K comes back

K is finally coming back tonight.  It's been 2 whole weeks since he left for his reservist.  Come to think of it, this seems to be the longest period we have been apart.  

Part of me missed him a lot and is glad that he is finally back.. But there is also a small part of me that kinda enjoyed the days when he's not around.  Mainly because the house is very neat and tidy when he is not around.. haha.. = )  I think part of K also wouldn't mind not hearing my constant nagging for 2 whole weeks!

I plan to bring Bria to the PD tomorrow for her 9 months check up..  I am very sure that she is underweight or at least too small for her age.  She's a lanky girl, but not chubby enough.  I wonder what i must feed her to make her grow fatter!  Sigh...
Yesterday evening, my in laws came over for dinner.  My mom had bought some salmon fish and asked C to cook salmon fried rice for dinner.  It was delicious.  And Bria loved the salmon bits.. Bria also did her first "bye bye" yesterday.  Previously, she would wave her hands for no reason, but yesterday, she waved her hands when we said bye bye to her.  I tried it again today, and she did it again..  So clever my baby! = )

My colleague told me yesterday that she is also going to Osaka.  Apparently, SQ has a air fare promotion at SGD788 nett per person including taxes.. I am soooo pissed!!  and SQ flies direct to Osaka some more!  Sigh.. the ANA flight that we booked is not direct flight loh, must transit in Tokyo and more expensive than SQ.. stupid.. Hai.. actually, now i am not so excited about my birthday trip anymore.. I would actually prefer to spend my birthday in Singapore with Bria.. oh well, too late..

Work has been boring recently.. I am very occupied everyday, and there are tonnes of things that i need to do .. but i just don't have the mood to do it.. I am so tempted to switch jobs again..  I've reached the point where I no longer look forward to going to work everyday.  In fact, i dread going to work.  I lunch alone almost everyday, cause i can't find a khaki that I can be myself with, and my work isn't going too smoothly because of some idiots who are the type that goes by the rule book and loves making things difficult for me.  When I was working at the airport, I was actually excited to go to the office everyday.  How I wish i can find back that drive.. And i miss my previous assignment, when my boss is so far away, and i get to travel so often. = (  Now, i only look forward to going home and weekends...

On my way home today, i met a stupid Caucasian man in the crowded MRT train.  I was approaching Eunos station, and he was standing in front of me.  I said "excuse me" but he didn't hear cause he had earphones on.  So i tapped his shoulder.  And he said very loudly: "I'm also getting off, but there's no where you can go".  This was not the first time i hear this.  If i had more time, i would have shown him how to squeeze through the crowd, and "go somewhere", rather than waiting for the train doors to open before starting to move out, and risk NOT getting out in time.  The irritating thing was, his rebuttal implied that he can only move when the train doors open, but he himself started to move towards the door even before we reached the station.   So much for "there's no where he can go"! What an asshole.

K called just now and told me he's not feeling too well.  Bummer.. And i am on leave tomorrow.  Thought we could spend some time together with Bria.  We also had a little crossfire when i told him that Bria will be sleeping in our bedroom tonight.  He must have thought it was a temporary arrangement while he is away.  But i intend to make it permanent.  Because Bria can only sleep well in air conditioned rooms, and if i was going to pay for my air con bills, might as well enjoy it in my bedroom. Rather than let C enjoy it with Bria in the baby's room.  I think K wants some privacy with me when he comes back.. But he's coming back at 3am!  I will be snoring like a pig by then! Don't know why he is so unhappy.  It's not like I am sleeping with another man!  Hai....

Happy Hari Raya!

It's the long weekend, FINALLY!  And Bria, C and I had a very exciting day today.  In the morning, my in laws came to pick us up to go to Marina Mandarin Hotel where my mom in law had booked a free stay in one of the rooms.  After hanging around in the room for about an hour or so, C and I pushed Bria in her pram to meet my family at Shaw House for tim sum lunch.  We got lost along the way, cause of the stupid fencing that had been erected for the upcoming F1 race.  It's actually a very short distance from the hotel to Shaw House, but because of the stupid fencing, we couldn't cross the traffic lights, and had to walk one big round via the underpass.  And for some reason, I couldn't find a single Singaporean along the way to ask for directions to Shaw House.  Everywhere I went, i see either Banglahs, China men, Thai or Filipinos.  Sigh.. C and I had to carry Bria and her super heavy pram up and down stairs and escalators before we finally reached the restaurant!

My dad, mom, sis, bro in law and my two nieces were all at the restaurant.  By the time we reached, Bria had fallen asleep, exhausted from all the pram pushing..  It's been a long long time my whole family gathered together for a meal outside.  Too bad K wasn't there, otherwise it would have been "full attendance".. = )
After a sumptuous meal, we walked over to Suntec and Marina Square to do some shopping.  It was raining by the time we stepped out of the restaurant, and that's when the chaos started.  Between us, we had 1 wheelchair and 2 prams.  So we were like holding umbrellas and pushing the 3 "cars" in the rain.  So funny.. 

After about 2 hours, my mom in law called and asked me where I was.  I think she got bored idling in the hotel without Bria.  In the end, she met up with me and my family at this baby clothes store, where my mom bought Bria a pair of pink floral shoes.  Then we parted ways, with me following my mom in law back to the hotel.

K's 2 aunties came shortly after, and the whole gang went to the pool for a swim and gym to exercise.  My mom in law brought Bria swimming with her new float, despite a slight drizzle.  I hope Bria won't fall sick tomorrow!

After swimming, we hung around the room for a bit before walking over to Suntec to meet my family again for dinner at Soup restaurant.  Again, Bria fell asleep from all the pram pushing.  After dinner, the whole family went to see the Kois at the Koi Garden, and some hamsters and rabbits at the pet shop, before heading home.  I think my dad is super happy today, cause all his grandchildren is out shopping with him.  Well, I must say it's really nice.   We should do this more often.. = )

Prezzies from Hubby!

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Last week, i got another another small carton box from vPost.  More presents from K.  This time, it's the 3 Skagen watches i chose from vPost USA.  So now, I got 3 watches to match my 3 new bags! = )

I think K intentionally arranged for the bags and watches to arrive when he is away.  So while I have Bria with me and presents to receive, poor K is suffering in camp.

Yesterday, I spoke to K.  He told me he had to squeeze inside a truck with 20 other men, and sleep together.  What's worse than that is they had to sleep sitting in the truck.  Plus he injured his shoulder blade.  And the highly preserved food makes him want to puke. My poor hubby!  

5 more days to go before K comes home.. i am counting down!

What a mess

It's been a week since K went for his reservice in Thailand.  Feels like a year to me..

These few days have been a mess.. Bria fell from my bed twice.  Once she landed on her hands and feet.  She was sleeping on my bed, so i left her in the room as usual and went to do my things.. Next thing i know, i heard a thud and her cries.  My heart jumped out when i saw her on the floor and crying.  I quickly carried her up and rocked her gently to soothe her, and she fell asleep within 2 minutes.  The second time was not as good. She was playing on my bed, executing her new found skill of going from crawling to sitting up again and again.  I turned around for one second to take something from my bedside drawer.   Next thing i knew, i saw her roll over the edge of my bed with the bolster, and she landed on the floor HEAD FIRST.  I can never erase the look on her face from my mind.  It was so sooooo heart breaking.  Her eyes was tight shut from pain and fright and her mouth open as if she was screaming but no sound came out.  That lasted for a few seconds before the crying was heard. And it didn't stop even after i carried her and rocked her.  I cried with her, and kept apologizing to her for not taking good care of her.  Now i really can understand the meaning of "heart broken"!

Then yesterday, i spoke to C about some complaints i heard from my mom in law about her watching TV and not taking care of Bria 100%.  She started to cry.  This girl really cannot receive negative feedback, everytime like that!  Sigh.. really wish K is here with me.  These few days is like a big mess for me.  I have been so busy preparing for this 2 day training course at SAFRA, and today was the start of the training.  And it was a mess as well.  Let's just say that SAFRA did not do a good job preparing my room and the set up, and the trainer was terrible at connecting with the audience.  Sigh...  There is another session tomorrow, but the attendance is terrible.  Only 10 people when i had planned for 30.. even the food is too late to cancel now..

And as if it's not bad enough, i am developing a severe cold sore on my lips. Both ends of my lips are swollen and cracking like hell.  Even eating is a chore, cause i can't open my mouth too wide without feeling pain.
I am SOOO bloody glad that this week is a short week, and i have the long weekend to rest and relax with my baby!