the fact that the train was not that crowded by then.  she was standing so close she might as well come sit on my lap!  Sickening.. That's not all. She also carried this small plastic bag, which she kept shifting from one hand to another, as if the small bag of things is SOOO damn heavy.  So each time she shifts the bag from one hand to another, the bag will brush against my leg cause she is standing so damn close to me.  There was even once she nearly stepped on my feet cause somebody was alighting and walked behind her so she had to move even nearer to me to let the person past.

When i FINALLY reached my stop, i stood up and purposely stuck my tummy out at her.  She had no choice but to move  away and release her grip on the steel bar next to the train door.  The irritating thing is, she only moved ever so slightly so that i could barely pass, so she could quickly sit down in my recently vacated seat. What the hell is her problem??

Hai.. i am sick and tired of all these inconsiderate people, and all the potential viruses floating around in the MRT trains.. ENOUGH!

Another tiring day...

Another typical day today: Did some cold calls, spoke to both the nice and the mean people on the other end of the phone, sent out some more quotations that hopefully will actualize into Purchase Orders.. and other administrative stuff for the maid etc..

I was supposed to meet up with Capitaland today with C and H, but i just feel so tired that i didn't go in the end.  After all, the meeting will be all about design amendments, which i am clueless about, so no point going anyway.

Tomorrow is Bria's check up, can't wait to see my baby again on the ultrasound!! = )

A Leisurely Day

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K drove me to Botanic Gardens yesterday morning to join a group of mothers from the New Mothers Support Group for their monthly walk.

By the time i reached the meeting point at the Visitor's center, there was no one there, so i ended up taking a stroll by myself.  I called the organizer along the way, and then met the group 20 mins later at the cafe near the main entrance..

This was the second time i attended the groups' activities, the first being a coffee chat at Spruce cafe in Tanglin.. It was really nice seeing so many babies of different shapes and sizes, mostly (99.9%) caucasian babies, and so adorable!!  I was smiling like an idiot throughout just looking at how cute the babies were..  = )

Anyway, i don't think i will go and attend their activities again.  Cause i still feel awkward being the only one (or minority) who is Asian, still pregnant and without a baby to fuss about.  For the past two times, i always seem to be the odd one out, not being able to make much conversation with the mummies as they fuss around their babies.  Plus, everyone seem to know everyone else, and that made it even more awkward for me.

After my little walk at the gardens, i headed to Borders and sat there for more than an hour finishing up a Jodi Picoult book i had borrowed from the library but was still lying around at home cause i didn't have time to read it.  I still have 3 more library books to finish up before end of this month..  Arghh...

In the afternoon, i went to Tampines and met up with Mokky for a drink.. He had broken up with his girlfriend so I kind of asked him out for a chat.. Just 2 weeks ago at a wedding, he had just told me that he will be marrying this girlfriend of his.  They even bought a flat together.. Sigh.. 

As we chatted over drinks, Mokky asked me how K and I did it.. Frankly, for the past 9 years, i still think K does all the work to maintain our relationship, I'm more like the one to just give up and take him for granted.  I am such a lucky bitch! = )

Mean Mama

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Being pregnant, tired and extremely lethargic seems to be making me a meaner person..

2 weeks ago, my Philips hair straightener went bogus again.  When i switch it on, it switches off automatically within 2 seconds.  I got so pissed that i wrote a complaint letter and emailed it to a few email addresses i found on the Philips website. Ever since i bought this hair straightener, I have sent it at least 3 times to their service center in Toa Payoh.  The last time being in August / September this year.  And they always give me a new piece as replacement.  It's only been 2 months since i got the new replacement, and now this.  And everytime i have to go without the straightener for a few days or sometimes even weeks while waiting for Philips to get me a replacement.  As if i don't already look ugly enough, i had to bear with messy hair.  

Anyway, in my email, I kind of "exploded", claiming that their product is extremely disappointing, that i am NOT going to go down to their Toa Payoh service center anymore because I am pregnant and tired, that they have caused me a lot of inconvenience, and i even demanded that they give me a different model and deliver it right to my door step.  Few days later, i got a call from Philips.  The result?  They came to my house to collect the faulty set, went back to test it, said there was nothing wrong, and delivered the same set back to my house few days later.  So far, it's been working fine.  But if it fails on me again, i am going to give them hell. = )

Also, I haven't been exactly that nice to my suppliers / vendors recently.  The way i speak to them i guess.. cause some of them really make me lose my patience.  I asked for a quotation for some carton boxes yesterday via email, with an attachment that already specified all the dimensions.  Then this sales guy can still call me and ask me questions about things i already stated in my email attachment.  So i got impatient and rather sacarstic with him.   

Yesterday afternoon, while i was strolling along the street in front of Isetan Scotts, i was approached by this young girl asking for donations for people who didn't have money to buy food.  She was representing this orgnization that gave away free food for these poor people, most of them elderly folks.  So mean old me started asking her a series of questions that eventually left her dumb founded. 

First, i asked her where these old folks live.  She told me they lived in small HDB flats.  So i asked her how come they can afford to have a place to stay but cannot afford to eat.  Then she told me maybe their children is paying for the HDB flats.  So i commented that it's rather strange that their children would pay for their parents' lodging but not feed them.   

Secondly, i asked her where these old folks come from, and whether the organization screens them before giving them free food.  She said no, they just provide free food to whoever comes and queue at the center.  So i asked her how then is the center supposed to know if these people are REALLY poor, or just pretending to be poor?  She kept emphasizing throughout our conversation that these people are just eldery people, that they are old folks, as if old people are the most pathetic and miserable people in the world.

So i commented that there are a lot of old people around who are much richer than you think.  I then smiled at her, donated $2, and told her that I was just giving her something to think about before she asked people for donations.  When i told K about it, he said i was just being mean to the girl.. To me, i feel that people should know and understand the cause they are working for rather than just doing it blindly.

Well, maybe I am becoming a mean mama, that's why these days, i just don't feel like going out anymore.  I guess the less i go out, the lower the chances that i will meet someone who annoys me and causes me to be mean to them.. = )

Bria's Baby Cot

Bria's baby cot came today.. At last, the baby's room is looking more like a baby's room now! = )

I'm glad everything is finally settling into place.. we got a maid, the cot is here.. So now it's just the balance baby shopping, and the damn car.  We had a young couple view our MX5 yesterday night.. they seemed nice, but not sure if they will be keen on buying over our car cause they didn't even bother to test drive.. sigh.. Then again, K and I bought the MX5 without test driving also.. haha..

I want to go swimming!

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I have been yearning to go to the swimming pool since months ago.. Until now, still no pool.. The last time i went to a pool was at the aqua gym at The Sail.

If nobody wants to go with me, i will go myself!!