High Maintenance Baby

I tried to let Bria sleep in her own cot yesterday.. but it didn't work.. She slept for like 2 - 3 hours maximum.. And this is despite C putting her on her tummy.

So my conclusion is that Bria likes to sleep on my bed with me.. = )

This baby so high maintenance.. got baby cot don't want to sleep want to sleep on mummy's queen size bed!  So tonight i am going to let her sleep with me again.

Tomorrow i am going shopping again for my CNY clothes!!  Already bought a dress and top.. Just need a pair of pants to match my top, and shoes to match my clothes!  = )

New Toy

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K and I got ourselves a new toy today.. our second car!

We spent the whole afternoon going to car showrooms and used car shops.. For the past few weeks, we have been deciding between buying a brand new car, or a used car.. but definitely a 5-seater car that can seat both of us, baby and C.

It was either Option A: Buy a brand new high end car and sell our beloved MX5, or Option B: Buy a lousy used car and keep the MX5.

For Option A, we went to Cycle & Carriage to test drive the new C-class 180, but it turned out to be a lousy drive and not as comfortable as we thought it would be.  Then we went to the Renault showroom and test drove the Megane.. we had shortlisted a used Megane on SG car mart and thought we would test drive a new one and check out their financing.

For Option B, we went to a used car company in Tagore and test drove the Megane we targeted on SG car mart.  This was by far the cheapest and most worthwhile car to buy in the market in terms of depreciation.  Plus, according to K, the Megane boasts an excellent safety rating of 5/5, something that most other Japanese or Korean cars dare not even mention.  Definitely an important feature given that we will be driving my precious baby in this car!!

If everything goes well, we will be able to drive our new toy home tomorrow!! = )

Changing Patterns

Bria has been sleeping more at night for the past 3 days.. Yesterday, she slept on my bed for 6 hours, although it was 2 sessions of 3 hours each rather than straight through. 

My baby is finally beginning to understand the difference between day and night!! Yay!!

Bria's Skin Problems

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Here's another episode of me being a lousy mother.  Bria has cradle cap on her eyebrows and it's making her skin really dry and scaly.  She also has really dry and scaly skin behind her ears..  So being the typical "itchy fingers" that i am, i couldn't stand the sight of it and went to peel the dry skin off.  As a result, the skin behind her ears now have a smelly yellowish pus and red patches around.

As for her eyebrows, i went to buy some baby oil (as recommended on the website for dry skin) and apply it on her eye brows.  The next day, both her eyelids turned really red..  Apparently she is allergic to the baby oil. 

It's been a few days now.. Her eyelids are no longer red, but the cradle cap is still there on her eye brows.  as for her ears, it's still not good.  So tomorrow i am bringing her to see the doctor.  Will ask for some cream for my baby's skin.. even her cheeks are rough to the touch, not at all smooth like a baby's skin should be! Sigh.. 

Post Natal Depression??

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I had a breakdown last week.  Not sure if it's postnatal depression though..

I was breastfeeding Bria and trying to change sides when she slipped and sat hard on the bed... Then for some reason, i started to cry.. I thought to myself what a lousy mother i was, can't even hold her properly, can't even bathe her properly (but now i can!), can't even differentiate her cries and soothe her... I thought about how i always think of wasting money to buy all the nice clothes and shoes and socks for her, but all she needs is my care and attention.  And I can't even produce enough breast milk for her.  Then still spend money on clothes when i should save for her milk powder.  Everything just accumulated into a big bubble, and the bubble burst.  I also thought about how my friend's husband bought her a nice present when she gave birth to their baby boy, but I didn't get anything from K.. I know I'm being very materialistic and all, cause K's a really good father and husband, and i know he loves me.  But sometimes it's just very hard to control jealously you know.. I just want a little token of appreciation for carrying his baby for 10 months and going through labor!

So the next day, i told K about my breakdown.. He comforted me and told me I was NOT a lousy mother, then he sort of cursed and confessed that he bought something for me in Jakarta and had hid it under C's bed.  He had intended to give it to me on Valentine's Day, so i promised him i will not look under C's bed until then.  I am dying of waiting!! = )

Rare case

Bria slept 6 hours straight from 10pm to 4am yesterday night! I was so happy..  Till now, i am still trying to figure out what we did right.. Maybe it's the fact that we put on flat on her stomach.. Maybe it's the fact that she was sleeping on our bed in between K and I.. K seldom sleep at the same time as me, much less together with baby in between.. OR.. it could just be because she is changing her "pattern".. In any case, we are hoping that this new "pattern" of hers will last!

I just placed an order for the Baby Bjorn baby carrier yesterday.. Asking K's uncle to bring back for us from the USA cause it's cheaper to buy there.. he'll be coming back to SG mid next month.. can't wait to use the carrier!!

This afternoon, i went to town with K.. Visited the newly opened Mothercare store at Paragon, and tested the Baby Bjorn carrier.. it's quite easy to use.  I also shopped around for my Chinese New Year clothes and saw a few dresses that i liked from GG<5.  Unfortunately, they don't have my size for one of the dresses, so i am going down to Parkway to pick up my size tomorrow.  Hopefully i can find some nice shoes to match ! = )

I Heart These Baby Clothes!

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While shopping for Bria's stroller at Tanglin Mall last friday, K and I came across this boutique carrying children's clothing from a French label "Chateau de Sable"

Their baby clothes are ALL so nice!  But all very expensive.  Normal romper is around $34.  I especially love the ones below, plus this red color dress romper that is not shown in their website.. How i wish i can buy them all .. Bria will look so so pretty in these !!

Super tiring weekend!

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I had a super tiring weekend!  On Saturday, i brought Bria to my parents' place.. Mom and Dad had a great time playing with her. = )  After about an hour later, we headed back and met up with B, S and EK for mahjong and dinner at our place.. S and I won while the boys lost = )

Then on Sunday morning, K and I started our day at 7am to met up with B, S, EK and F for breakfast and grocery shopping in JB.. We had my favourite Bah Kut Teh at Taman Sentosa, then went shopping at Giant.  Reached Singapore around 12noon.  By then, I was exhausted and not feeling too well mainly due to all the exposure to strong sunlight.  K and I went shopping for our second car after that, but only managed to view a few before I surrendered and asked to be sent home.

At around 3pm, my JC buddies came by for a visit, and brought a new toy for Bria.. Loved this mobile toy! Actually, i wanted it when i saw it at W's house.. I made a comment that i liked it, and she actually  arrange to share witht he rest and bought it for Bria! So sweet of her..  It's really expensive leh.. cause it has music, and projection lighting on the canopy for night time.. Bria loves it.. So far.. = )

After the girls left, K and I drove to Hort Park to meet up with the MX5 club folks.. We went for a 4km walk on the Henderson Waves bridge before going for dinner.. I nearly died from the walk.. I was exhausted, and had blisters on my right foot.  Wanted to give up and take a taxi for the return leg, but nobody wanted to join me, so i tahan and walk the remaining 2km back! Here are some photos we took during our walk.

Dinner was at Aston's Kitchen at The Cathay at 9pm..  By then, i was missing Bria like crazy cause it seemed like we had been out the entire day!

When i got back that night, i kept cuddling her non stop.. and i told K that i don't want to do this again, spend the whole day outside without Bria.. sigh.. i wonder how i am going to go back to work again!! = )

Happy 115th !

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K and I celebrated our 115th monthniverssary on Friday by going shopping for Bria's stroller..  For the past 2 weeks, we have been ding-donging between the Phil and Teds and the Stokke Xplory stroller.

Then last week, we finally decided to get the Phil and Teds Vibe stroller . So we went to Mothercare at Marina Square with every intention to pay and go.  But the red color was out of stock, and new stock would only arrive after Chinese New Year.  So i went to check with this other store that also carries the stroller, and realized they the red color available, so K and I went down to their outlet in Tanglin Mall on friday.  On our way there however, we had a long discussion again, and finally decided not to buy the stroller AGAIN.. To make the long story short, we feel Bria would not need a stroller until she is at least 6 months old, much less before Chinese New Year.  So basically, there is no need to rush to buy the stroller before CNY.  We would just be going from house to house anyway, so can just carry her in the arms.

                          Stokke Xplory                                                    Phil and Teds Vibe

So then we decided to head out for dinner.. K wanted to bring me to Raffles Hotel for dinner, but just before we reached the hotel, we realized he forgot to bring his discount card, so we decided to go somewhere else instead.. After spending another 30 minutes searching for car park, we ended up eating in Purvis Street.  Wanted to eat at our favourite chicken rice stall Yet Con, but it was close.  So we FINALLY had our dinner at Chin Chin at 9pm.  By then, i was starving cause the last meal i had was fish porridge for lunch at 2pm.  We ordered their Green Book award winning pork cutlet, sweet and sour fish and clay pot beancurd.. super yummy!

Baby Sayings

Why do people say "sleep like a baby", when my baby doesn't sleep very well both at day and at night?

And why do people say "smooth like a baby's bottom" when babies have diaper rashes that can make their bottoms look really really uncomfortable?

My first baby bath

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 had my first attempt at bathing Bria yesterday..  It was so scary!  The first half was pretty smooth.. i washed her hair, cleaned her face and the front of her body.. then after that i tried to flip her around to wash her back... But i didn't know how to.. so she slipped and was startled. Luckily she didn't cry. I think she enjoys soaking herself in the warm water.. = )

Well, although Bria didn't cry, i nearly did.. Cause i also got a fright when she slipped, and I kept apologizing to her.. I decided to hand over the second half to C after that.  Sigh.. this mummy is so lousy, don't even know how to bathe her own baby.. = (

I tried again today, and managed to complete the whole bath.. although i still needed some help from C to flip Bria over to wash her back.  I am lucky that Bria loves the water and don't struggle during her bath, otherwise i don't think i can hold her still while bathing her at the same time!

K is finally back.. but he is flying off again next week.. = (

Yesterday, my in laws came and pick me and Bria up to go to the airport and meet K.  C came only too.. While waiting at the arrival hall, a Japanese man made small talk with me.  He read my palms and told me that i  will have 2 children, and the 2nd one will be a boy.  He also said Bria is so beautiful.. = ) During our small talk, this man told me i shouldn't have brought Bria to the airport, cause she is still so young and doesn't have immunization against the H1N1 virus, and the airport is a high risk place to catch the virus.  It was like a slap to my face, cause i have never thought about it this way.  I keep thinking of bringing my baby out so she can be more sociable and happier.  And i was so excited about bringing Bria to the airport to meet K that i didn't think of the risk for her.  Perhaps i SHOULD re-think my priorities from now on..

Bria wore her new romper from Auntie Jasmine today.. i love it!  Very tempted to buy some more, but i have to control myself.. need to stop spending money on clothes for her.. C told me the same thing (politely of course), that Bria don't need so many clothes, but more importantly, she needs diapers and milk powder.. haha.. Plus, i just spent more money 2 days ago online shopping for Bria!

Bria hasn't slept much for the past few days.. kept fussing and wants to be carried.. She likes to be carried in the snuggle position, lying against my or C's chest.  So today, i decided to try letting her sleep on her tummy.. And it worked!! She slept like a baby (pun intended)! 

I happened to notice Donald beside her, in exactly the same position, so I took this really cute photo of the 2 of them together..  LOL

Visit to Great Grandma's House

I brought Bria to my grandma's house in the evening today.  Thought i might pay her a visit, since it's been almost 2 weeks since she last saw Bria during her first month party.

Took a cab there with C, and got a discount for my taxi fare. I only had a $5 note and a $50 note.  The fare was $6 but the driver had no small change for my $50 so he decided to give me a $1 discount.

When i stepped into the house, my grandma asked me whose baby i was carrying.. I was so sad.. Didn't know my grandma's memory had deteriorated that much.. = (  Looks like she only has short term memory loss.  She can remember things that happened a long time ago, but not recent events.  The strange thing was, when i continued to talk to her and stimulate her memory, she said she could remember Bria and coming to my house during her first month party.  She even asked me if Bria's name is "Baby".. = )

I met up with my in-laws for dinner.. we went to view this house n Kembangan that K and both of them liked. But because i did not go for the last viewing, they wanted to bring me to take a look before they make an offer..  The house was junk, but built on a very big piece of land, so there was plenty of potential with a total makeover.. Plus,  it's located in a nice residential neighborhood..

Sigh.. I'm not sure if i am making the right decision here to move in with my in-laws.. So many of my friends who are staying with their in-laws are already complaining to me that they wish they had their own house and their own privacy.  And here I am, trying to move out of my own house to stay with my in laws!! If my friends know, they sure say i siao! = P

Baby Clothes

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I bought these 2 Baby Gap pieces online for Bria.. Love the blue one, but the white one was a bit too big for Bria now.. Hopefully she'll be able to grow into it in 1 months' time..

Still searching for a pair of nice matching mittens and booties for chinese new year... It's so damn hard to find!!

Stroller / Pram dilemma

K and I have been facing a "stroller dilemma" these days.. We would like to get a stroller / pram before Chinese new year, so time is running out!

Yesterday, we went to Marina Square Mothercare to check out some strollers.. For now, K wants the Phil and Ted's Double stroller, whilst i still prefer the Stokke Xplory.. Phil and Ted's looks more sporty and can hold 2 children, whilst Stokke is more stylish, and higher, and can face inwards..  Both are around the same price.  Sigh.. choices, choices..

Bria wasn't her normal self yesterday.  She kept crying and waking up in the middle of her sleep screaming like she had a nightmare.  My sister said it was because she went to my parents' place the night before, and usually babies behave like that when they first go to an unfamiliar place.. Now i know why she cried throughout the night when we brought her to the Christmas party at K's uncle's house last month!  So i guess i have to stop bringing Bria to new places for a while.. Wanted to go to my grandma's place yesterday but decided against it, so K and I ended up stroller shopping at Marina Square instead.. I also bought my favorite Bengawan Solo pandan cake yesterday.. yum yum!

K left for Jakarta this morning.. Bria and I will be alone again for the next 3 days.. sigh.. Yesterday, S and EK came over for mahjong.. we played 1 round, and I lost to K, while S lost to EK.. so stupid.. wife lose to husband so end up also no difference ... haha.. = )

Bria is back to normal today.. she's sleeping now, so i am taking the opportunity to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks" on pipi.com.  Just ordered pizza for lunch.. can't wait!! = P

Bria's Hep B Vaccination

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Bria had her second Hep B vaccination last friday.. K and I brought her back to the clinic.. her rashes had subsided quite a bit, so we decided it was safe for her to take the vaccination..

While waiting at the clinic, i kept talking to Bria and assured her that the vaccination would be a quick one and a little bit painful.. When it was our turn and we went inside the room, the expression on Bria's face seemed like she knows something is going to happen ..

My baby was very brave, she only cried for like 1 minute when the needle went into her left thigh, then she stopped.. Her whole face turned red, and when she cried, my heart was so painful i think i teared a bit also..  can't imagine she has many more vaccinations to go! My poor baby..

Good food and great company

I had lots of good food and great company over the past few days.

On Thursday, K and I had dinner with my in laws at Jumbo Seafood Indoor Stadium.  I had been wanting to eat chilli crab for the longest time, so we finally went.  But i didn't have the chilli crab eventually, cause i was afraid Bria might develop rashes again if she is allergic to crabs and i breastfeed her.  I just had the deep fried bun and dip it in the chilli crab sauce. Just as good! = )

Initially, we had chosen to go to the outlet at Indoor Stadium cause we thought there would be lesser people compared to the East Coast outlet.  But when we arrived there, the restaurant was jam packed.  Apparently, there was a Green Day concert going on that night and all the fans were having their dinner at Stadium Walk before the concert.

Then today, K and I had breakfast at the coffee shop near East Shore hospital. I had my favourite char siew bao.  Wanted to eat the chee cheong fun but it was out of stock when we arrived.  For lunch, we went to Swissotel.  K's parents had checked into a room there, so we decided to go and chill in the room and have lunch there.  K brought me to Sze Chuan Court for tim sum.. food was so so... but i love the design of the restaurant. We had a little cubicle to ourselves with booth seats and curtains that can be drawn to give us some privacy.  It was nice.. = )  I wished Bria was there.. These days, i can't stop thinking of Bria when i am outside without her.  So i just keep looking at her photo on my handphone..  I still remembered how tortured i was on Wednesday, when i went for lunch and my check up with Ah Lim, and my hand phone battery was flat.. I missed Bria so much during the 4 hours i was out, and i couldn't even look at her photo on my handphone!!

Sigh.. So now i try to make sure my handphone is fully charged before i go out..

Just came back from dinner at my parents' place.. As usual, mom whipped up a feast that was more than enough for all of us.. I brought Bria there, and she was the center of attention this evening.. My 6 year old niece draw a picture of Bria (with her romper), which i thought was really sweet.. It's so cute i laughed when she gave it to me.. haha..

K didn't like it though, he says it looks horrible.. But i still think it's cute!

My Check Up & More Presents for Bria

I met up with my Em and Shih Chung yesterday for lunch.. Em wanted to pass me some corporate diaries and the $300 Tangs vouchers that my colleagues got for me and Bria, and I wanted to pass them the Bengawan Solo cake vouchers.. We had lunch at Kim Gary, Em's treat.  The 3 of us caught up on the latest office gossips over lunch, but it was all mindless banter. And i actually felt a bit awkward.  Cause I haven't been back to office for 9 months now, plus i was never really close to any of my colleagues in the first place.  Not close enough anyway.

After lunch, I went shopping for Bria's chinese new year clothes.. It's so hard to find nice clothes for 1 month old babies!  Everything i saw was too big for Bria, except for the one piece rompers.  So i bought another 3 more rompers from Mothercare, even though Bria already has plenty of rompers.. = )  I saw this pair of pink Piglet booties at Mothercare too, was really tempted to buy it, but it was $19.. so expensive!!

Once i had shopped enough, i headed to Thomson for my check up with Ah Lim.. as usual, waited for almost an hour at the clinic, even though i was told i didn't need to take a queue number, "just come will do".  I got myself a free goodie bag with pampers and a copy of "My Baby" magazine.  I also asked for some samples of Mamil milk powder for myself. = ) 

Ah Lim said my stitches have healed fine, but there was one loose thread sticking out so during the check up, he kinda use his hands to take out the loose thread.  It hurt like hell for a while.  He also said my uterus has shrunk back to pre-pregnancy size, but i still can't exercise or have sex for at least another month.. Bummer!  As for badminton, i will need to wait another 2 more months.. sigh..  I also told Ah Lim about my stitch like pain in my lower left tummy, but he said that's the intestine area and he won't be able to advise. If the pain persists for the next months, i would need to see a intestine specialist.  WTF..

Jasmine & Ruby came and visit me and Bria yesterday evening.. I had my 2nd cup of Sweet Talk since my confinement ended.. At least yesterday's was much sweeter compared to the one i had last week.

Jas bought Bria a cute little white romper printed with Bria's name from My Little Stylos. Unfortunately, it was too big for Bria, otherwise i will definitely let Bria wear it for Chinese New Year! 

K and I went grocery shopping after dinner yesterday.  I bought a packet of milk powder for breastfeeding moms, among other stuff.  As i was browsing through the different brands of milk powder and reading the details on the packaging, i saw this particular brand that says the milk powder is "Not suitable for infants".  So stupid.  If it's not suitable for infants, then i drink already breastfeed my baby also cannot right!  

Yesterday, Bria was very kuai.  She slept for 3 hours straight during the night.  I had my first attempt at breastfeeding her at night after one whole month,  and i only woke up once to breastfeed her.  They said the more she sucks, the more milk i will have, cause demand will create supply.  I am determined to increase my milk supply.  I was all prepared to wake up every hour throughout the night and don't sleep!  Hopefully tonight she will also be as kuai!

Slingers did it AGAIN!

K and I met up with  Gary and Pui for dinner yesterday at our favourite Zhi Char place.. Dinner was yummy!

After that, we watched the Singapore Slingers play against the KL Dragons at the Indoor Stadium.   And guess what?  We won!!  18 points ahead. = )

Gary also won himself a pair of tickets to watch some boxing match on Saturday..  Apparently, the tickets costs $188 each.. I rather go and watch a Celine Dion concert or something.. haha..

I didn't enjoy myself as much during the game, compared to the previous few times when i went to watch the home games.. I guess i missed Bria too much during the game...  Kept taking out my hand phone to look at her photo.. These days, i can't go out for too long without bringing Bria.  I wonder how i am going to go to work in April!

Bad rashes

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Bria developed a bad case of rashes this morning.. the rashes started only below her chin yesterday, but this morning, it spread all over her body and even on her legs.  Fortunately, she doesn't seem to be affected by it.  it's just very disturbing for me to see them all over her..  I have tried to deduce the reasons for the rashes, but can't seem to come down to one particular reason.. It could be she's allergic to the new clothes i bought her for her full month celebration, or the air around her is not clean, or it could be something i ate that was passed to her in my breast milk and she's allergic to it.  Sigh..

This afternoon, C and I brought Bria to see the doctor and at the same time take her Hep B vaccination.  It was a wasted trip in the end, cause the doctor couldn't give me any medication for the rashes, and she couldn't take the vaccination because of the rashes.. So i have to monitor her rashes for the next few days before going for the vaccination again.

Tomorrow i am going to meet Emily and Shih Chung for lunch at Harborfront..  Need to pass them the Bengawan Solo cake vouchers and just catch up.. After that going to Ah Lim for check up..  Will ask him about the pain in my lower tummy.. Hopefully my stitches have also healed completely now.  Can't wait to play badminton!

Bria's Full Month

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Bria's full month celebration was quite a nightmare for me.. There were good sides as well, all the presents and ang baos, and the few times where i actually enjoyed the company.  But most of it were just pure tiredness.

Plus the fact that the celebrations lasted 2 days over the weekend.  First of all, the caterer screwed up on both days.  Stupid lady just changed some of my dishes without telling me...  She didn't even apologize but just told me that the dishes i ordered weren't available, and that the dishes she gave are much better.. We ended up with half the dishes changed.  Don't even know why i bothered to place an order and chose the dishes of my preference.  Then on the second day, they gave me one dish less..  Drinks were also totally wrong on both days.  I specifically asked for lime juice on sunday, and barley on saturday, but she gave me fruit punch for both days.  Plus, their teriyaki chicken turned sour barely 3 hours after the food arrived.  K had diarrhea eating the chicken that night. When i told the caterer about it, she didn't apologize, but just told me she would inform the kitchen about it.. Wah kau!

Secondly, half the relatives i invited weren't close to me nor K.  We invited them because of our parents. So it was like half a day of "fakeness", which is super exhausting.  I still can't believe one of my cousins gave me $20 ang bao when she brought along her 16 year old daughter.  My buffet already cost $10 per head loh!  Sigh..

Thirdly, the stitch like pain in the left side of my tummy got really bad on Saturday cause i walked around alot as a host.  It got so bad i had to sit down while K did the hosting and walking.  Until now, it's still a bit painful, will go and ask Ah Lim tomorrow during my check up.

And lastly, i lost my temper for like 3 minutes on Sunday because of all the little requests i was getting from K's family.  I ended up locking myself up in the bedroom, with the excuse that i was not feeling well and wanted to rest.  I had wanted to let C rest as much as possible, because she didn't sleep at night (as usual), and we had another maid to help out, so i thought that was sufficient. 

But there were so many requests that day C had no choice to help out and couldn't sleep.  There were requests to make tea la, wash the corridor floor la, make syrup to mix into the lime juice cause it's too sour la..  make sandwiches for the guests cause they are hungry la (even though there were still plenty of food left)..  I also had to walk around so much even though K asked me to sit down cause of all these requests!  Naturally, people would come to me first instead of going to C directly.  So in the end, i still had to do a bit of walking around to get things done! Plus, I had to suffer through the countless contradictory babycare advice i got from all the aunties.  Poor C was also a victim.  One auntie would advise that i should put the bean bag on Bria while she sleeps, then another one would come in and ask me to take it away.  Or one auntie would ask C to put pacifier, then my mom in law would come in and pull the pacifier from Bria's mouth and make her cry until her face turns red.  My poor baby must have been so tired and confused from all the fussing and noise over the past 2 days.. Sigh..So glad it's over now!

Being A New Mummy

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Being a new mom feels like being on an emotional roller coaster ride.

One moment, I can be feeling depressed and crying because i don't have enough breast milk for my baby.  Or I can be pulling my hair out of frustration because i can't figure out why baby is crying non stop.

But the next moment, i can be smiling cause my baby just smiled at me, or even laughing at something she just did.  Like yesterday, Bria was startled by her own fart.  I nearly died laughing.. I was changing her diapers when she farted. I guess with the diapers, she couldn't really hear her own fart cause the diapers muffled the sound.  But yesterday, she was without diapers when she let out a really loud fart.  She was half asleep but got startled and jumped at her own fart.. LOL.. = )

Time flies, Bria is exactly 1 month old today.  Bria laughed for the first time yesterday, 11 Jan at 11pm.. What nice timing..  It was more like a chuckle; really short, but SUPER adorable..  I love my baby!!

K is back!

K is coming back tonight.. I intend to bring Bria to the airport to surprise him ! = )

For the past 2 nights i did not sleep with Bria.  On Wednesday, i walked into Bria's room while she was sleeping, and found her in a totally different position from where we had put her. She had managed to turn her whole body 90 degrees.  When I saw her, her head was just beside the cot bars.  To think that i removed the  cot bumper cause i thought Bria won't venture anywhere near the edge of the cot so she won't get hurt!  I think i better put on the bumper from now onwards.

After that incident, i decided against sleeping with Bria on my bed. Just in case she flips again and i end up lying on top of her.

C and I woke up early this morning to tidy up the house for Bria's party tomorrow.. We changed all out bedsheets including Bria's, jammed a lot of stuff into our bomb shelter, and vaccumed and cleaned the house.  I've been playing with Bria quite alot these few days, and letting her see different facial expressions like sticking out my tongue and raising my eyebrows. She knows how to stick out her tongue now to imitate me when i do the same, so cute!!

Then today, i fed her with the bottle, and she actually suckle so strongly that i could let go off the bottle and she still can drink by herself. Sometimes, she even tries to hold the bottle herself by putting her 2 hands to the side of the bottle.  = )  I've also been cuddling her a lot more these days, and switching on my handphone MP3 when i breastfeed her.  Think she likes it. Cause i would usually sing to the song. Quite tired of listening to classical music, so it's time baby listens to my kind of music!

Yesterday, i took the MRT for the first time after i gave birth.. Went to Tampines for shopping.  When i entered the train, for some reason, i expected somebody to give up their seat for me.  Then when nobody did, i realized i wasn't pregnant anymore.. LOL = )

Think i walked too much yesterday.. Felt so tired and my legs were aching yesterday when i came back.. Luckily, now it's much better.  Tomorrow is my last day of confinement!  Not that I've been entirely "confined" since i have been going out since 2 weeks ago.  The only confinement rule that i've been sticking to is that i did not drink cold water.  So i can't wait to drink a chilled can of Coke soon!!

Decorating Baby's Room

As part of the preparations for Bria's full month party this weekend, K and I went shopping for some party decorations on Tuesday.  We decided to drive to Middle Road where all the party supplies shops are.

After going to more than 5 shops, we gave up looking for banners that says "HAPPY FULL/ FIRST MONTH".  Apparently, they don't print such banners.  The closest they have was "HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY".  I had some of the shop owners telling me that the banners that read "BABY SHOWER" was what i wanted, but i don't even bother to correct them.  Baby showers are quite rare in Singapore, so i think there are people who actually believe that baby showers are the same as baby's first month.. Sigh..

ANYWAY, we ended up buying this banner with flowers and detachable letters that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".  We decided to cut out the flowers and the letters to form Bria's name, then use it to decorate her room.. The finished product?  Ta-dah!!  So sweet right!! = )

Boy or girl?

Last week, K and I brought Bria out for a drive to Marine Parade.  This baby girl of mine is really really hyper.. Always like to be on the move, even in the car. She was so quiet and happy when we were driving, but when we stopped the car at the red light, she started to whimper.. Best loh!  Red light also cannot stop.. jia lat.

Anyway, she was very kuai throughout the whole thing.  In fact, she slept throughout.  Think she really likes being carried and walking around, plus we were in air conditioned places most of the time so she must feel very shiok, that's why can sleep so long.  We dropped by NTUC to pick up some condensed milk for C.  At the cashier's, we had an old lady queuing up behind us and she kept looking at Bria.  Actually, when i was carrying Bria and walking, i felt so proud cause a lot of people looked at Bria, smiled at me and said she's so cute.  I was a proud mummy showing off my adorable little princess..  = )

Back to the old lady at the cashier's.  She smiled at me, said Bria is so cute, then asked me if my baby is a boy or girl.  Bria was dressed in a pink romper, and wrapped in a pink swaddle blanket with flowers. Sigh.. perhaps in the old days.. baby boys dress in pink too!

Just me and baby

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K left for Bangkok this morning.. It's just gonna be C, me and Bria for the next 3 days.  I am going to TRY taking the night shift tonight and let Bria sleep with me in the room.  Will switch on the air con, so hopefully she will be more "kuai" tonight.. haha..

I went to Parkway this afternoon to buy more Bengawan Solo cake vouchers for my colleagues, and shop for clothes for Bria.  Bought this really cute teddy bear pink top and matching skirt for her to wear on Sunday during her full month party.  Also bought a pink hairband with little flowers from Pumpkin Patch to match her outfit. She is going to look so cute!!  Will upload photos next week. = )

I miss K already.. = (

Most Delicious Burger Ever!

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K and I met up with Kel and Carol last Sunday for lunch at Cafe Hacienda in Dempsey Road.  I had the most delicious Miso Cod Fish burger ever.. Even the fries which they served as a side was super nice..

I would highly recommend the burger.. it's heavenly.

Kel and Carol brought their son Travis along.. He is so cute!  And super active.  Keep wanting to walk around.  I told Carol Bria keeps wanting people to carry her so it's really tiring.. She told me to enjoy the moments now cause she won't want to be carried once she learns how to walk.  then i will miss carrying her. Hmmm.. so true hoh.. = )

Coolest Baby Gift Ever!

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Nana, Celine and Mas came over to visit me and Bria last week and brought along this lovely diaper cake gift hamper from Baby Dee.

This is by far the coolest baby gift i have received so far.. = )  And very customized.  It's actually diapers inside, which they use to form a tiered cake, then wrap the circumference with clothes, and socks and towels..  And a soft toy on top of the diaper cake.  I wanted to open it immediately but K didn't let me cause he wanted to leave it as the centerpiece  for Bria's full month party this weekend.  Sigh.. i thought i can let Bria wear some of the new rompers in the diaper cake.. Oh well..

In Love..

I am so in love with my baby.. Isn't she adorable??

Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed with love when i see her that i just keep kissing her non stop..

She's so sweet i think i can eat her. haha!! Okay that just didn't sound right.. But i meant it in a good, motherly sort of way.. = )

Bria's First Month Party

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K and I have decided to hold a party for Bria's first month next weekend.  In fact, we are going to hold 3 parties for her. 

1 on Saturday for my family, and 2 more on Sunday for K's family (1 for father's side, 1 for mother's side).  It's going to be a replay of what we did for our house warming 3 years ago.  I cannot imagine just how messy it will be.  Especially the one on Sunday, cause we are expecting about 50 people i think.  All cramped in my small little house!  We are on a tight schedule now cause we still haven't finalized the guest list and book the caterer! And I might have to go and buy some cake vouchers for my colleagues.. sigh. I am still thinking if i should get the vouchers for ALL my colleagues, cause i've not been back to work for such a long time now, and when i go back in April, i will most probably not be in the same department as them so.. Also, if i give them the vouchers, they will feel obliged to give some presents, and i don't want that either.. Sigh.. dilemma..

I am however, pretty excited at all the presents that Bria is going to get!   If only i can send everyone a wish list for all the presents i would like to receive for Bria.  I actually did that for my house warming, but i don't think it's so nice to do that for Bria's one month party lah.. I have been resisting the temptation to buy all the cute little baby clothes for Bria when i went shopping, cause i know i will sure get baby clothes during her first month party. Plus, i was thinking of doing more shopping when K gets his salary, so i can also buy all the pretty new year clothes for Bria!  I wonder if they have cheong sam for 2 months old baby.. Haha.

These few days K and I tried switching on the air con in the afternoon for a while for Brias' nap time.  I will sleep in the bedroom with her, and it actually works cause Bria sleeps for quite a fair bit. I think it's the heat and humidity that's making Bria irritated and unable to sleep.  This afternoon, we slept together for 2 hours.  After that, she was in a good mood so i played with her and she smiled a couple of times!  I love it!  If only she's like that from now onwards... Keeping my fingers crossed.. =)

Bria is 3 weeks old!

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Bria just turned 3 weeks old yesterday.. For the past week, she hasn't been sleeping well.. and we got really worried.. She only sleeps like 4 hours a day when she's supposed to be sleeping 14-18 hours a day!  Plus, she cries a lot and keeps wanting to be carried before she can fall asleep.  Thing is, babies only engaged in Non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep so the minute we stop carrying her and put her down in her cot, she cries.  So poor C had many sleepless nights taking care of Bria.  Me and K took the day shift so C can rest.  It got so bad that we gave in and took the mobile sarong from my sister.  K and I had been so dead sure that we will not let Bria sleep in a sarong.. Sigh..

That night when we put Bria in a sarong, she slept.  But because the sarong is not the automatic type, we had to keep moving the sarong so Bria can sleep.  Which still meant that C cannot sleep at night.  The good thing is at least we don't have to carry her all the time. 

On New Year's Day, K and I brought Bria to K's grandma's house for dinner and mahjong.  I was quite reluctant to bring Bria at first, but as usual, all his aunties kept pressurizing us to bring her so they can play with her.  Plus, K really wanted to go. Think he is quite bored to be stuck at home with me and baby all the time, so i decided to go and enjoy a little family warmth.. = )  And I didn't regret it.. Cause Bria was being cooed at and carried the whole night, while i played mahjong.. haha.. Plus i also got to play "Twister" with the cousins.  I kinda regretted THAT, although i had a lot of fun, cause i think i "injured" myself while playing it.  Now my lower abdomen feels weird.  Hopefully it's nothing serious..

Sigh.. both long weekends are over.  Tomorrow reality starts for most of us.  School reopens for the kids, and adults gotta go back to work.  But for me, I am still in holiday mood!! haha..