Christmas is coming!

It's been more than a month since i last blogged.. And so much has happened!!

I've been to Bangkok and back, to Hong Kong and back, celebrated Bria's first birthday, celebrated one of my best friend's marriage, and Christmas is 3 days away! 

My baby is a big girl now, and she has 4 little teeth!  I am so delighted.. At the same time, so hoping for another baby soon to relive all the little baby moments now that Bria is growing up so fast!  I need to work harder.. ha ha..

It's been a really really crazy two months for me.  Year end is supposed to be rest and relax, but it seems to be super crazy for me.  So starting from this friday, I am going to go on leave until 2011 !!  Sounds like a long time, but actually it's only one week.

I'm going to spend time with my baby and my hubby during this one week.  K is also on leave, so i can't wait for Friday to come!! 

Looks like it's gonna be difficult for me to blog more often now.. thinking of starting a blog to sell baby clothes from Bangkok.  My recent trip to Bangkok had me shopping at MPK, and the branded baby clothes there are super cheap loh!!  But gotta think about the logistics and all...

Sigh, how i wish i can just sell baby clothes online for a living.  I would so love that.. just go to Bangkok once a month to shop for clothes to sell back in Singapore.. But the margins are not that good to replace my income loh.. gotta look for other ways.. = )