Super long weekend!

I worked only 2 days this week.. Supposed to be a super long weekend, but so far, the past 2 days had been sucky.

Yesterday, i took Dad to the hospital for day surgery to remove his cataract.  Thought it would be a quick procedure, so i brought Bria and C along.  Ended up staying in the hospital for 8 freakin hours from 8am to 3pm.  Poor Bria also had her whole feeding and bathing schedule disrupted.  Don't know why the stupid hospital people asked us to reach at 8am when my dad could only go into surgery at 12pm!

By evening time yesterday, i fell sick with fever and flu.  Went to see the doctor this morning, and spent the most of today drifting in and out of sleep..  Just finished a telecon with my colleagues from Fairfax about an hour ago.  Still have a bit of flu now, so worried that i will spread to Bria.  And it's not helping that she keeps wanting me to carry her! = )

Hopefully will feel better tomorrow.  My mom in law wants to bring Bria to Pasir Ris Park tomorrow morning, and i really want to be there with my baby.  Last weekend, we had a free stay at Grand Copthorne Waterfront.  Bria had 2 days of swimming in the pool, and slept really well at night.  Lucky loh, else K and I will be sleep deprived, especially since we didn't bring C!  We will be bringing Bria to KL and Genting during the Hari Raya Haji long weekend.  It's gonna be 5 days without C.  Keeping my fingers crossed that Bria will be a good girl, else I will be really really exhausted!  Anyway, for now, i will just focus on enjoying my long weekend.. = )

Bria's clothes for sale

12:02 AM by Adeline Woo 0 comments
Every month, my in laws will rent a stall in Cairnhill CC for the monthly flea market.  And for the past 3 months, i have put up Bria's clothing for sale.  But i never sold a single item.  So last month, i decided to improve my "marketing" for Bria's clothes and attempted to decorate the display box in which i put Bria's clothes. I also hang some of her clothes onto little hangers.

Got teased by my relatives (who also set up stalls there) for my efforts.  They said it seems like i was selling Bria more then her clothes.. haha.. = )

In the end, i managed to at least sell a few beanies / hats.  My sister in law keep saying i am selling at too high a price for my clothes.. A lot of the other stores were selling Carter's rompers at $1-$2.  I was selling at $5.

I think it's just ridiculous to sell them at $1-$2.  So cheap!  I rather keep for next one, or give to Salvation Army.