Playful day!!

Bria had lots of play today.. In addition to her usual playtime with me, she read 4 baby books, went to the roof garden at the multi-storey carpark near our house, went to Great Grandma's house, and took plenty of photos with some brightly lit animals tonight.

As part of the CNY celebrations, there's this big display of the 12 animals of the chinese zodiac opposite Eunos MRT.  I've been wanting to bring Bria there to take photos for ages.  But always too lazy or forgot about it.  So this evening, when K drove past it, i suggested taking photos as a family.. I had such a fun time introducing all the 12 animals to Bria, and she seemed to love all the bright lights and the colorful animals! = )

Bria loves to read!

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I borrowed some baby books from the library, and had C read them to Bria this afternoon.. Bria loves it!  She kept focusing on the pages as C flipped through them, and when she saw something she liked, she smiled.. = )

My baby is going to be an intelligent girl when she grows up, just like mummy!! = P

This is good news... Hopefully she will continue to like reading when she grows up.  So whenever we go out, just need to bring a few books and she can sit still for a long long time.. haha..

I Love:

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  • kissing every part of my baby, from her chubby cheeks to her cute little toes
  • smelling her hair when she is asleep and looking at her angelic face
  • holding her tender fat arms and legs
  • rejoicing in her every toothless smile and funny expressions
  • playing with her and being rewarded with a huge grin and cooing sound
  • telling my baby how much i love her and having her smile right back at me
  • embracing her sweet little body and feeling a huge sense of protection and immense love for her

I never imagined i am capable of feeling such tremendous love for another human being.. <3

Radio Trivia

I heard this over the radio yesterday and was totally amused by it:

"Children in the front of cars can cause accidents.  Accidents in the back of cars can cause children."

HAPPY HAPPY 116th Months!!

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I went for my Basic Theory test yesterday morning.. Although i bought the book more than 1 month ago,, i only started to read through the night before my test.. Actually had to burn midnight oil cause i was so busy visiting over the weekend!  It's been such a long long time since i last studied for a test or exam... = )

When i reached the Ubi test center yesterday morning, i had to queue outside the classroom to register.. So many people were doing last minute studying while queuing.. I felt so nostalgic all of a sudden, and wanted so much to go back to school!!

The basic theory test is so high-tech now, with touch screen and all.. K told me during his time, he still had to use pencil and shade the answers on paper.. Sigh.. i am SOOO lagging behind.. All my friends passed their Basic Theory like more than 10 years ago loh!

Anyway, the important thing is, I PASSED!!!!  I was so happy when i saw the word "PASSED" in capital letters on my computer screen after the test.  However, i was quite disappointed that they didn't show me my score.. I'm so damn curious to know if i got any answers wrong.

                                                           The fruit of my labour! = )

K and I had a double celebration that day.  First to celebrate my passing the test, and secondly, to celebrate our 116th monthniverssary.  We went to my fave Modesto's for lunch, and i spent the rest of the afternoon in Borders reading up on baby stuff while waiting for K to finish his meeting with his customer..

                                                                 Yummy lasagna for lunch!

I read so many books yesterday on how to help baby sleep, baby's development etc.. My reading yesterday further convinced me that i shouldn't let Bria sleep on her tummy.. Apparently, sleeping on her tummy will increase her risk of Sudden Infant Death.  And infants between 2-4 months are at higher risk!  So scary.. yesterday night, C and I tried to put Bria to sleep on her back for an entire hour.  She refused to, and even spit out her pacifier when we try to soothe her with it.  She just wants to have something against her tummy or have the feeling that someone is carrying her.  I racked my brain trying to think of how to make her feel like someone is carrying her, cause we can't possibly carry her throughout the whole night.. Then i recalled some of the tips i read at Borders and decided to try swaddling her.  And it worked!!!  So now Bria can sleep on her back.. Yay!!! = )

Lou Hei @ Home

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The usual gang came over to my place for my first Lou Hei at home yesterday.

B, F, EK and S met up at our house first before we proceeded to Kembangan for "Stir Fry" dinner...  Wanted to go to Mak's Place but it was closed when we got there, so we had to settle for some average Chinese seafood "Stir Fry".

After dinner, we headed back and had our Yu Sheng from Sakae Sushi...  When we got home, C had the mahjong table all set up for us..  so funny lah she.. Apparently, we have earned ourselves the reputation of gambling addicts! We didn't play mahjong that night though..

C and Bria joined in too for the celebration..  C didn't really like the taste of the Yu Sheng, said it was too sour for her ... = )

I loved it though!  And I love having all my friends and loved ones in my home! It's such a warm and fussy feeling..  <3 

Getting ready all the ingredients and babbling auspicious sayings at the same time

                                        All set!

   Group picture! Bria looks ready to eat the Yu Sheng already = )

                       Lou ah!!! The mess after..

And the celebrations continue!

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CNY celebrations continued for me over the weekend...

On Friday, K and I had a Teochew feast for dinner at the highly acclaimed Mong Hing at Keypoint.  Jas had her wedding there and i liked the food so i was quite excited that we were eating there.. but the dinner turned out to be average only.. it was full house so it was very noisy and crowded.  Plus, the food wasn't that fantastic.. So disappointed.  After dinner, K and I picked F from Raffles Place and proceeded to Gleneagles to visit ZY and Zhen and their newborn son Issac.  They had a one bedder.  Super huge with big LDC TV and fridge some more leh.. so envious!  Most expensive room in the most expensive hospital!

J and Pam were there too, and I was like the "senior" in the room.  Cause Pam is 5 months pregnant with her first child, and Zhen just had their newborn.  So they were like asking me questions, and i was shelling out advice and experiences as if i am an "old bird" at mothering.. haha = )

K, F and I  headed for supper at Blk 85 Bedok North Road after the hospital.. Along the expressway, we saw K's uncle and auntie, and wind down the window to wave at them.. Shortly after, we saw FJ's car with J and Pam, so we wind down the window and wave wildly at them again on the expressway.. it was hilarious!  The people in the cars behind us must be thinking we are a bunch of drunkards waving at everyone else. = )

On Saturday, K and I popped over my sister's house to "Pai Nian".  We had fried e-fu noodles and chicken for lunch, played Wii games for a while before sending them to River Ang Bao.  They have games like Dance Revolution on Wii!  Makes me wanna buy the Wii now!  

After dropping my sis and her kids off, K and I went to his Uncle's house for dinner and Lou Hei.. I had home made kueh lapis, the best ever so far!  K's auntie is so so talented and hardworking.  Apparently, she makes her own kueh lapis every year and gives to her relatives.  It's super delicious!

On Sunday, my parents, sis, bro in law and nieces came over to my place for lunch and mahjong.  K and I bought mee rebus from this famous stall in Blk 58 Bedok South Road, and C fried bee hoon and made old cucumber soup for lunch.  Everyone complimented that the food was good especially the soup.  Haha.. i am such a good tutor.. = )

It's been a long long time since i played mahjong with my sis and my parents.  The last time was when we were all still staying together in Simei. I think my Dad was extremely happy that day.   A nice meal with all his grandchildren and children, and mahjong.. Plus, he was the overall winner for Mahjong!  Mom betted on Bria's birth cert number for 4D that day and struck the 3rd prize.  = )

I told K that i really enjoyed myself that day, and that i want to do this more often next time.. Cook and invite my family over to my house.  = )

That night, after my family left, K and I met up with his parents and sister to celebrate my father in law's 61st birthday .  We went to the airport to pick up my mom in law from her trip to Vietnam before having our dinner at Lerk Thai.  By the time we ate, it was 9pm.  My father in law did not receive any present, because this K and his sister did not plan properly and went looking for a birthday present at the last minute.  Hai.. I have been nagging at K for the past few days regarding this.  It's like i am more concerned than him even though it's not my father!

Valentine's day prezzie

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K bought me a whole bundle of pyjamas from La Senza for Valentine's Day.. Actually, he has been collaborating with C for nearly an entire month by hiding the bundle under C's bed since he came back from Jakarta. 

Then on V day night, he hide the bundle under my blanket.. As usual.. I told K that it's no longer surprising cause i now know that he always hides my presents either under my blanket or under my pillow.. haha.. = )

Of the whole bundle he got me, my favourite is the "Paul Frank" pyjama pants below.. Am wearing it now!

Bria's New Socks

K's sister bought 7 pairs of new socks for Bria.. One pair for each day of the week..

It's so adorable!! Now Bria has cool socks to match with her cool Adidas shoes.. haha.. but i think by the time she can wear the shoes, her socks won't fit!

My New Baby Bjorn

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I love carrying Bria in my new Baby Bjorn carrier..  K's uncle brought it back from the States for us.  It's nearly half the price to buy in the States compared to Singapore loh.. Hai.. why are things so damn expensive here???

Now i just have to alternate between this carrier and the baby sling that i bought.. otherwise K will scold me again for wasting money on either one..  = P

High class reunion dinner..

I had the most "atas" reunion dinner so far this year..

This year's reunion dinner was with K's extended family, uncles and aunties included. We went to the Town Club on the 62nd floor of Republic Plaza for a 6 course dinner, which was expensive and not very filling for me. Everyone sat around a long rectangular table and there was the traditional "Lou Yu Sheng" and all. But to me, it doesn't feel very "warm and homely" like a reunion dinner should be.. First, i would have preferred a round table. Secondly, the food was not enough for me. And lastly, i think reunion dinners should be eaten at home, not at a restaurant that is nice but because it's so nice and posh, we cannot make a lot of noise, and that kind of doesn't match with my concept of a reunion dinner. Oh well, at least we got a nice view of the city and a beautiful sunset!

                The view from the 62nd floor

                          The whole gin gang

                                  Lou Yu Sheng

    Me with my Mango Pudding dessert. Love the dry ice presentation!

New Year with Bria

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I took so many pictures of Bria over the past few days of the New Year..

So far, my first chinese new year with Bria has been pretty fun, but tiring at the same time. Traveling with a sleepy baby inside the car is easy, but not a fussing and crying one! It can get quite scary when Bria starts wailing non stop when we are inside the car. On one hand, i am so worried her crying will affect K's driving and we will get into an accident. On the other hand, i am also worried she will hurt herself or i will drop her, cause she keep kicking and i have my seat belt on so i cannot move much to soothe her!

But anyway, i still enjoy bringing my baby around to show her off to everyone.. = ) Plus i get to dress her up in all her pretty new year clothes!

On the first day, we went over to K's parents and K's grandma's house. K's uncle came back from the States for the new year, and bought Bria so many branded baby clothes from Calvin Klein, Polo ralph and DKNY. Branded stuff is so cheap in USA.. Hai.. must really go back there again soon..

Before we left the house, K and I tried taking pictures with Bria in the house. It was a really tedious job and both of us ended up perspiring like mad just to take photos with our baby girl.. = )

Initially, it was like this with baby crying like mad:

Then after a while, we managed to soothe her, and then we took this picture:

Bria's new romper for 1st day of CNY

We headed to my grandma's place after that and Bria slept like a baby when we were there.  Had to wake her up only to have her crying before we could head home, drop her off with C and then proceed with our Valentine's Day dinner..

K and I had western food at Seah Street Deli and talked as if we are on a date. We talked about our secondary school days and friends, how much we had changed, and our ex girlfriend and boyfriends.. not exactly the ideal kind of stuff to talk about on Valentine's Day, i know! = )

Me posing at one of the staircases at Raffles Hotel  & my Penne Pasta Carbonara

      Nachos for starters!

On the second day of CNY, we went to K's auntie's house for a sumptuous lunch of mee rebus, fried bee hoon, chicken wings and other good stuff.  I dressed up Bria in her new pink romper dress and pink flower head band.  She looked SO damn cute that day my heart melted every time i looked at her.. K also couldn't stop grinning at her..  I think she also knows she looked really pretty cause her mood was pretty good that day and she kept smiling and making baby noises.. = )

But i got scolding from K's grandma cause she doesn't like me to keep carrying Bria and shaking her in my arms.  She keep asking me to put Bria down and let her play on her own.  But my baby doesn't like to be on her own, and she loves to be cradled!  Sigh.. Can't blame her lah, cause during her time, she has to take care of 5 kids so she definitely don't have hands to carry all of them!
     Bria in my "favoritest" outfit this CNY!  This is my favorite photo too!
Dinner that day was at my parents' place.  We had my first steamboat that night, and played a few rounds of "In Between" before heading back home for mahjong with EK and S.
On the 3rd day of CNY, i went to my sister's place, and her in law's place in he afternoon.  Played (and won) a few rounds of mahjong before heading to my uncle's place. 
At night, we went to another of K's auntie's house for dinner.  Played more mahjong.  As usual, whenever Bria wakes up, she is the center of attraction. One of K's aunties asked me to give Bria a 30 min lecture every day so she will be a good girl and sleep throughout the night. haha.. i have been trying that so far, and it sort of worked!  Yesterday, she slept for 5 hours, and the night before, 7 hours straight!

    Bria in her new romper on 3rd day of CNY
Last night, B, EK and S came over for mahjong again.. Baby stayed in the living room with us and played by herself .for nearly half an hour before fussing and going to sleep with all the background mahjong noise.  I think she must be used to it by now. haha..

Andy and his wife just dropped by our house this afternoon to visit Bria.  Their son Brayden is sooo cute!  Think can arrange for him to be Bria's boyfriend when they grow up. = P  I was so busy playing with him and talking that i forgot to take pictures with him. Bria was not too social today, kept fussing.  Think she's too sleepy and tired from waking up at 4am this morning!  She's sleeping now again.. Hopefully she can sleep again tonight!

Our family's new shoes

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Here's a peek at Bria's new Adidas Storm Trooper shoes.. cute aren't they?  Think she should be able to wear them when she is 5-6 months old..

And one pair each for me and K too.. The 4th pair is for Bria when she is about 2-3 years old.. 

Love 'em!! = P

Bria is 2 months old !!

My baby is 2 months old now!!  She is still looking very different everyday.. And her pattern is changing again.. Past few nights she hasn't been sleeping, both day and night!! Sigh..  My poor C cannot sleep at night, then day time still have to help me do spring cleaning.. I just saw one big pimple on her forehead today, really hope she won't fall sick!

On the positive side, Bria has been smiling a lot more recently, and it's just SO SO SWEET!!  I think i kissed her all over the body at least hundred times today.. haha.. She loves to smile at me especially in the morning, and after bath when i am dressing her.. will try to take a video and upload soon!


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There's this guy who has been cycling around the world.. When he stopped over in Singapore, his bicycle got stolen at Orchard Road..K heard this over the news and shared with me.


Et Cetera

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I brought C for her medical check up at a private clinic below our house yesterday afternoon..  Had to bring Bria along cause K had a conference call at home.. And since i had to pay the road tax at the AXS machine at the MRT station, we decided to go to the clinic at the MRT station, although i hated walking the route there cause there is a lot of renovation work going on and it's really dusty. 

Anyway, we reached the clinic and the receptionist asked me for C's work permit and the medical examination form.  After looking at the form, the girl told me they cannot do the check up cause the form has already been signed by another doctor.  Apparently, the stupid Indian doctor at Geylang Polyclinic had signed on the form after he checked if C was pregnant or not.  Arghhh!!!  I was so pissed off then i could have strangled the doctor if he was standing in front of me!  So we left the clinic, walked all the way home again, so i can download a new form and bring C downstairs again.  This time, i left Bria at home cause K had finished his call already by then.  Sigh.. wasted so much time and energy just for this stupid medical check up! And of all times, the deadline must be exactly on Chinese New Year when everybody is so busy!

K and I went shopping at Orchard yesterday evening for his new year clothes.. we've been shopping quite a lot these days.. all last minute shopping for clothes mainly.  Adidas has this new limited edition range of Star Wars clothes and shoes that's making K go gaga over it.  After contemplating whether to buy the shoes for 3 days, he finally decided to get the shoes.  So we went to the Adidas stores in Orchard road, only to find out that there are no more stock for K's shoe size.  Apparently, it's so limited edition that they only have one pair for each size.  But there's a store in Queensway that has stock.  So we went to buy that pair this afternoon.

We ended up spending nearly $500 on 4 pairs of the Star Wars shoes.  One in the Darth Vader design for K, and 3 pairs in the Storm Trooper design.  One for Bria when she is 1-2 years old, one for when Bria is 6-7 years old, one for me, and one for K.. so we got one family set.. haha..  = )

This is how mine and K's look like.. will post Bria's another time (not available on internet must take photo)!

Changing Bria

I looked at Bria yesterday, and realized that she looks different now.  Her features seemed to have changed.  I didn't really know what to make of it, but both K and C said she looks more than a girl now.  Much prettier.. = )

Blacklisted !!

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I am SO black listing this stupid Geyland polyclinic!  All their staff, from the counter girls, to the filing attendant, to the doctor and nurse. All of them are just plain stupid!

On Monday, I brought C to the clinic for her medical check up.  And because K wasn't at home, i had to bring Bria along.  I really hated the idea cause it seemed like i've been bringing Bria to the clinic / doctor a lot these days, and there's a lot of virus and germs in these places.  But i got no choice cause the deadline set by MOM for C's check up was 14 Feb, which is Chinese New Year!

So anyway, we went to the clinic and waited for about 30 minutes before we could register C .  I had to feed Bria at that time, so C went to the counter to register herself with her passport and work permit.  After that, we were directed to a room on the 2nd floor to wait for our turn to see the doctor.  We waited for nearly 1.5 hours outside the doctor's room.  By the time it was our turn, there were only 2 other patients left waiting.  And the 1.5 hours wait was not an easy wait for me cause Bria kept fussing and I had to carry her and keep moving / walking about instead of sitting down.

When it was finally our turn, we went in and saw this Indian doctor.  He looked through C's patient file, then told me that i had to come back another day cause the lab to do her blood test was closed.  Bloody hell!  I tried to keep my cool and explained to him that i didn't want to come back another day because of the MOM deadline, plus i had waited for 2 hours at the clinic for this.  So this doctor made a few calls that nobody answered, before asking the filing attendant what to do. First, the filing auntie told me to go to Counter 9, then after that, she asked me to go to Room 15.  Cannot make up her mind.  So after waiting for 1.5 hours, all the stupid doctor did was test if C was pregnant or not.

I proceeded to Room 15 after that, and spoke to a nurse who was supposed to help me do the blood test.  First, she asked me to take a sit inside the room.  Then she asked another patient into the room, which made the whole place more cramped and pretty awkward.  Then she asked me to wait outside the room.  Also cannot make up her mind. By then, i was starting to lose my temper cause i was carrying Bria and i felt like i was being  made to go around in circles.  Never mind. 

I waited outside for another 5 minutes before the nurse called us in.  She took a look at the file, and then told me that the clinic doesn't do medical check ups for foreign workers.  Wah lau, by then I buay tahan liao, so i just scold them loh.  I had been trying to keep my cool cause i didn't want to get angry while carrying Bria.  But i was so damn pissed!  Not only did they waste 2 hours of my time, but they also wasted my cab fare!  I even had to pay extra $1 peak hour surcharge cause by the time we left the clinic it was past 5pm already.

Apparently, the counter girl didn't know that the polyclinic don't do medical check ups for foreign workers.  So even after C showed her work permit and told her that she needs to go for a medical check up, the stupid counter girl still went ahead and issued us a queue number to see the doctor.  And apparently, the stupid  Indian doctor himself also don't know that the clinic don't do medical check ups. Still ask me to come back another day. Lucky i never listen to him!

I really condemned the whole clinic liao.. Counter girl cannot make it, nurse cannot make it.  Even the doctors cannot make it.  The last time i was there, the doctor told me Bria had a serious case of skin infection and recommended me to go to the A&E department.  But according to my Pedi, it's actually just baby acne.  Even the filing attendant cannot make it.  Come into the doctor's room also never knock the door. Just open the door without warning and nearly bang into my baby the last time i was there.  Then after that still can scold C for standing too close to the door while carrying Bria.  Damn fed up with that auntie also.

Before i left the clinic, the nurses kept apologizing to me.  After my initial outburst, i sort of cooled down and told them to stop apologizing cause it's not their fault.  It's the counter girl's fault.  I asked the nurses to feed back to the counter girl on how her ignorance had caused me a wasted trip.  Hopefully there won't be another victim! In either case, i don't think i will go back to this clinic again.  Blacklisted!

US time..

K and I seemed to be having a lot of "Us" time these days without Bria. To the extent that i feel bad..

On Saturday, we attended a seminar at Orchard Hotel on immigration to New Zealand.  The talk was organized by a company providing immigration services called "Immagine".. I love the company name!  Very innovative.

After the talk, K and I went for buffet lunch at Merchant Court. We had skipped breakfast, thinking that there will be food at the seminar.  But we forgot that there is no free lunch, so when we reached there, all they gave were free mineral water bottles.  Well, i should have expected that, cause the seminar was free! Anyway, the buffet lunch spread was so-so only.   I did, however, enjoyed the whole experience of just sitting outside, alfresco style, and watching the people go by along the clarke quay bridge.. There was also a nice breeze blowing then, so it was really nice..

On Sunday, we headed into JB with my in laws for breakfast and new year shopping.. We went to this place that's like our local Chinatown with all the new year goodies and stuff..  I bought 2 tins of new year goodies, and a toilet brush. We had planned to have lunch, but K wasn't feeling too well so we headed home first.
Then yesterday, we met up with Gary and Stanley for an Italian dinner at Modesto's, and a movie at The Cathay.  Pui's company had an event there, so we got free tickets.  There was also a goody bag with Brand's Essence of Chicken and other good stuff.  I took nearly 10 bottles of essence home! = )

We watched Little Soldier starring Jackie Chan and Wang Li Hong. Quite a funny show, but in terms of overall storyline, lousy lah.. And damn, Jackie is getting really old.. = P

A day in the life of a Tai Tai !

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Actually, it's more than HALF a day in the life of a Tai Tai.. 

Basically, i spent about an hour in a facial salon this afternoon doing my IPL.. It's been almost one year since i last went to the salon so the staff there kept asking me why.. Then after that they keep asking me to sign new package cause my current one is finishing.. 

I was abit nervous about the whole IPL thing cause i remembered it's quite painful.  And it was.  I actually think now that doing the stupid IPL is more painful than childbirth.. haha!

After my IPL, i went for a pedicure at Parkway..   it was super crowded.  But i love my new toe nails! So pretty right! Can't wait to show them off during CNY!  = )

So basically, today is super relax day.. Met up with K after my pedicure for dinner and grocery shopping at GIANT after that.  K has been bugging me to make soup for him everyday, so we bought enough ingredients for soup for the rest of the week.. Looks like I need to research more on the different kinds of soup to cook for him!  K is also suffering from an irritating cough so I tried to make Luo Han Guo for the firsttime for him yesterday.  It was a great success.. haha = )

Anyway, i think i can get used to being a Tai Tai leh.. everyday just go spa, facial,  pedicure, play mahjong and eat high tea.. Only thing is i think i am more like auntie than Tai Tai today, even though i did some Tai Tai activities.  I didn't wear thick make up lah, no super expensive branded handbag lah, and no nice branded clothes and shoes leh.. Sigh.. = (

Playing with my baby

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I love playing with my baby these days.. she is becoming more and more "fun" to play with.. 

Just yesterday, i talked to her and she looked at me for almost 5 minutes and smiled many times at me!  My heart melted.. = )  In the past, her attention span is usually very short, so i can't talk to her for too long cause she will just turn her head and look at her surroundings after a while..

Recently, she has also developed a liking for sucking on her entire fist.. I find that absolutely adorable.  Here's a You Tube video on Bria indulging in her favourite past time these days.. = )

Rock and Rattle

These days, K and I like to put Bria in her rocker when we are having dinner.. Bria hates to be left alone.. She must have somebody talking or playing with her if she is awake, otherwise she will fuss.

So in order for all of us to have dinner in peace, we need to put Bria in the living room with us and talk to her while we eat.. Or just talk among ourselves so she can hear some voices.  She looks like a boy robot in this photo, especially with her over sized blue mittens.. so cute ! <3

I love Bria's new rattle socks. I've been playing with her socks for the past 2 days, and she loves it too... Plus, i can now hear her socks rattle when i am not in the room, so that helps me to know when she is awake if she is sleeping cause she kicks alot when she is awake. I'm thinking of getting another pair, but the other designs are not so nice leh.. Plus, i'm also trying to find rattle mittens, but those don't seem to exist in the market..

More pictures of Bria during her playtime with mummy!

I've been busy preparing a scrapbook of Bria's photos these days.. It's almost done, so i can bring it along to show all the relatives during CNY.. It's actually very very cute.  I am so proud of myself! = P

Visits to the Docs

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I visited 2 doctors today.  Well, i wouldn't say "doctors" per se, rather, they are both medical professionals..

Took Bria to her pediatrician at Thomson in the afternoon for her skin problems.. Apparently, the pedi just casually waved it off as a common case of cradle cap and baby acne.. Sickening GP at the polyclinic told me it was a bad case of skin infection, got me so worried!! At least now i am more reassured.  But the next problem is how to handle all the questions and advice from the relatives when they see Bria's baby acne during CNY! = (

After the first doctor's visit, i went down to Clarke Quay for my follow up interview for the pasta project.  Took a bus from Thomson to Clarke Quay and nearly burnt my ass sitting through the whole journey.. I rode on the bus for more than an hour before i reached my destination. Can't even remember the last time i was on a bus for THAT long! Plus, i missed my stop and had to cross the road to U turn and take the bus back.  Silly me..

In the evening, K and I visited the dentist.. Wanted to get our teeth cleaned up before the CNY.. Again, something i haven't done in donkey years. I think the last time i went to the dentist was when i was in secondary school! Fortunately for me, i have a nice set of pearly whites.. Even the doctor say my teeth are in good condition.  Just that i need to floss more, and that i lack calcium.  He also commented that i am very "heng" not to have wisdom tooth. = )  The whole experience was kinda fun.. I think it's so ironic that the whole process SOUNDS so scary with all the loud drilling and digging, when it's actually painless. I still remember how much i hated visiting the dentist when i was a kid because of all the "scary" gadgets and the loud noises that they make! = )

Survey Spree

I've been eating quite a lot of pasta recently because of this focus group discussion i attended recently.. It was a marketing research for the italian brand Barilla.. I sat for 2 hours and talked cok and got $100 in return.. Plus a few pasta food samples which i am supposed to bring home and cook.. And tomorrow, i have to go back again to give feedback on the food samples.  I also had to do a scrapbook for this project.. That's another $60 extra.. Not bad lah, quite easy money...

Yesterday got another survey on financial services.. talked cok again for 30 minutes and got $40.. Haha.. i wish all these surveys will keep coming then i will have more $ for CNY!! Sigh.. still haven't prepare all the Ang Baos yet.. all these $ will go to the Ang Baos! Sianz..

To the doctor's again..

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I brought Bria to the polyclinic yesterday to see the doctor... The skin behind her ears are not getting any better.. and her cheeks seem to be getting drier and more flaky by the day..  I couldn't tahan anymore so decided to bring her to see the doctor.

Got the same doctor as the previous time when i brought Bria for her Hep B vaccination.. This doctor is so lousy, don't seem to know his stuff.. The first time i brought Bria for the vaccination, she had diaper rash, so this doctor ask me to go home first and monitor before taking the jab.. This time, he recommended me to go to KK Hospital, because he said it's quite a bad case of skin infection.. Eventually, he prescribed some antiseptic and cream, but still advised me to go hospital.. Sigh.. that's why i don't like to go polyclinic, cause the doctors are all GPs, and not trained Pediatricians.

ANYWAY, i will bring Bria to Thomson tomorrow. Hopefully her skin will get better before CNY. The last thing i want is for all the relatives (Aunties especially) keep asking me about her skin and offering all kinds of funny advice!

Shopping Spree

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I went on  a shopping spree with B on Tuesday while K was away in KL = )
  • Bought a new BPA-free milk bottle, a pair of rattle socks and faster flow teats for Bria
  • Tee shirts and bedsheets for C
  • CNY decorations
  • Milo, baby detergent and insect repellent paper
  • Kueh lapis for mom and myself for CNY
B just came back from San Francisco and bought more clothes for Bria again.. this time it's BabyGap.. = )
As i boarded the MRT back home, i looked at my shopping bags and realized just how "auntie" i have become.. I have bags from NTUC, Mothercare, Aussino and a big red plastic bag for my CNY decorations..  Sigh.. = (