The bump on my head..

Last week, i hit the back of my head really hard inside my fridge.. i had bent down to get some apples from the fridge drawer at the bottom, but didn't get out far enough before i stood up, so I hit my head really hard..

Until now it still hurts.. = (

G for Gluttony ..

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I feel like a glutton ! Been eating and sleeping since K and I checked into York hotel on Saturday morning.. My mother in law had more than $200 worth of vouchers at the cafe and the vouchers were expiring in like 2 days time so you can imagine how much we ate! Nonetheless, the food was not that fantastic.. the hotel had their famous Penang food fare but unfortunately, we didn't go for that cause the vouchers were not applicable to the Penang food fare.. I'm so going to go for the Penang food before it ends on 14 September! Love the prawn noodles and fried kuay teow!

Over the 2 days, i had fish and chips, 2 banana splits, chicken porridge, one totally horrible breakfast buffet, and 2 honey lemon green tea from SweetTalk.. and yesterday night, i met up with my JC classmates and our Business Mgmt teacher at Crystal Jade to celebrate Teacher's day with a feast for 10 people.. One of my classmates had bought a huge bouquet for our teacher on behalf of all of us.. there was much laughter and reminiscing as we recollected stories of our school days, and also updated each other on our lives.. = ) Time really flies! We were all from the class of 1998, and it's been 10 years already! Nonetheless, some things never change.. = P

After dinner, we took a group picture before splitting up.. one of my classmates, whom we used to nicknamed "Cauliflower" because of his curly hair, gave me a ride to my hotel as he was meeting his girlfriend in Orchard.. K had been so sweet and sent me to my dinner earlier and drove all the way back to the hotel, but since Cauliflower was sending me, i didn't ask K to pick me up.. Back in my hotel room, i showered, and K and I watched "Tears of the Sun" starring Bruce Willis till late before we fell asleep..

The next morning, we woke up and headed down for the horrible buffet breakfast.. After that we went to Lucky Plaza, planning to change some Aussie dollars for our Perth trip. In the end, we didn't cause the rates were too lousy.. At about 2pm, we had lunch and checked out.. For my check out, i refused to approach the same receptionist who checked us in on Saturday.. This girl was super rude to us when we checked in. There was no eye contact at all throughout the whole process when she was talking to us.. no smiles, no proper greeting.. and the way she asked for our IC and passport was totally unacceptable to me. She was like: "Passport?" Didn't even say "Please?" or "May I?" Nothing of that sort. ZILCH! Very poor customer service.. When my mom in law said she didn't bring her passport, this stupid girl can even retort back and said: "You never go home one meh?" MY GOD!!! As if we check into hotel so that we can go home on the same day just to bring the stupid passport for her! She was so rude my mom in law yelled at her and told her straight in the face that she's not going to go home just to get the passport. I thought that was already very mild.. I have already jotted down her name and intend to write a complaint letter to the York Hotel top management tomorrow. If there's one thing i can't stand, it's bad service. I remembered once i was so pissed at this hotel receptionist in Malaysia that i took her picture right in front of her and asked her for her name. I even asked for her manager, who was equally rude to me and took a picture of the manager as well!

Upon check out, K and I headed home.. We had wanted to go to Bugis to shop for cheap watches and sunglasses, and also to buy a friend's birthday present, but there was a super bad traffic jam due to the IT exhibition at Suntec, so in the end we went home.. In the evening, K and I met up with F to go jogging at Pasir Ris Park.. i jogged non-stop for 5 km until my right knee cap started to hurt... really proud of myself! Actually, i must attribute it to my MP3s, the tempo of the songs can really keep me going without resting..

K didn't feel well so he didn't jog at all.. he is down with mild case of food poisoning, which got worse when we went to my Grandma's place for dinner.. My mom had cooked dinner with my favourite potatoes and pork.. i had a quick dinner before leaving cause K looked really bad by then..

Went home, did some housework, and getting ready to sleep now.. K won't be going to work tomorrow, so i asked A to give me a lift to work tomorrow.. it's been a long long time since i last sat in his car.. well, i guess I won't be getting anymore free rides once he moves to Bangkok..

The day i fell sick..

The stupid flu bug caught me today..This morning, K dropped me off at Breadtalk opposite my office to buy some bread for my breakfast.. i did not really have dinner the night before (just an apple and gazillion litres of water!), so i was literally starving..

When i reached the office, i started to gobble down my hot dog bun and a cuppa hot milo while clearing what little emails i had.. i was looking forward to the dinner and night of partying at Zouk with my colleagues tonight.. about an hour later, i started to sneeze couple of time.. at first i thought it was just the normal sneeze. However, when i started to sneeze continuously and had to go to the toilet to clear my running nose, i knew this was not gonna be good.. that was about 15 minutes to noon: lunchtime.

As there weren't any people to lunch with (either because they are going to places where i am not keen, or they were eating with their bosses), i decided to call K to see if he wanted to meet me for lunch.. Coincidentally, he was meeting F for lunch at Suntec city, so i decided to join them. At that time, i needed desperately to get out of the air conditioning that was giving my nose hell.

I took a 30 minute bus ride to Suntec and met up with K and F at Subway.. i didn't felt like eating Subway so K and I sat there and chatted with F instead while she ate.. we discussed about our Perth trip in October and the places of interest we would be going. At about 1pm, F had to go back to the office, so K and I went to search for a place for lunch.. I was starting to feel a little drowsy by then, and the nose was still running because i was in an air conditioned mall..

Eventually, K brought me to this porridge buffet place for lunch.. just what i needed: something hot and liquid for a sick girl! = ) The food was not very yummy but it was relatively cheap.. i kinda felt better after the porridge buffet, but still didn't feel like i was fit to go back to the office to work. So i decided to go home and get some rest.. That meant i had to tell my colleagues that i couldn't join them for dinner and partying.. I was really reluctant to do that, mainly because i had been the one to organize the gathering tonight. But also because i had wanted to go! But i knew i couldn't survive if i went in my sickly condition. K sent me home after lunch, he had packed his stuff so he could work from home.. when i reached home, i took some flu medication and went to sleep for the next 4 hours!

Woke up feeling slightly better but still weak, i got an sms from one of my colleagues informing that the dinner and partying had been postponed to next week.. i really hope my colleagues don't think i am taking revenge by pretending to be sick at the last minute! = (

K had a dinner appointment with his friends tonight, so i packed dinner home: my favourite fried noodles and honey lemon pearl bubble green tea! Watched the final disc of "24".. fantastic ending.. the stupid US President finally got brought to justice!

Tomorrow morning, K and I will be checking into York hotel.. my mother in law has arranged one night free accomodation for us; and in the evening, i will be having dinner with my college classmates and teacher to celebrate Teacher's Day.. it's been along time since we met, wonder how they all are now.. looks like it will be a relaxing but interesting weekend!
= )

PARIS - Here I come! !!

This morning, i got an appreciation email from my boss, thanking the team for the efforts put in for the P&B, and informing us that the review with our VP went very well..

There was another email from him announcing the arrival of a new member in our team, this guy from Guatemala.. Because our Brazilian affliate had been taken over by a local company in Brazil, one of our Brazilian guys had to leave the team, so this Guatemala guy will be his replacement.. Anyway, in this announcement / welcome email, my boss mentioned that we will get a chance to meet our new team member in Paris.. i was estatic! PARIS!! Initially, i thought maybe we will get to go to Guatemala since the new guy is based there, but oh well, i guess Paris is better ??!

My Colombian colleague happened to be online, so i chatted with him a bit regarding the trip.. he told me everything had been arranged and booked already by my colleague in Brussels.. I knew we will be having a team offsite meeting, cause we usually do so every year after the ardous P&B cycle, but i didn't knew when and where.. so i checked with my colombian colleague the dates, and he mentioned 3 - 5 Nov.. looking through my calender, my heart stopped for a few seconds: the dates clashed with my Perth trip!! My friends and I had booked tickets to Perth on 24 Oct and will only be landing in Singapore on 2 Nov @ 10pm.. which meant if i were to reach Paris on 3 Nov, i will have to fly direct from Perth, which will then make things super complicated...

SO.. i called K to discuss.. K was not too happy.. he wanted me to skip the meeting for a day, and arrive at Paris on 4 Nov instead.. it was either that, or come back to Singapore at 10pm and immediately fly to Paris on the 11pm flight.. but that would mean arriving at Paris at 6am on Monday just in time for my meeting.. which means no rest! I was reluctant because if possible, i want to spend the weekend in Paris!! I had been to Paris before but it was only for a one day stopover, and i really want to see more of this beautiful city if possible so... i told K that we had 2 options: 1: Change our return tickets one day earlier to 1 Nov, or 2: i will buy my own ticket to return 1 day earlier while the rest can stay in Perth for another day and fly back on 2 Nov.. K knew i had made up my mind so he got pissed and asked me to do whatever i wanted.. = ( SIGH!! Am i being too unreasonable? or selfish?? it's just one day difference !!

While fretting over what i should do, i saw my boss online and decided to chat with him and try my luck to see if the meeting can be postponed to a day later.. which was a good thing i did.. cause my boss told me that the meeting is actually on the 4th, not 3 Nov.. 3 Nov was a public holiday in the USA. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.. all the drama with K for nothing!! So now, everything's cool.. i will go for BOTH my Perth and my Paris.. boy this is gonna be a long long holiday for me!! I'm so excited that i went and told 2 of my colleagues about it.. dunno why i am so excited cause it's not the first time i'm going on an offsite meeting, and usually, i don't tell anybody cause i am worried they might get jealous and think lesser of me.. Actually, a bit regret telling the 2 colleagues now, but i just couldn't contain my excitement! = )

Interesting late night conference call..

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Dinner on Tuesday with B and K ended at 930pm.. i had to rush them through dessert as i was supposed to dial in for a conference call at 11pm..

By the time K and I got home, it was already 1030pm... i had to set up my laptop, bathed and get ready within 30 minutes.. which i managed to, luckily..

I was dialling in to the P&B presentation that the managers were giving to our department Vice President.. they had all gathered in Vancouver for this annual meeting, and Vancouver is 15 hours behind us so.. while the managers all sounded bright and chirpy, i was already half dead.= (

Nonetheless, i decided to dial in even though my boss told me i was not required to.. firstly, because i would be the other one in my team if i didn't dial in.. Secondly, i did not dial in for last year's session.. And lastly, i was curious to see how it's like..

Initially, i told myself i would just sit in for the first presentation which was one hour.. but it got so interesting that i sat in for the 2nd session , which ended at 115am.. very high level stuff.. and the managers were all giving credit to everyone else for their hard work etc. etc.. all the politically correct gobbledegook.. = )

I thought our vice president had a funny British accent though.. will ask my colleagues tomorrow if he's British.. = )

Went to bed at around 130am.. tired but satisfied from the buffet dinner earlier.. = )

2009 Holiday Trips and Moving to KL..

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On Tuesday, K and I invited our dear air steward friend B, for dinner at Carlton Hotel's Cafe Vic.. the cafe was having a dinner promotion where the 3rd person gets to dine for free for every 2 paying adults..
I was already staring into space at 4pm in the office, but K couldn't come and pick me up from work earlier as he had a business meeting and after that , he had to bring our super dirty (with cat paw prints on the boot) car to the car wash..

So i had to "stone" for about one and a half hours more before K came to pick me up and we headed to the hotel.. The food was not too bad.. fusion of both asian and western.. they had Japanese sushi , cold noodles and steamed egg too.. i liked the salad bar , and also the banana cake from the dessert corner.. thought the dessert section could be better cause there were too many durian flavoured stuff !! Yucks!

K, B and I chatted throughout our 2 1/2 hour dinner.. we planned our holidays for next year cause B had to ballot for his 2009 leave by end of next month.. We will most probably go to USA (west coast) in Sep / Oct, and then Bangkok for their annual "Water Festival" on 13th April.. so exciting!! = )

During the planning, K suddenly brought up to me the idea of moving to Kuala Lumpur for 1-2 years.. he was planning to set up a branch office there, and wanted me to move with him if possible.. So, the plan is once he has confirmed the decision to set up office in KL, i will ask my company if i can be posted there, if not, i will most probably resign next week.. we both think it's a good idea to get out of our "comfort zone" for a while since we are still young and childless, experience life outside our home country.. the ideal would be to move to USA (our other option), but that would be more difficult in terms of the criteria to stay in the US for more than one year.. According to their immigration laws, to stay in USA for an extended period, we would need to have a working visa, a student visa, invest US$1 million, or start a business that employes more than 10 employees.. hmmm... not very possible me thinks...

Oh well.. i guess we'll have to make do with KL for now.. K is already thinking of what car he will buy in KL, cause the cost of living there will be much lower than here.. who knows, maybe i'll become super proficient in the Malay language after 2 years there! = )

Chicken Galore!!

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I had dinner at my parents' place after work yesterday.. my mom had not given the maid any instructions on what to cook (she usually does) cause she was busy during the day so.. here's what we had for dinner:

- Old cucumber soup (lao wang gua) with chicken
- Chicken in black soya sauce
- Deep fried chicken roll with seaweed
- Stir fried bitter gourd with prawns

I felt like it was a chicken buffet! Naturally, the maid was informed by both me AND my mom to cook a more "well-balanced" meal in future..

After dinner, we watched the Olympics Closing ceremony (replay) in Beijing.. again, another spectacular performance.. there was one segment where the ladies (think over 500 of them) performing wore costumes that were 95% made of tinkling silver bells, so whenever they moved or shook their hands, the whole stadium resounded with the tinkle of the bells.. then there was this part where the bell ladies formed human "lanes" and about 60 men came into the stadium cycling on a single big luminous wheel.. the bird's eye view of that segment was magnificent.. so pretty!
My dad seemed much better when i met him yesterday, haven't seen him for nearly 2 weeks already.. his left arm is still immobile, but he can walk around the house slowly on his own already.. and he didn't lose his temper yesterday..

I called my granny yesterday afternoon to check on her.. she sounded weak still.. but she said she felt better after eating the TCM dispensed by the sensei she visited on Monday.. i suspect this has something to do with the 7th Month.. typically, the old (and superstitious) people (like me!) believe that people are more prone to sickness during the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calender because of the wandering spirits surrounding us, so the "QI" or the aura of the humans will clash with the spirits, thereby causing us to feel unwell.. Sigh.. hopefully, once this month is over, my granny will get well !

Rubbish on my window ledges..

I have been greatly disturbed at how dirty the outside of my window ledges are.. Look at all the rubbish that has accumulated!!

The Housing Board should look into hiring someone to clean up the mess outside the window ledges! I mean, we pay conservacy fees every month for a clean neighbourhood.. they have people washing the floors along our corridors, emptying the rubbish for the entire block, maintaining and cleaning the common lifts.. but nobody to make sure the window ledges are free from rubbish.. in the first place, god knows where all these rubbish comes from.. i guess living on the 5th storey has its disadvantages.. we get all the rubbish thrown down from the 14 floors above us! = (

First of all, it is not possible for the house owners to clean the rubbish ourselves because some places are not possible to reach unless we climb out of the windows.. Secondly, even if we can reach, there is no way to clear the rubbish unless we sweep everything off the ledge which will mean all the rubbish will fall 5 storeys onto the ground floor.. so whoever happens to work past downstairs will have a shower of rubbish! SIGH.. maybe i should write a complaint letter to the Housing Board to complain about this as well, in addition to the increasing number of stupid cats in my neighbourhood!

KL Trip - Japanese Lunch..

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A bit late in posting this.. but this was my lunch on the second last day of our trip in KL.. at this nice Japanese restaurant.. and had my favourite Tempura Cha Soba!!

It was during this lunch where K and I were exposed! One of the uncles saw the tattoo on K's arm and asked about it.. then one of K's aunties (who knew) sabotaged me and told everyone i had one too.. So now everyone knows.. = )

Sports Day

Yesterday was the weekly Sports day for me and my colleagues.. initially, i had wanted to cancel it, cause there were only 2 people going.. and i had not brought along my gear because i had not planned on going.. i had my weekly team conference call with my boss and colleagues..

However, when i opened my email upon reaching the office in the morning, i saw a cancellation notice from my boss for the conference call.. so i called K and asked him if he was keen to play, and go home during lunch time to take our gear.. he agreed.. during the course of the day, i had one telling me last minute that he can't go because of a dinner appointment.. then another one telling me he can't go because he was in the Pioneer office for meeting or something.. and another one telling me he didn't even receive my invitation when i asked him if he was going.. then about an hour later, he told me he did received but didn't had time to open the mail... then there was one who told me he forgot to bring his gear, but would go home to take it later in the day.. i thought that was very nice of him.. and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what i mean by commitment... he purposely took a taxi home to take his gear, and then took a taxi from his home to the community center where we were playing badminton to join us..

My K was commited too.. he rushed home to pick up our gear during lunch time.. and then came over to pick me up from office at 530pm before driving over to the center.. But as usual, he blur like sotong.. he brought my gym shorts and top, badminton rackets and shuttle cocks, but forgot to bring my sports shoes!! So for the first half hour, i had to play badminton bare footed.. then my colleague who had gone back home to bring his gear arrived and lend me his wife's sports shoes.. by that time, my soles of my feet were already black.. = (

After an hour of badminton, we headed to the outdoor court for basketball.. there were 6 of us in the end, which was a pretty good turnout considering i nearly wanted to cancel it.. so we played 3 on 3 for about 3-4 games before we decided to call it a night.. i did a fantastic throw from a 3-pointer position, and even i shocked myself when the ball got into the basket ! = )

After the games, K and I went over to Arab street for dinner.. we had sardine and chicken Murtabak at te famous Victory Zam Zam.. it was delicious.. the only thing that kinda spoilt it was that the stupid uncle had shook the can of root beer that i had ordered; so when i opened it., it just burst and spill all over the table.. i was pissed.. nearly wanted to ask for a refund for half the can of root beer that was wasted! sigh..

We went home after that and watched another 2 episodes of 24.. getting more and more exciting.. can't wait to watch more tonight when i get home.. = )

Cat Attack Part 2

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Caught red-handed!! or should i say red-pawed!

Sickening felines.. the next time i see them on my car they're gonna get it..

How K's birthday was spent..

Yesterday was K's birthday (actual Day).. we woke up at 2pm.. after a whole night of Nintendo Wii with friends until 4 in the morning!

About an hour later.. we headed out for lunch.. K had went on the Internet to see what food promotions there were for our credit cards.. and decided to go to California Pizza Kitchen for their one-for-one pizza / pasta promotion instead..

We ordered our all time favourite Sicillian Pizza, and Jambalaya linguine with roasted chicken and beef.. it was heavenly.. but we didn't manage to finish everything so we packed the remaining pizza home for dinner..

After lunch, K and I went to buy some nonya kueh near our house.. i had this thing for their Kueh Ah Boon.. but unfortunately they didn't sell it (the kind i like) on Sunday.. so i bought some rice kueh, nine layer kueh and the other type of Kueh Ah Boon.. then we headed to my grandmother's house to visit her.. usually, i will visit her every weekend, but last weekend i was in Kuala Lumpur so i didn't.. My grandma had been growing weaker these days, and had a minor fall few days ago.. during my previous conversations with her over the phone, she had sounded very frail and kept telling me she was dying.. she wasn't ill or anything, just said she felt very weak..

Yesterday, when i saw her, she really looked very weak.. she only took a few bites of the kueh i bought, then said she had no appetite.. i'm so worried cause i actually believe her when she said she was dying.. usually, old people know these things.. they have kinda like a feeling when they are going to pass away.. i told myself i had to prepare myself for it , but i don't know how!

I talked with my grandma while she had her dinner.. while K read newspapers in the living room.. i actually felt bad that we had to spend his birthday like this, but visiting my grandma was something i had to do.. i didn't want to regret not visiting her and then the next day she is gone..

An hour after i arrived at my grandma's place, my auntie and her 2 daughters came.. the place immediately became more lively with the kids, and my kueh was 70% consumed less than half an hour later. = ) my auntie again tried to persuade me to get pregnant, citing the recent goverment baby bonuses / incentives as a motivational source... sigh..

K and I left my grandma's house around 6pm and headed home.. we played some wii games: Shooting raving rabbids, tennis and baseball.. then warmed up the left over Sicilian pizza and had it for dinner while watching a few more episodes of 24 season 4 and 5.. in one of the episodes, the terrorists released one canister of nerve gas in CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit), and many agents were killed.. there was one scene where Chloe had to watch Edgar die in front of her eyes, because they had sealed up all the rooms, and Edgar didn't manage to get into the room in time.. it was not possible for them to open the rooms again, because the gas would then get into the room and kill everyone in it.. it was so so sad that i cried.. i hope i won't have to be in the same situation one day...

After dinner and 24, K and I went to bed early.. and THAT, was how we celebrated K's actual birthday.. i feel quite bad actually.. i didn't buy any presents for him, didn't cook for him, and we didn't go to a nice restaurant for a nice birthday meal.. K says he don't need all these, but somehow, i still feel bad, because i knew that if i were him, i will be very disappointed.. then again, we are very very different from each other..


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My neighbourhood is being invaded by cats! Or at least, it feels like it is.. -_-
Everytime i walk around my neighbourhood (on the way to the car, back from carpark to my block etc..), i see cats curled up and sleeping in one corner, eating cat food that some cat-loving idiot left on the void decks, chasing each other around the block, licking themselves silly, or just lazing around and staring back at me when i look at them..

The most sickening ones are those that roam around the carpark in search of cars to sleep on.. My car happens to be one of their favourites.. so K and I get so pissed off when we find paw prints on our car on some mornings! And there were many times when the cats just have to choose our car after we had just washed it clean.. there was one morning we saw this car lying on our car.. we had just washed the car the night before so i was so pissed i chased after the stupid cat with my plastic water bottle and almost threw the bottle at it! i had stupidly thought it would be able to recognize my face AND my car, so it wouldn't dare to sleep on my car again.. of course, the cat didn't. Not only did it not recognize the mad woman, but it chose to sleep on the same car again!! SIGH...

I'm actually contemplating lodging a complaint to the Housing Board.. wonder what they will do about it though..

K's Birthday Party

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On Saturday, i organized a mini birthday party for K at home.. the usual gang came over to my place.. we had bought food from the coffee shops and hawker centers below my block, and was supposed to play nintendo wii for the whole day. But on friday close to midnight, the friend (let's call her S) who was supposed to borrow the Nintendo Wii informed me that they were unable to do so.. i had planned for this the whole week, and was naturally upset when my plans were messed up.. And so last minute some more.. The party was supposed to be a wii party, so what was a wii party without the wii right? K didn't know about the surprise celebration, he had thought i invited the friends over just to play the Nintendo Wii, so when there was no Wii, he asked me to cancel, which was a good thing too, so he could get some rest at home instead.

What he didn't know, was that i had planned for this the whole of last week, and i had already ordered his birthday cake to be delivered to our house that afternoon. And the cake was enough for 8 people! So i freaked out at 12 midnight on Friday / Saturday, calling and texting everybody that the party was cancelled.. there was much unhappiness, as many had pushed away important appointments for the party.. my air steward friend had even given away his $400 flight to come to my place. I even had an arguement with S, because i was upset that she only told me she couldn't get the Wii at the last minute. On her end, she felt it was ridiculous to cancel the whole thing just because there was no Wii.. she feels they could all still come over to my place to celebrate without the Wii.. what she didn't realize was that i had wanted this weekend to be about K, and K had been looking forward to playing the Wii.. and i couldn't cancel the cake now cause it's too late, so if nobody came, the cake will be too big for me and K to finish. basically, i was totally upset and pissed off.. the night ended with everybody else being pissed off.. one of them even said she don't want to meet up with us again ever! Nonetheless, we still agreed to meet the next day..

The next morning, we met at the train station below my block to buy some food for lunch.. i was still upset and didn't know how to react. S was there already, and she kinda greeted k when she saw him, but ignored me. So i just went to one corner and sat along while S and K chatted.. 10 mins later, my air steward friend arrived.. he acknowledged me (he was the only one who wasn't angry with me) and then chatted with the rest, before we proceeded to buy lunch.. F was late so we didn't wait for her. On the way, K sensed something was wrong so he asked me. So i talked, then broke down again.. SIGH.. = (

I felt totally misunderstood.. all my efforts in organizing this was not only not recognized, but now everyone is pissed off at me.. after a night of sleep, i had woken up determined to apologize to everyone for freaking out and over-reacting the previous night, but somehow i couldn't bring myself to do it.. So when everyone saw me crying, they started to ask me what was wrong.. first K, then my air steward friend, then finally S.. i had a long talk with S, cause she was the one who was pissed off the most at me i guess.. i explained to her why i was upset that my plan was messed up because she forgot to borrow the Wii.. that if i had known earlier, i would have changed my plans, not order the cake and ask everyone to a nice restaurant for lunch instead.. then i apologize, realizing that it was also my fault for not telling her how important it was that we borrow the Wii.. I am sure if i had told her it was that important, she wouldn't forget. The 2 of us talked, and ended up both crying.. on hindsight, it was quite stupid.. = )

In conclusion, it was a happy ending.. we had good food, a good round of mahjong (which i won!), and a nice big mango mousse cake from bakerzin for dessert...

K and I left for his grandmother's house in the evening for a farewell dinner for his uncle, who was leaving for home in the USA the next morning. There was good food again.. laksa, fried hokkien mee and hor fun, chicken wings and more birthday cake.. i had asked K's sister to order the Bengawan Solo pandan kaya cake and bring it to grandma's house, since it was not convenient for me to do so. After everyone was done with dinner.. i crept out into the kitchen to prepare the cake while K's aunt went out to the living room to dim the lights.. just when the lights went dim, i walked out to the living room with the cake, candles and all.. and everyone started singing the birthday song.. many of the uncles and aunties were clueless whose birthday it was, until i pointed to K, who had been lying on the sofa and was totally surprised... = )

A few rounds of mahjong later at K's grandma's house, K and I left for home, and met up with the same gang again.. i had managed to borrow the Wii from my colleague so all of us were gathered for part 2 of K's birthday party.. which started around 1030pm.. we played until 4am in the morning.. there was a toast at exactly 12midnight, and K received his birthday presents.. there was much fun, laughter and great company... and i think K enjoyed himself tremendously.. = )

Fireworks does the trick!

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Last Friday, i went to Hilton hotel for half a day to attend a session on Business Practices organized by our department's controls advisors.. i was actually half dreading to attend this session, because it meant i had to see all the Sales folks after 10 days of avoiding them.. and i wasn't looking forward to the potential awkwardness.. The other half of me was actually looking forward to it, cause i loved attending out of office seminars / forums where there is good food during the tea breaks, and i can just sit there and daze.. no lah, actually some of the sessions can be pretty interesting.. the one on Friday was pretty interesting, mainly because there were a lot of videos to watch. And man! the food during the tea break was super yummy! they had egg tarts with some sort of spice powder sprinkled on top, hot dog bun with chicken floss.. and this yummy cheese cake. NICE!

When i first arrived at the hotel, i made myself occupied by making phone calls to my grandmother, my mother, and my sister in law.. so that nobody can come over to talk to me if they see me. = P but when i was in the ladies, one of my female colleagues saw me and just tried to make conversation.. she started by saying i looked very pale.. i didn't know how to respond, so i just say: "Is it?" Actually, she is quite a strange character in the sense that she often likes to make comments that i don't know how to respo
nd to.. = )

During the tea break, i made phone calls again, but i wanted to check out the food, so i had to move out and linger in the crowd.. chit chatted a bit with those i wasn't pissed off at, but tried to avoid those i was still upset with.

About 3 hours later, the session ended.. my colleague's wife had gotten some free tickets to the fireworks display that night, so a group of us went to City Hall for some shopping and dinner before the fireworks.. I kinda asked them to accompany me to shop for K's birthday present (wanted to get a wallet for him).. so we shopped at Raffles City mall, and had dinner at Soup Spoon at the basement.. In the end, i didn't buy anything.. i did spotted a nice Mont Blanc wallet but thought it was too expensive..

Dinner was nice, i had clam chowder and ice lemon tea.. but we had a damn hard time trying to find seats.. i missed 2 opportunities to get seats, and there was this stupid waitress who kept misleading us with her advice to seats that were not available when we were already waiting for those with better potential!

At about 830pm, we proceeded to walk to Esplanade for the fireworks, the walk took longer than expected because of a human traffic jam in city link mall.. anyway, we finally arrived at the Marina Bay floating platform and took our VIP seats right in front of the stage.. = )

There were some fire eating performances, and kids from Tanjong Katong Secondary School band performed a few pieces for the audience.. the fireworks started at around 930pm.. it was a spectacular performance.. like the musical fountain in Sentosa, but with fireworks instead of water spraying out.. The fireworks was like exploding right in front of my face, it was so beautiful i couldn't help but smile to myself throughout the entire display! And the synchronization with the music was flawless.. How i wished K was there with me to watch the fireworks.. I think i don't want to watch any other fireworks after i've watch these so close up!

On the whole, Friday was a good day.. i think i kinda recovered from my depression after the day's events: Interesting seminar, good food, and beautiful fireworks for complete closure..

My new Armani sunglasses!

K bought this for me during our KL trip.. after my non-stop complaining that i need a new pair to protect my lasik-corrected eyes since i lost my Gucci pair in Fairfax.. hee hee.. = )

I just loved the little detail on the lens!!

The day my car broke down...

My car's battery went flat today.. K and I woke up late and was halfway to the carpark when K realized he forgot to bring the car key.. so he run back to the house to get the keys..

When we reached the car, K pressed the remote and it didn't work, we thought the battery on the remote died so we used the key to unlock the car.. then we realized the car was not locked.. we freaked out at first, thinking that the car had been broken to.. it was only later that we realized the car battery had gone flat.. cause we couldn't even start he engine.

In the end, K and I had to take the train with those losers again.. losers not because they can't afford to buy a car.. but because of how inconsiderate these people are.. always refusing to move in a bit even though there is plenty of space, and the people outside are nearly face flat against the door!

Fortunately, since it was quite late, we did not meet the peak hour morning crowd in the train.. it was a cool and spacious ride all the way to my office.

By the time i reached the office it was nearly 11am.. but i didn't care, cause i had worked until 1 am yesterday night!! as long as my boss knows then it's okay.. don't care what other people think..

Gym with my best friend...

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Today i chose to go kickboxing with my best friend instead of karaoke and dinner with my colleagues.. Actually, one part of me really wanted to go and sing my favourite Jay Chou songs but the stubborn side of me won.. = (

No busty instructor today... i thought today's session was not as satisfying.. my best friend was late.. and somehow, i didn't really enjoy myself.. after gym, we went for dinner at Golden Shoe coffee shop. I had my favourite Curry noodles and we watched "Don't forget the lyrics" on TV while we ate.. it was the first time i watched this game show, and i thought it was quite fun.. but i don't think i can take part cause you really need to be so knowledgeable about songs from all genres!

While we were on the step machine, my best friend told me that she was going to get a flat soon with their current beau.. .. i nearly fell off the machine.. this meant they were going to get married soon! And they had been together for 6 months only.. anyway, we talked and she told me that he was really the one.. i'm happy for her.. = ) they were going to buy over her boyfriend's parent's current house, while the parents downgrade to a smaller flat.. i asked if her boyfriend had proposed, and she said no.. it's sickening how the local guys here use flat purchases as a substitute for a decent marriage proposal! To me, it's like taking the lady for granted.. by not asking her permission to get married, and just going ahead to buy a flat is making a huge ASSUMPTION that the lady wants to marry the guy! That is taking for granted at the maximum..

Talk about being taken for granted, this guy asked me out for dinner today after work.. we were supposed to have this dinner like donkey years ago.. it was kinda like a farewell cause he was leaving the country for a long time.. however, everytime i asked him, he would either reject or say "see how".. SOOO many freaking times! So today at around 5 plus, he text me and asked if i was available for diner.. As if i just sit around and wait for him to invite me to dinner!! SO last minute.. I'm so sick of people taking me for granted and with no respect !!

K went jogging and hasn't been back.. it's been more than 2 hours already.. tomorrow is THE day.. when i will see my colleagues from SALES again after a long while.. sigh... dunno why but starting to feel a bit depressed.. and i think i am falling sick.. been sneezing non stop..

Another Jay Chou Fave...

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Jie Kou

翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現

去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜

看著妳哭泣的臉, 對著我再見

來不及聽見 妳已走得很遠

也許妳已經放棄我 也許已經很難回頭

我知道是自己錯過 請再給我一個理由妳不愛我

就算是我不懂 能不能原諒我


我知道堅持要走 是妳受傷的藉口

請妳回頭 我會陪妳一直走到最後

就算沒有結果 我也能承受

我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾

給過我縱容 沉默是因為包容

如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我

Lunch Interview

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I had lunch with G, an ex-intern student from my office today.. he had a project due tomorrow and one of the tasks was to interview an executive / manager in a company, so he chose me.. Yesterday he had called me for help and i had agreed..

We met at the lobby around 1230pm and i was shocked to see a whole group of 5 people sitting there with him.. apparently those were his project mates.. 2 were locals, the rest were from China. I was under the impression all along that it would just be him doing the interview.. Anyway, after i recovered from the shock, we proceeded to MacDonald's for lunch and to do the interview.. i had a craving for french fries so..
= )

As with most interviews, they had a list of structured questions to ask me.. most of the questions seemed to focus around the product / service that my company sells.. so i told him he should have chosen a Sales person to interview instead.. he told me it was a human resource module. Well, to me, the questions sounded more Marketing than Human Resource.. anyway, i was asked some boring questions on the company's core values... i told him flawless execution and operational excellence... he also asked things like if i felt there will be a future for LPG, why i think our customers choose our brand over our competitors.. blah blah. Actually, i wasn't sure if i was supposed to just let them interview me like that.. but i was rather careful what i said in case it gets published somewhere and our Public Affairs sees it and then i get sacked.. that's the thing about this company.. so many controls and procedures that sometimes i get paranoid ...

After lunch, we proceeded back to the office.. they had to take a picture with me with the company logo.. G had tried to ask the reception on level 6 if he could take the picture there, but i guess the person in charge there decided to give attitude, so he told G that he had to seek approval from their facilities head and all that jazz. So in the end, i took them to Level 7 (random choice) and we took the photo by the company signage beside the lift...

So.. my photo will appear in some powerpoint presentation in NTU tomorrow morning.. i asked them to send me the presentation tonight, but until now haven't receive.. sigh.. hopefully they didn't mis-represent me.. How did i get myself in this ?? now i can't stop thinking about it.. >_<

My Favorite Mandarin song for now..

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Everytime i sing it, i get so emotional i will start to tear.. Jay Chou rocks!




K's Birthday..

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K didn't send me to work today so i had to squeeze with all these losers in the MRT.. hated it..

I'm counting down 3 more days to K's birthday.. and i still don't know what to get for him.. he is looking for a watch.. i went shopping for one today, but all the watches he liked are super expensive one.. = (

He mentioned casually once he would like to see me in the infamous Star Wars Princess Leia costume below.. haha.. that's going to be quite a challenge! Then today, when he picked me up from work, he asked me to cook something for him on Sunday.. which is pretty silly of him cause the past few times i cooked it was disastrous!

Sigh.. i shall ask my best friend for some bright ideas when we go to gym tomorrow.. = )

Baby Incentives..

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The government has announced a whole list of incentives to encourage couples to make more babies.. 4 months maternity leave lah, 6 days unpaid child sick leave lah, subsidies for IVF etc. etc..

This cannot come at a more appropriate timing for me since K and I are trying. In fact, we had gone to SGH last week to do a thorough check up just to make sure we are both healthy and can make babies the natural way.. i checked the costs of IVF (just in case we need it), and it costs a minimum of $7000 each time. WTF??!! Not only is raising a kid expensive, MAKING one is bloody steep too!!!

I had lunch with my mentor yesterday, and he was sharing with me how he and his wife had been trying for 6 years, but to no avail.. apparently, they had spent like $15000 once on IVF and it still didn't work.. i was quite surprised he would share such personal information with me, cause he wasn't the type who seemed like he would do that.. other than that, the conversation was very formal, i was being careful not to talk to much cause he was known to stab people in the back, gossip type.. Anyway, we had Shin Kushiya Japanese for lunch.. after which i suggested Ben & Jerry's for dessert. Which i regretted, cause he didn't order ice cream, and i had to pay for mine myself.. stupid! = (

My Facial ..

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Went for my 2nd facial session today.. i had stupidly signed up a $3000 package with Beyong Beauty 2 weeks ago, in the midst of all my depression and break out.. i guessed i needed some retail therapy, and i hated the stupid pimples on my face!

My therapist was a China lady, and we kinda chatted during the session.. she told me that China had clinched 67 medals at the Olympics, of which 41 were Gold medals.. i was impressed! There was a point where she had applied the mask on my face as the last step, and then she left the room.. i started to feel really hot below my back after a while.. and thought i was having a fever or something. Turned out she had switched on the heater below the mattress / bed without telling me... gave me a fright. what with the 7th month and all! = I

This afternoon, one of my colleagues was giving out petrol vouchers for this station in Geylang.. she was jokingly asking everyone if they wanted to go Geylang together.. then when she asked Chua Kin, he pointed to me and said this Xiao Jie stay in Geylang so you can give her.. i then replied in jest asking him to mind his language.. that was probably the longest sentence i have uttered in the 2 days since i've been back in the office!

Just finished clearing some emails and chatting with my collegues from Fairfax and Colombia.. had a crisis earlier but now it's been resolved.. thank godness! Now i can go to bed.. Tomorrow will be another long and extremely quiet day in the office.. = (

Joke on Man & Woman - Why so different?!

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A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day...
30,000 to a man's 15,000.
The wife replied, 'The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men...
The husband then turned to his wife and asked, 'What?'

Back in office for 2 days ..

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I've been back in the office for 2 days now.. all is well cause nobody's around in the office to piss me off further.. but at times, i felt it was too quiet for comfort..i nearly dozed off a few times because the whole office was like a ghost town.. can hear a pin drop..

I don't know how long i am going to avoid those people who pissed me off, but i guess it's the same way how i run off and refuse to go home the last time K and I had a fight.. K asked me today why i don't have the balls to just tell these people that i am upset with them.. rather than just get upset and complain silently.. i am still wondering why..

I guess most of them are still clueless that i am pissed with them.. Kel did notice something was wrong and he asked.. i decided to tell him i was upset, but didn't give him the details.. i probably should let them all know that i feel i deserve some respect for all the efforts i had put in..
Yesterday, Kel and another colleague asked me to join them for karoke session with the Hong Kong TMs on Thursday night.. which means nobody will be going for badminton again.. this other colleague asked me about the badminton and if i was gonna cancel it since they are going for the karaoke.. i kinda gave him some attitude, telling him that i am not going for the badminton, so it's up to them if they want to go or not, the court will just be there since i've booked it.. Today, another one came and asked me if the badminton on Thursday was still on.. i was getting a bit irritated. So i told him i don't know, that i am not going, so he can go and ask the rest and arrange if they want to play or not.. he is one of those who simply cannot be bothered to tell me everytime if he's going, and also cancel last minute type..

Anyway, i won't be going for the karaoke.. going to gym with my best friend instead. don't see a point in going out with them, kinda like "losing face" to me.. don't want to be too desperate..

Frankly, i feel quite sad that this has to happen now, cause one of my colleagues will be leaving us end of this month.. and he happens to be one of those who pissed me off as well.. so i guess there will be no happy ending. I know that i have a choice not to be pissed off, not to let these people upset me, but it' not easy for me to do so.. like i said, this is an accumulation that just exploded inside me when too many people decided to take me for granted at the same time..

In 2 days, there will be a seminar at Hilton hotel.. not really looking forward to it since i will see all of them again after more than a week.. i must think of a way to skip this seminar.. then again, they probably won't even notice i am there..

KL Trip : Interesting concept for a table mat..

K and I went to this bistro bar called Alexis in The Gardens shopping mall for lunch yesterday..

The place had a nice ambience and simple yet chic decor.. what i like most was the design they had for their table mats.. it's really just a piece of paper, but they had like shapes printed on the paper to indicate the spots to place the cutlery.. so when the wait staff sets the table for us, she places the cutlery and plates in the exact spot right where it should be. Cute right??

Between the 2 of us, K and I ordered 5 dishes.. it was to compensate for the lousy breakfast earlier on.. We went to this bak kut teh place that many Hong Kong celebrities frequent and was supposed to be very famous..
I'm not really a bak kut person, and coincidentally, they had run out of You tiao.. so i ended up eating white rice, button mushrooms and drinking the soup only.. = (
Here's our main course.. K's on the right, while mine is the one on the left.. heh heh.. big difference hoh??

KL Trip.. 31 ways of cooking crabs??

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During our KL trip, we went to this place that was reputed for crabs..

They served crabs that are cooked in 31 different ways!! There was Kong Pao Crab, black stout crab, steamed crab with chinese wine, creamy butter crab etc.. Basically, the whole place was full of crabs.. (pun intended)

We had the black stout crab and creamy butter crab on the first night, then chilli crab on the 2nd night for dinner.. it was super delicious, and the fried buns were heavenly!! yum yum.. = )

The Best Husband in the World..

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The chain of events that occurred these few weeks made me realized that i have the best hubby in the world..

Last week, when my colleagues pissed me off and i broke down in the office.. i called K at the taxi stand.. I had packed my bags and left the office, and was waiting for a cab to bring me home.

When K answered the phone, i told him i was going home.. he had just dropped me off at my office an hour ago. Immediately, he asked me what was wrong.. when i heard his concerned voice, i don't know why i just broke down and cried again.. telling him i was angry with my colleagues and i couldn't stand the sight of them so i wanted to go home. I was just totally wrecked. K rushed down and was in front of me within the next 15 minutes.. he had a lot of work to do , and i think he just reached his office for barely half an hour when i called him.. i thought that was really sweet.. at that time, i really needed someone who cared and did not take me for granted.

So much has happened recently: all the quarreling with K, my feeling depressed, the fun we had during KL trip, working together from home with K last week.. it's too difficult for me to pen it down in words, but all i can say is i'm glad i have him.. His birthday is this coming Sunday, and i'm still trying to think of what to do for him.. what a loser wife i am.. i think i should burn in hell for treating him so badly..

My KL Trip .. Bowling Game

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We went bowling on the 2nd day of our trip with the cousins (and boyfriend).. loved the funky bowling shoes and the colorful bowling balls.. nice right??!

There were the usual strange characters though.. we had this family who didn't book the lanes (think they were too poor to pay or something). So they just sat there beside us where there was an empty lane, and their little toodler was just rolling the bowling balls into the lanes.. it was really distracting for us, cause the balls kept rolling into our lanes.. and i nearly trip over one of the balls when i turned back after i had thrown my ball. Luckily Keson run over in time to pick up the ball. The irritating thing is the father just watched without doing anything to control the toodler! This was despite the exasperated looks that all of us shot at him.. What an idiot..

Then there was this rude Malay boy who just walked over to our lane, took one of our bowling balls without even asking, and walked back to his lane. I just stared at him with my mouth open.. it was as if we were invisible; not there at all. What AUDACITY!

Other than these weird people, we had fun.. i was the top scorer in the first round, and second last in the second round.. talk about being consistent.. = P

A for Assertiveness..

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I just came back from a 4 day holiday in KL with K's family.. it was a well deserved break.. and i really enjoyed myself.. anyway, will talk about it in my other blog entries..

Just finished clearing my emails not long ago.. had a short call with my boss and this guy from Global Planning in Fairfax.. I had missed the telecon earlier this evening because of my trip (was on leave) so i thought i will chat with my boss to follow up if i missed anything..

Anyway, my boss and this guy called to ask me to make some changes in the system as they were going to freeze / lock the system for mapping in a few hours time (which was their afternoon in USA). Normally, I will give in and do it even though it's like 12midnight over here, but just now, i was just simply too tired, and frustrated to do so.. So i applied my assertiveness skills, and told both my boss and that Planning guy that i am not going to do anything or make any changes in the system tonight because i am very tired. PERIOD.

I actually surprised myself when i said that. I told the Planning guy to freeze the system tomorrow night instead so i will have time tomorrow morning (my time) to make the adjustments.. He sounded relunctant. So my boss said he and the Planning guy will try to make changes from their side, and let me know if they need my help.. 5 minutes later, the Planning guy called and said they will freeze the system tomorrow and let me make the changes instead.. It sounded like he was doing me a favor by extending the timeline for the system lock, but the fact is, he did it so HE don't have to be the one to make the changes..

I am just so fed up with all these stupid changes that these people are asking me to make.. it's like they can't make up their fucking minds how many heads they want in their team, or how much salary and travel allowance they want to give to these heads.. Of course, it's not my boss or the Planning guy's fault cause they are just analysts like me.. it's those top mgmt level people who think they can just change the numbers whenever they want, without realizing that a change in even one headcount requires a lot of time consuming work and coordination.

ANYWAY.. it's been quite a while since i have been this assertive.. and i'm glad i did what i did.. at least now the Americans won't think we Asians are pushovers.. = )

The day my colleagues pissed me off..

I haven't been back to the office for a week now.. tomorrow will be the first time i go to the office in 7 days..

Last Tuesday was supposed to be Sports Day for me and my colleagues.. but instead of going for a game of badminton and basketball after work, i went to the office for barely an hour before i broke down in the toilet and cried for 10 minutes, packed my bags and left for home.. i just couldn't bear to be in the office for another minute. I was hurt, angry and totally disappointed.

What happened was actually nothing unusual. In fact, it was not the first time it had occurred. Then again, perhaps it is PRECISELY the fact that this has occurred too many times that i got upset. Everything probably just accumulated and exploded inside me. And it didn't help that this came at a time when i was feeling depressed..

When i reached the office in the morning, i had settled down and went around asking who was going for the badminton and basketball session after work.. i had a total of 5 people cancelling on me last minute. In the end, there were only 3 people left including me. I saw no point in that so i cancelled the whole thing.. i had people telling me they have to go and buy a fridge that night, as if that was the only night they could buy it, and that they didn't know they had to buy the fridge only at the last minute.. then i had 2 people telling me they had to travel the next morning so they didn't want to go. As if they didn't know in advance that they had to go overseas for a business trip, or what time their flights were.. and then i had one telling me he had to go celebrate his mother in law's birthday. As if his mother in law threw a last minute birthday celebration for herself and only informed him last minute.. and there were people who just told me they couldn't make it, LAST MINUTE. Of course, there was the ultimate kind, those who cannot even be bothered to inform me whether they are going AT ALL.. In fact, everytime i ask, he will give me a vague answer, and only let me know on the day itself, IF AT ALL.

I have had people cancelling on me last minute, but not so many at the same time. I was pissed off.. and totally hurt. Al was talking to me at my cubicle when this happened.. I was relating to him and telling him i didn't know why i bother to arrange all these sports sessions when nobody appreciates my efforts.. He asked me a very good question: "Then why ARE you doing it?"

Truth is, i was lonely.. not being in Sales means no meetings with colleagues in the office, no attending of training together at nice hotels.. no proximity to people i can chat easily with etc. etc. My efforts in organizing all these sports session was just a lame way of trying to bond with my colleagues, to have some fun.. in the hope that i can re-create the kind of environment i enjoyed in my previous job at the airport. Those were the days when i actually felt like i was in one big family.. when my colleagues will sneak past the boss's office so we can all go to gym together after work..

So silly old me, desperate to be a groupie, went to volunteer myself to organize these sports sessions every week. I had to book the badminton courts, making sure majority can make it on that particular day before i booked. Then on that day, chase after people to pack up and leave, then coordinate and ensure everyone has transport to go to the community center, bring extra rackets and shuttle cocks.. then when basketball came into the picture, i had to call and ensure the basketball courts were available at the community centers where we had booked the badminton courts, at the time when we will finish playing badminton. I even bothered to inform a colleague who had left the company when we were playing so he could join us if he wanted. All these for WHAT??? Nobody appreciates it, NOBODY says thank you to me.. They all just take me for granted. It was like OH, we will just have a badminton court waiting for us every week, so whether we go or don't go doesn't matter.. some of them don't even bother to buy their own rackets, it just goes to show just how committed they are. It's like they don't have a sense of committment or a sense of responsibility that they should put it in their calenders every week to go.. to think i send out invitation at least one week in advance.. And i still have people cancelling last minute with stupid excuses, or ignoring me totally. To me, it's an appointment in my calender, once i commit, i will try my best to go.. I even cancelled off my facial session to go for badminton. Not because i was the organizer so i had to go, but i felt responsible to the group and didn't think it was nice to cancel last minute on them. Yet they do it to me like nobody's business.. taking me for granted. Even though it's a weekly thing, doesn't make it any less important as any other appointment! To think i even bothered to pay for the badminton court bookings all this while with my own god-damned money! It was only recently that i started collecting money from all of them. Which i totally regreted. Cause now i have to continue to book until the money is used up.. I am so tempted to just stop all these and return them the balance funds! What's the point of doing all these for a bunch of inconsiderate people?! I don't see how I benefit at all from all these crap!

And you know what pisses me off as well? The fact that they hijacked my badminton with the basketball.. i mean , i enjoy playing basketball as well, but i guess i am just upset that now, everybody just seems more excited to playing basketball than badminton.. it makes me feel like they are just entertaining me so they play badminton.. but actually, they can't wait for the one hour to be over so they can hit the basketball courts. It's just the whole vibe that i am getting.. i feel they are taking me for granted, they are probably laughing at me for my desperate attempts to be close to them..

I've decided it's not worth it. After all, they will never be my real friends.. and i am getting tired trying to be friends with them; and also risk looking like i have nothing to do at work but organize badminton sessions and booking courts online. After all, they are not the only ones who are busy. I am too, so looks like it's best for me to just leave them on their own, in their own little "Sales" clique.. where there will be no Business Support analyst coming to keep bugging them on whether they will be available for the next badminton session.

Since i've collected their money, and it's not so nice to return them the money (i can't believe i am still thinking of being nice to them after how they have hurt my feelings), i shall continue making the court bookings. Whether they go or not, it's no longer any of my business, and i won't give a damn..

My National Day Party

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10 August 08 was in stark contrast to the 9th Aug. I woke up at 3pm, still sober from last night's partying.. K was not home when i woke up.. we had not reconciled yet.. but the National Day dinner party at my house was still on.. K had bought lunch and left it on the bar counter.. it was one of my favorite food : Peanut Pancake!!

He came back for a while, we talked a bit.. he asked how i felt and if i still wanted our friends to come over.. i said it was up to him.. he then left shortly to buy some last minute food for the party.. we were supposed to make baked potato rosti with meat, but there was no time for that then.. about 3 hours later.. our friends started streaming in..

The dress code for the party was supposed to be red and white.. but only myself and my air steward buddy (whom i can always count on!!) came properly attired.. = (

My best girl friend F, as usual, ever defiant, came in a turqoise blue dress.. She did the same thing during our Christmas party last year.. everyone came dressed in red or green.. but our dear F was the only one who came in all Black..

It was a night of feasting and laughing. We had cold pasta salad, roast chicken meat, toasted crispy seawood chicken roll, sausages, and a giant size chocolate birthday cake..

After dinner, we played Ninentendo Wii.. EK had gone through all the trouble to borrow the console from his cousin.. We played Boxing, Tennis, Super Mario , and laughed till our sides ached.. halfway through all the playing and laughing, K and I made up.. = )

That night was the first time in many weeks i actually laughed so hard and really felt happy.. i had good food and the good company of friends i truly treasure and love..

Here are some photos of the birthday cake that B bought.. when we lighted the 43 candles, we were all standing around contemplating whether to sing a birthday song for our country or not.. in the end, we decided it was quite dumb to do so.. So instead, we just counted to three and blew the candles together.. it was a nice, warm feeling..

That night, i had all my cake, AND ate it.

A song paints a thousand feelings..

We'll do it all
On our own

We don't need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
I said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see

I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

National Day Party..

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As of now, K and I still haven't reconciled.. but we're going ahead with the party later..

Woke up at 3pm today.. and realized that i have 3 new pimples.. i am beginning to turn into a freak show!!

I just wish all these crap would stop.. i want to feel HAPPY and NORMAL again..

A night of partying and more pimples..

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After dinner at my parent's place yesterday, i went home.. in my fit of anger, i had told K that i will not be going home, and that i won't be at home for the party today either.. i was actually having a really bad migraine, and had wanted to just go home and sleep. BUT the "devil" side of me won and i didn't..

So i went home, changed, and went out partying at St James... i had every intention to get myself pissed drunk. It has been a LONG LONG time since i last went partying.

Some friends of mine had booked a karaoke room (it was someone's birthday) and had invited me over.. i'm not really a karaoke person but i thought what the heck.. there was nothing to lose and i really wasn't in the mood to go home.. there was singing, games, and plenty of hard liquor..

Unfortunately, i didn't dance as much i would have loved to last night.. cause none of the group wanted to dance, and only one girlfriend accompanied me to the dance floors.. we went to Bellini room first. There was a performance and 2 dudes were asked to go up to the stage to dance.. the singer kinda unbutton this poor guy's shirt halfway through the dance, and the crowd went wild.. the guy had like rock hard abs! And he was cute. SOME eye candy i must say..

Eventually, i didn't get drunk. A bit high though, but it was too late, cause by the time i was high (about 3 AM), the group wanted to head back.. They had succeeded in making the birthday boy 70% drunk (which was a tough feat cause he is a good drinker). The poor guy was so red in the face, and he was like mumbling away.. but he still can sms on his phone. everytime i look at him, i laughed.

I had a pretty good time laughing more than dancing yesterday night.. And oh, i heard the worst pick up line ever.. these guys tried to pick my friend up yesterday night at the dance floor.. and his pick up line to her was : "Are you from China?" WTF??!!

My friend was totally pissed off.. she stared at him and said : "No i am Singaporean". She pointed to the National Flag tattoo she had on her arm (from attending the parade earlier) and said to the guy : "See this? SINGAPOREAN!!"

It was hilarious.. that was not the worst.. the same guy then came up to me, told me that he thought my friend was beautiful, and then asked me if i was from China.. i was so bloody tempted to step on his toes with my 3 inch heels.. not because i felt it was an insult to be seen as a china girl (since most of them are beauties!), but simply because i can't believe he can be so lame!! MY GOD~

The worst National Day ever..

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Yesterday, my country celebrated it's 43rd birthday. It was the worst birthday I've ever had..

My day was kick started when i was rudely awaken by a phone call from my mom in law (MIL).. she couldn't get K and so called me instead. It was 11am, and she told me that we were supposed to meet for lunch (with his uncles, aunties and granny) in one hour at Pu Tien (somewhere near Mustaffa Shopping Center).. then she said the whole family would be coming over to our house after lunch.. after we hung up, i freaked out and jumped out of bed.. tried to call K but he didn't pick up. he was at Pasir Ris park jogging with F. I was totally pissed off.. Firstly, i didn't like being woken up so early on a Saturday.. Secondly, i had only 1 hour to get dressed AND tidy up the house so that it looks presentable when they arrive.. and Thirdly, i hate it when i can't get K (or someone i need) on the phone! Lastly, i had already made plans for the day (to visit my dad and grandmother), and it didn't include the whole family coming to my house after lunch. We had extended the invitation yesterday but was rejected.. now last minute change plans.. Another thing i especially hate is to change my plans..

Anyway, my MIL called about 10 minutes later and told me lunch was changed to 1pm instead. Somehow i was still upset.. K came back around 12pm.. and we had a huge fight over this.. he didn't think it was a big deal, but i felt exactly the opposite..

Lunch was delicious..the group was larger than i had expected, but i didn't talk much.. the restaurant was giving away free tattoos of the national flag and also the national flag itself.. i managed to con the waitress to give me 4 flags.. intend to give my friends during the National Day party at my house today.. = )

After lunch, we headed to my place.. During the ride back, K and I started talking about the whole coming to our house and spoiling my day's plans issue... and we had a fight again.. this time more huge that the one in the morning.. I don't know if it's really about this, or the fact that i have been feeling depressed recently (because of certain people), plus the fact that i have more and more pimples AND i'm having my period, but i just felt totally upset and depressed.. like the whole world is turning against me and plotting my downfall.. i was totally unstable.. and the fact that he was just retorting me on everything i say and making everything seem so unimportant just makes me feel worse.

I finally broke down when we reached the car park. I asked K for his EZ link card and $50, got out of the car and walked off.. He chased and asked me where i was going, i said i didn't know, and he left.. i knew he couldn't stay to pacify me cause his entire family was waiting downstairs to go to our house, but i still felt upset and very much alone.. I walked to the MRT station, sat down, stared into space for a while.. then walked back to the carpark.. took the lift to the highest floor to the roof garden, found a pavilion and just sat there for about an hour.. listening to songs with lyrics that totally reflected my feelings.. I kinda reflected on what has happened over the past few weeks and just cried my heart out.. it was pathetic.. but kinda nice cause i finally let it all out.. Usually, whenever i had problems or fought with people, K was the one i would confide in.. but when the fight is with him, i didn't know who to turn to.. and then there are some things that i can't confide in anybody cause nobody's supposed to know.. OR the one person who knows doesn't want to and can't be bothered to care what's happening to me..

After 1 hour of wallowing in self pity, i decided to head to my grandmother's house.. hung around for about 2 hours before i headed to my parent's place for dinner and to watch the national day parade.. dinner was good, but the parade sucked.. my dad was the same as usual, no improvement in his left hand, which is still limp. Mom had mentioned that i could have their maid over to my house to help out once in a while, cause she was "under utilized". So yesterday, i asked cause i wanted some help to clean up after the party at my house today.. Mom said i could but Dad would also have to come to my place.. when i rejected the idea, she kept asking me why dad cannot go to my house.. The reason i didn't want him to was because it would be weird having my friends and then my dad is there.. but i think my dad looked hurt when i said i didn't want him to come.. he probably thinks i feel he might embarrass me in front of my friends because of his "condition".. which is totally UNTRUE. When i saw my dad's upset look, i got pissed off again and fought with my Mom.. because i know she was just paying lip service when she said i could use the maid. The real reason was because she wanted to get my dad off her back so she can have some alone time.. i just don't understand why she can't just tell the truth, and had to make me look like the bad person here..

By the time the parade ended, i felt the same way as i would describe the parade: LOUSY.. rudely awaken, 3 huge fights, more and more pimples, and my stupid never ending period..

Poll: Who is reading my blog???

I would like to do a poll on how many people are actually reading my blog..

So if you are reading my blog, please respond with a short comment. STOP ignoring me like i am invisible!!


If i had to choose a special power..

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There is so much i want to say.. but can't.. if only certain people can read my mind..

If i could choose to have a special power, i would want to be able to read people's thoughts and transfer my thoughts to them.. something like one of the characters in "HEROES".. OR i want to be invisible.. although these days, i already feel like i am invisible.. it's my ADD at work again.. = (

Feeling more depressed as the days passed by.. August is soon coming to an end, what will happen to me then?

Today has been an uneventful day at work.. i had some really nice mixed vege rice for lunch, will probably go back there again soon.. the LPG folks had lunch with their dealer at 88 restaurant.. lucky them.. how i wished i was invited too.. not long after lunch, X got to go for customer visits with A again.. think they both went home early after the visit. I left the office early today too.. no mood to work these days.. supposed to go to Zouk today to get myself drunk and drown all my sorrows, but thought it would be better if i don't.. firstly, i wasn't feeling too well, Secondly, it will be with a bunch of guys i hardly knew and i would probably hinder them from picking up girls.. and lastly, I didn't want my face to get worse from clubbing late at night..

Then again, i don't know how long i can hang on before i really burst and have the urge to go drinking and dancing again.. to forget all my unhappiness..

There's a song that has a chorus which goes: "Be careful what you wish for! Cause you just might get it all, you just might get it all..." Sometimes, i wish that was true.. thing is, seems like recently, i'm not really getting what i wish for.. maybe i should go and see a shrink..

Scientific or supernatural??

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Yesterday, i went to bed earlier than usual.. K had work to do so he stayed up in the study room next to our bedroom with the door closed..

I had my bedroom door closed too (or so i thought) since the air con was switched on..

Anyway, about 30 minutes later, my bedroom door opened by itself.. for no rhyme or reason.. there was no breeze, cause all the windows in my entire house were closed.. couldn't think of a reason.. so i freaked out and screamed for K, who came running in only to find me perfectly fine. = )

Until now, i still can't understand how the door opened by itself, 30 minutes after i closed it tight.. is there a scientific explanation, or was it all supernatural??

Double Celebration: Olympics and National Day

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Just came back not long from K's granny's place for dinner and mahjong.. lost $10 to his cousin. = (

Two of K's uncles are in town this week to visit - One from LA, and one from Shanghai.

K was saying his uncle from Shanghai came here to escape from all the Olympic craze and crowds, only to get stuck in traffic jams here with the National Day parade.. haha!! Thought that was quite funny.. = )

And the other one flew in from LA to Beijing airport to meet his wife and daughter, only to be told by the immigration officials that due to the Olympics, he cannot be allowed to go out of the Beijing airport because he is considered as a "non-essential" person. My godness!! So there he was, stuck at the aiport, and had no choice but to re-route his flight back to Singapore.. He landed at 5 in the morning today, and he was supposed to arrive one week later..

We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics at K's granny's place.. at 8pm sharp, one of his aunties suddenly got excited and shouted for someone to switch on the TV. She was like: "quick! quick! start already!" at first we were all confused as to whether she wanted to watch the Olympics or see the results of the $8 million toto draw, the latter of which majority of us had a stake in..

Anyway, thought the ceremony was too long winded, it's like the Chinese want to savour (for as long as possible) every moment of their long awaited dream to be the host of the Olympic Games..

Apparently, our dear minister mentor Lee Kwan Yew is also at the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing. As we were watching the ceremony, some of us were speculating that he might not be able to make it back for the National Day parade tomorrow because there's no available flight back, but i doubt it. I mean, Lee Kuan Yew leh? How can there be no flight for him?? No flight take private jet loh! I'm sure he's got one.. Anyway, as K puts it, National Day is like his birthday leh, how can he possibly miss it right??