27 Sep: JB Bak Kut Teh

I've been craving for my JB Bak Kut Teh since i came back from New Zealand about a month ago.. There is this particular shop that sells really delicious bak kut teh, and K and I used to go there a lot when we were doing our wedding photos..  The Singapore version of bak kut teh is usually where the soup is clear-based and really peppery.  but the ones in Malaysia (which i prefer) are usually brown based soup with herbs.. Until now i still can't find a place in Singapore that sells really nice herbal bak kut teh.

So on Sunday, K and I went into JB and had bak kut teh for breakfast.  The initial plan was to go with my in laws only.  But in the end, K's sister, grandmother and auntie came along too..haha.. I felt like a big shot, because of my craving so many people go JB so early in the morning.. = )  The downside was, i didn't have my fill of the food.. cause too many people sharing, and we didn't order a lot, plus we wanted to go for an early lunch before heading back to Singapore.  So i told K my craving still not 100% satisfied.. =P

After breakfast, we headed to Giant for some grocery shopping, then had lunch at this Korean restaurant before driving back to Singapore.  K and I spent the rest of the day in Singapore viewing properties with my in laws..

For dinner, we had the balance preserved vegetables and beancurd soup that K cooked the day before, grilled teriyaki salmon, and otah otah with  brown rice.. And we watched "24" while eating.. in fact, we've been addicted to the show since K finished downloading the latest season!

26 Sep: Marketing Research Addict

I think i am becoming a marketing research addict.  I've been going for quite a lot of surveys and focus group discussions lately, and they have been my constant source of income.. haha..

The last one was the Nokia mystery shopping, then this morning K and I went to Science Park to have our fingers pricked and our glucose level tested as part of a marketing survey.  This company that makes and sells needles were testing to see which of two types of needles they make hurt more when pricked.  Then as a "bonus", they tested our glucose levels.  Monday, i am going for another 2hours focus group discussion on using government online services... haha.. i am actually enjoying it.. quite fun, (sometimes) got free food, and some more can get paid.. = )

After the needle prick experience, K and I headed to IMM for some shopping, since we were already in the West anyway.  I finally bought my lingerie.  3 panties, and 3 bras (2 "wireless", and one strapless).  The "wireless" bras are so comfortable i was tempted to buy more. It's been such a long time since i wore one without underwire that i forgot how comfortable it can be.  Think the last time was when i was in primary school! I also bought a pair of pastel pink flats for $10.  Super good deal man!  This was actually the first time i actually felt like i was shopping cause i actually bought something.. haha..

K and I walked past this toy shop, and saw this really adorable Elmo soft toy.  We decided to get it for Hikaru, Ivy's 1 year old son. Since Ivy gave me so many things for my baby / pregnancy.. Plus, her son really loves Elmo and he is just sooo cute!  I myself am in love with this Elmo soft toy too actually..

The Elmo soft toy that we bought for Hikaru

My new shoes!


  • Go Shopping!
  • Visit a dentist (before ALL my teeth turns yellow)
  • Buy some shorts for home wear (before my current ones burst from my growing tummy)
  • Buy some lingerie (before the current ones burst as well)
  • Do up my baby's room (before i go crazy cause i only have 3 months left, and my so called baby's room doesn't look like anything babyish at all)
  • Buy some shoes for formal wear (cause i have a wedding dinner coming up, and only my crocs can fit me now)

    I am planning to decorate my baby's room with some wall stickers.. Have shortlisted the following, all of which i think are really cute.  Which ones do you like?

23 Sep: Central Adventure

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I met up with J today in the late afternoon at Clarke Quay.  We went to Central Mall and caught up with each other over some Japanese desserts. J had a soft sundae with banana slices, while I had a parfait with fresh fruits and 3 scoops of ice cream. We chatted for nearly an hour and told each other so many stories it was as if we haven't met each other in years.. = )

After our little sweet indulgence,  J accompanied me to the basement to buy one of my favourite bread from this little ala-French bakery "Petit Provence".. Another craving of mine.. hehe..  Central is the only place i know that sells these little chocolate croissants. Super expensive ah, $6 for 10 small rolls.  But very nice lah, been eating it for breakfast for the past few days already..

This morning, the Singtel technican came and install our MIO Home for us.  So now we have videos on demand on our TV!  K and I watched "Confessions of A Shoppaholic" at night.  We still have a few more movies to clear before the end of this month when Singtel refreshes the movies..  Then again, most of the movies are really old ones, like "Jumanji" and "Edward's Scissorhands"... super super ancient loh!  Sigh, that's what you get for free, if we want the latest blockbusters, there is a monthly fee to pay. Oh well!

22 Sep : 111 Months

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Tuesday marked the 111th month that K and I officially became a couple.  We didn't really celebrate, but just went to Chinatown for claypot rice (i had a craving!).  Apparently, there aren't many famous claypot rice near Eunos, and K managed to find this supposedly famous stall in Chinatown that appeared in U Channel.  Because i woke up late and had lunch for breakfast, we ended up having lunch at 4pm.

And surprisingly, a lot of people have lunch at this weird hour too.  We had to wait 25 minutes for the rice, and I was quite disgusted at the lady who took our orders, cause she obviously have an attitude problem from the way she talk. The way she talked was like: "Yes, you have to wait 25 minutes for your rice. So you want a not, don't want done!" Sigh, it's always the case.  When one gets successful and famous, one becomes complacent.  The stall owner knows that they are famous, and even if they have attitude problems, people will still buy their claypot rice.  So bo pian loh, i have the craving, so i had to tolerate!

After lunch, I bought a little "piglet in a basket" for my snack.. it's something that kids like to eat during the mid autumn festival.  Tastes like mooncakes but without the lotus paste and egg yolks. K and I then headed to Lim Chee Guan to buy some BBQ pork slices - yet another craving i had been having for the longest time.  To my surprise, there was a long queue outside Lim Chee Guan, which i totally didn't expect cause it was 5pm, and not the Chinese New Year season yet. = )  And i always thought BBQ pork slices have a seasonal demand..

On our way back, we passed by all the nice decorations that had been put up for the upcoming mid-autumn festival.  And also the fences and street lights that had been set up for the F1 race this weekend.  Time really flies.  The Hari Raya decorations are still hanging in Geylang Serai, and Chinatown has all the mid autumn decor up already.  Plus, it seemed liked yesterday that Singapore first hosted the F1 night race.

THEN, at night, just before i went to bed, i yanked up my blanket and saw this little fellow on my pillow. = )  At first, i didn't know what it was, cause the lights had been switched off.  So i could only see the shadow and feel something furry.. haha.. isn't he adorable!!  And i thought he was only sold in Tokyo!  I kept wondering when K had the opportunity to sneak out and buy it, since i have been sticking around with K almost every day.  Apparently, he sneaked out last Friday when i went to my grandma's place..

Donald's about the size of a new born baby, so i am cuddling him to sleep every night, and using him to "practise" the correct / most comfortable way to hold my baby when she is born.. haha..

Hari Raya in Melaka

What better way to celebrate Hari Raya than in Malaysia right? K and I spent the long weekend in Melaka with my in-laws eating, playing mahjong, sleeping and shopping.  These were literally the only 4 things we did during our 3 day 2 night stay there.  In fact, baby and I were spoilt rotten during the trip, with my mom in law (MIL) constantly asking me what i want to eat, and ordering all kinds of nice and nutritious dishes for me.  Of course, there was the occasional unhealthy yet delicious meal, usually during supper time..

I found a delicious wan tan noodle stall, had the best fried you tiao, and also ate the well known nonya dishes and chendol that Melaka is famous for.  My MIL had rented a 2 bedroom serviced apartment near the city.  It was a decent apartment, albeit very old and run down. More like a really old HDB flat.  Everyday, we passed our time by eating out, playing mahjong in the apartment, taking naps and then a little bit of shopping.  I didn't really buy much though, cause the things there are either really ugly, or expensive.  In the end, i just bought some pineapple tarts and tau sar peah for my family.

The apartment we stayed in. It was so old even the letter "A" has fallen off!

My favourite steam beancurd with onion oil sauce

Melaka Chenddol

I knew Hari Raya was gonna be a big thing in Malaysia, but i had no idea HOW big it was gonna be.  There was fireworks almost every night.  Not the big scale spectacular ones, but just the normal types.  In fact, it was quite dis-tastely done with no choreography at all.. During the first night, while playing mahjong, we actually saw fireworks display in 3 different locations all at the same time, all viewable from our apartment balcony.  Incidentally, there was lightning during the fireworks display, and i managed to catch a glimpse of several flashes of lightning lighting up the night sky with the fireworks in the background.  The image is just too magnificent for words.. = )

Then there were the prayer sessions at the mosques.. From our apartment, we could hear the praying being broadcast over the microphone / PA system from the mosque from as early as 6am in the morning.  For 3 days without fail..  That kind of became my alarm clock, although i still manage to fall back to sleep every time after that..

On the last day, we checked out and actually drove towards JB for about 45 mins before we realized all our passports were still in the apartment. My MIL had hidden the passports on top of the cupboard, thinking that was a good place to hide them since there was no safe box. She even instructed us to remind her to take them before we check out.  But no surprise, nobody remembered.. SO.. we had to drive all the way back again. haha..

And on our way back, we had one last bowl of chendol, and even aligned the car wheels.   The whole wheel alignment set us back by nearly hours. The stupid man told us it will only take 20 mins.. The first thing he did was take out all 4 of our wheels, so we had no choice but to wait.  The whole thing ended up taking 1.5 hours.  By the time we reached JB, it was already 830pm.  We had planned to have my favourite Bak Kut Teh in JB for tea.  But we didn't even managed to have it for dinner  cause by the time we arrived, the restaurant was closed already.  Sigh.. so sad.. I have been craving for this Bak Kut Teh since i came back from New Zealand.. = (

Baby Bria's 2nd check up

Bria had her second check up in Singapore today with Dr Lim.

I had shifted my appointment earlier cause i was worried that my food poisoning episode last week might have hurt Bria.  K and I waited for nearly an hour before we finally got to see the doctor.. I don't understand how this clinic works.. First, they don't let me make an appointment.  I was asked to call at 10am in the morning to take a queue number.. And when i called at 10am, i was already number 16 and could only go at 3pm. Then, when i reached at 3pm, i still have to wait for 1 hour.  K was also pissed cause of the wait, plus we "wasted" one hour parking coupon..

Anyway, before our check up, K and I went for the hospital tour.. We viewed a few of their rooms, and also the nursery.. While at the nursery, we saw this really cute and happy baby playing with her little hands and feet while the nurse was preparing her vaccination.  The minute the needle went in, she started bawling like nobody's business.. The change from happy to crying baby was so cute i couldn't help smiling.. = )

During my check up, i told Dr. Lim about my food poisoning, and also my concern that i had only gained 500 grams since last month.  But he assured me that 500 grams is still normal, and it's probably due to all the weight i lost because of my food poisoning.  We also did the ultrasound, and baby's okay.  Dr. Lim said i was slightly anemic though, and needed to eat more red meat..  So for dinner, K bought me a whole roast duck from the duck wholesaler near our place. = )

So glad that Bria is okay!  I got one more ultrasound scan picture of her now, but it's very very blur loh.. I asked Dr. Lim for a better one, but he said it's hard to get a full body photo cause she's getting bigger now..  Too bad..

Recently, i seem to keep dropping things..  and then after that have difficulty picking them up.. When i went to the clinic today, i was asked for my urine sample.. i actually dropped the whole half cup of urine on the floor in the toilet.. sigh.. don't know why i've suddenly turned into "Miss Butter Fingers"!

SME Seminar

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K and I attended a free seminar on Entrepreneurship for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) yesterday at NTUC Income Center.. We spent nearly 4 hours there listening to the various speakers talk about how to finance your business, expand into overseas markets, modernize your business etc.. And then there was the free tea break.. = )

Celine was there as well, and we managed to talk to the marketing people from HSBC during the talk and showed them our portfolio which we had brought along.. The people we spoke to seemed interested.. Really hope that "sales lead" will really lead to some sales! 

After the talk, K and I met up with my  in laws for dinner at Vivocity.. My mum in law wanted to become a member of Toys R Us, so we had to spend $50 during half an hour before our dinner.  We ended up buying lots of diapers and my niece's birthday present.  I finally had some double boiled black chicken soup during dinner.. Haven't had chinese soup for some time now.. a bit deprived.. haha..

Shopping & Eating!

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Tuesday was my shopping and eating day..

I went mystery shopping for Nokia in the morning.  A friend from the MX5 club who works part time for market research companies gave me this lobang.  So I spent 3 hours walking around 2 Nokia shops in Suntec and Parkway Parade with a hidden camera inside my hand bag.  I felt like a spy.. haha.. = )  But it was quite fun.  After the whole mystery shopping, i had to go back to the market research company office to view the video i had recorded, and discuss the "findings"..  It was only after that that i could walk away with my $200..

In the evening, K and I met up with F and B to celebrate F's birthday.. We had buffet dinner at Pan Pacific.  Food was very well presented and everything looked really really good.. but it's all surface.  Taste-wise.. average only..  We were all quite disappointed cause the food had really looked promising.  B arranged for a slice of birthday cake for F, and when the staff came in singing, they thought i was the birthday girl.. haha.. Dessert was the best i felt.. with lotsa nice cakes and sweets.  B brought the chocolate ice cream with fudge for me, but accidentally dropped the spoon on the table, so the whole spoon, which had fudge on it, went spinning, and a few drops flew onto my top and both me and F's bags.. haha.. = )

The 4 of us chatted and ate until we were the last customers in the restaurant and about 3-4 wait staff were standing directly beside our table and staring at our empty plates, like they will attack it and ready to clear them all once we stand up.. Even after we had no choice but to leave, the 4 of us still hung around at the hotel, sitting at one of their sofas and chatting until nearly 11pm before we left.

What a night!


K and I went to sign up for the Singtel MIO Home plan yesterday afternoon at the Singtel shop in Parkway Parade.  After chatting with Aunt Agnes and Uncle Francis last Sunday at Grandma's house, we realized that we are actually paying twice the price of what we can get for the MIO Home, which included internet broadband, land line and 15 free channels a month of MIO TV..  The technician will come and install the modem and cable next week.. can't wait! = )

For lunch, we went to the Bedok North Ave 2 hawker center for my favourite fish ball noodle soup. Actually, that stall has been my favourite since i was young, but after having a bowl yesterday, i realized it is not that fantastic after all, so now it's no longer on my fave food list.. = )

In the evening, we went to my grandma's place for dinner.. I was kinda desperate for some home cooked food, been eating out too much recently.. Grandma's feet were swollen, for some reason.. sigh.. think it's due to water rentention.. Other than that, she seems fine..  Also, i just realized yesterday that my eldest uncle's birthday is on September 11.. how significant... = P

Batam Rendezvous

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I was woken up at 7am on Saturday by my calender alarm, which read "Batam trip with MX5 club"... By then, i was feeling much better, so i woke K up and told him i wanted to go to Batam if it was still possible.  K jumped up and (almost) immediately called up the tour agency to make arrangements. Within the next 30 mins, we packed our stuff, had some bread, and was off to the train station heading toward HarbourFront ferry terminal.. = )

Poor Gary had to run around like a headless chicken to settle all the ticketing and admin stuff due to our last minute decision.  I felt so bad (yet happy at the same time) when we finally met up with the group at HarbourFront center.  But everything was not smooth sailing though..  We run into some problems at the check in area, cause our passport numbers on the ferry ticket and passport did not tally.  This whole different passport numbers for new passports thingie is really pissing me off.  I had the same problem when we arrived in New Zealand!  After all the hassle, the 11 of us finally reached Batam island at 920am.  We actually did not lose any time at all, cause Batam is one hour behind Singapore, so we left Singapore at 920am, and reached Batam at 920am. = )

We had signed up for a tour package, which included a city tour, so for the first day, we went on the city tour.  Our tour guide was an Indonesian Chinese guy who can really talk cok.  We spent the entire day shopping, going for massages and pedicures, and eating seafood.  I bought myself a loose blouse and stretch jeans pants, did my first pedicure with nail art, and had curly fries at A&W, which is totally extinct now in Singapore!  I was SOO craving for their coney dog and waffles, but the cashier told us they were both out of stock.  What bad luck!

The tour guide also brought us to some touristy places, like this shop that supposedly sells genuine Polo Ralph Lauren clothes at much cheaper prices compared to Singapore, their local Chinatown, two dry local products shop, the biggest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia (which was pretty crappy), and the home of this lady who bakes kueh lapis (we bought one from her).  We also had seafood lunch at this "933 Golden Prawn Batam" restaurant.  Food was average, nothing fantastic.  I couldn't really eat much seafood so i ended up eating mostly fish and vegetables with plain rice. Our tour ended in the early evening, so we had dinner by ourselves.  One of the guys had a colleague to drive us around, so we went for dinner at this seafood hawker center, where they had this Chinese lady in skimpy clothes performing live songs on stage.  We only got to check in and "enjoy" our bedrooms at 11pm that day.

View from our beachside cottage @ KTM resort

The row of cottages in which we stayed in for 1 night

Home made kueh lapis

Our seafood lunch location
My first pedicure with nail art.. = )
On our second day, we went for buffet breakfast at the resort.  The buffet spread was lousy.  Just normal omelete, toast, fruits, fried bee hoon and fried rice.  But i enjoyed the sea view and the breeze while having breakfast.. It was so nice and relaxing.. After breakfast, we went for the massage which was included in the package.  K and the rest had a really foamy jacuzzi bath before the massage while i watched.  I also had to go for the shorter 30 min head and shoulder massage while the rest had their 60 min full body massage.  But it was still nice.  The massage was inside small little non-air conditioned huts that faced the sea, so i was propped onto a wooden chair facing the sea with my legs hanging out above the water, while the masseur worked her magic on my head, shoulders and hands.
The most foamy jacuzzi bath i have ever seen! 

After the massage, with not much left to do in Batam, we decided to take an earlier ferry back to Singapore.  We departed at 12pm, and reached Singapore in time for a quick lunch. By the time we arrived home, it was already 4pm.  K and I took a short nap, before we headed out again to Aunt Cynthia's place for sukiyaki dinner.. We spent the evening relating my food poisoning story, our spontaneous Batam trip, and showing the relatives photos of our NZ holiday over home made kueh lapis from Batam.. = )

My First Merlion

I had my first "merlion"  last Friday since i got pregnant.. It's amazing how i have yet to experience any morning sickness or vomiting even though i am already 26 weeks now..

But last Friday, i came down with food poisoning.. Or at least that was what i thought i was suffering from.  I started my 12-hour cycle of vomiting and diarrhea from 3am on Friday.. At first i thought it was due to my over-eating at the Penang food buffet the night before, but it got worse after that, and i didn't get to sleep the entire night.  Basically, it was like lao sai, then followed by merlion, for god knows how many times.. The next morning, K took me to the clinic below our house. The doctor didn't help much, except ask me to drink 100 plus and just let everything purge out and recover naturally.  She did prescribed some medication (pregnancy-safe) for me, but asked me not to take them if possible.  Apparently, there has been a stomach flu / diarrhea virus going around, so maybe K spread his virus to me.. So eventually, i went home, drank 1.5 litres of 100 plus, ate porridge and slept the whole day.  K and I also had to cancel our weekend Batam trip, which totally spoilt my mood.. = (

I kinda got better towards the night, with my last merlion at around 4pm.  And that was caused by me eating too much porridge at one go because i was so damn hungry!  Haha..

9th September 2009

Yesterday must be a really auspicious day for Chinese weddings.  The 9th day of the 9th month 2009 or 09/09/09. A once in a lifetime date.

The number 9 translates to "everlasting" in mandarin, so i guess folks who got hitched yesterday will have more everlasting marriages than others?? = )

I wonder how many couples got married on the same day in 1999... = )

Insect Bite..

I got a nasty insect bite 2 days ago at the clinic where K saw the doctor for his food poisoning...

Not sure what kind of insect it was, but it was definitely not a mosquito bite. Yesterday, the bite developed into a disgusting and itchy rash with pus oozing out.. K and I got worried so we went to the pharmacy and got some mild aloe vera cream to apply on the rash.  According to the pharmacist, if the rash doesn't dry up in 2 or 3 days, i have to go and see a doctor.. sigh...

Luckily overall i still feel okay.  So scared that it will affect the baby.. Maybe i am just being paranoid.. = )

K is sick..

K fell sick today.. at first, we thought it was just normal diarrhea, cause he kept going to the toilet.  Then he vomited really badly and started having a fever.  So we suspected food poisoning.  I think it must be the "hum" from our fried kuay teow yesterday, cause that was the only thing i did not eat.  And I felt okay.

K drove to the polyclinic and i accompanied him.  I really regret not learning how to drive because had i learnt, i could have drove K to the clinic, instead of him having to drive despite being so weak. = (

The clinic was so crowded I was half worried about baby catching some viruses.  Fortunately (or not), K had a fever so we were directed to a separate clinic where they had all the flu and fever patients, and the queue was much shorter.  K was even made to wear a face mask.  We also didn't have to wait long for our medication cause they had set up a separate dispensing room for the flu and fever patients.

Sigh.. K has been lying in bed practically the whole day now.. I hope he gets better soon!

Comfort kueh..

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Most people do not know what Kueh Ah Boon is.. it's actually one of my favourite kuehs since i was young, and another food item on my cravings list. = )

There is this shop in Ubi near my place that sells home made Kueh Ah Boon and other delicious kuehs.   I had been craving for it for a while now, and it's one of the few food items that I have been consistently craving for.. The rest are mostly one-time cravings. Last week, i purposely asked K to drive past the shop so i can get my Kueh Ah Boon.  Unfortunately, they did not have the ones i liked.  The auntie told me they only make those every  Monday.. So i bought the triangular, not so tasty substitutes instead.

And today is Monday!  After waiting for one week, i finally got my kueh. This is how Kueh Ah Boon looks like.  Their carrot cakes are really good too, so i bought them as well.. Yum yum.. = )

Our first aqua workout!

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Baby Bria and I had our first aqua exercise yesterday at K's serviced apartment in Raffles Place. There is a small pool area with decent exercise equipment inside the water, so I have been bugging K to bring me there since last week... I had my lower back massage with jets of water, walked on the thread mill and cycled on the machine for 15 minutes each, while K took pictures for me and soaked in the jacuzzi.. It was a great workout.. i actually felt tired after that! = )

That's me enjoying the water massage on my lower back, and me on the thread mill..
K and I met up with a few of the Miata club folks this morning for breakfast at this coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio that sells really good kuay chup.  We ordered the dishes to share, and since all of them enjoys pig intestines, I ended up eating only braised eggs, tau pok and pickled vegetables..
During breakfast, the group was chit chatting as usual, and somehow, the topic of discussion changed to traveling and then to batam, and just like that, we all decided to book a 2D1N package to batam next weekend.. haha.. talk about being spontaneous!
After breakfast, the group of us decided to go over to take a look at the house of one of the couples.  It was a landed property in Ang Mo Kio.  Totally individualistic with all kinds of weird items adorning the house.  They even have a hydralic elevator for the elderly and immobile, a water slide that is 2 storeys high, and a small garden area with plenty of rabbits and guinea pigs running around.  But it's not my type of house.  I did however, enjoy playing and watching the rabbits and guinea pigs.  I even fed them with baby carrots...  They are so adorable, especially the baby rabbits and the way the furry guinea pigs eat the carrots with their little buck teeth.  haha..  

I had my cake.. and ATE it !!

Finally... I can savour with wonderful delight the richness of the Pandan flavor in my Bengawan Solo Pandan cake!!

Ahh.. the sweetness of contentment .. =)

Best Friday ever !

I had the best Friday ever since i came back.  Yesterday, my day started at 9am at K's office.  We worked for half a day, then headed to the Takashimaya baby fair during lunch. I had wanted to go to the fair since it started late last month, but kept postponing it till now.  We walked through the fair with my shopping list but left empty handed.  I basically just jotted down the prices to compare. Will probably buy before the fair ends.

After our little baby fair experience, we headed to the new Ion Orchard to take a look see.  Didn't manage to walk through the entire mall though.  But we lingered for quite a while at the food hall level, where i sampled honey lemon tea, BBQ pork slices and lots of goodies from Bengawan Solo (cookies, my fave snow skin green tea mooncake, and pandan cake).  The nice lady at the shop kept opening boxes of samples for me to try, and K had to ask her to stop before i finished all her samples! And yes, I finally got my Pandan cake yesterday! = )

I took the bus for the first time since i came back. K and I went from Orchard to Raffles Place where one of his serviced apartments were.   K brought me on a mini tour of the condo and the apartment he was renting out, and i fell in love with the place. The viewing gallery actually had a direct view of the floating platform where the NDP is held every year. Which means residents get front row seats to view the fireworks. How nice..

The development site for the upcoming Sands Hotel Resort / The colorful floating platform
We went back to the office after that, and worked for a bit, before heading home to change and head out again for dinner with the Miata Club folks.  Dinner was Tze Char at a hawker center in Jurong West that was next to a go-kart track operated by one of our club members.  We had about 12 Miatas turned up for the gathering, and the food was delicious.  It's been such a long long time since i met all of them. K and I were sort of the center of attraction, me being the pregnant woman and after being away for so long in NZ etc...

After dinner, the gang decided to go for supper at this prata place in Botanical Gardens.  We had a fantastic drive there, all 12 Miatas wheezing past each other with the tops down.  I felt so happy and peaceful just enjoying the drive in the cool night breeze and looking at the full moon in the sky. And of course, enjoying the lovely view of all the gorgeous Miatas driving together on the roads..  As usual, we attracted a lot of attention, but luckily nobody got caught for speeding.. = )

I had banana roti prata and milo dinosaur for my supper.. Basically unhealthy, but totally wonderful.. haha.. 

THAT was definitely the perfect ending to my best Friday ever! = )

I am craving for...

Pandan cake.  More specifically, Bengawan Solo pandan cake.

It's been 2 freaking weeks and i still haven't satisfy my craving!! So far, i only managed to go into the BS shop at the airport twice to sample the pandan cake..

I hate whoever came up with the saying: "You can't have the cake and eat it."

K's first book on fatherhood

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For K's birthday present this year, B bought him this:

I can't believe K got his own book even BEFORE i got mine... =(


I hate durians. But for the sake of baby Bria (and to stop my mom in law from nagging), i shall overcome my fear and devour the unsightly and awful smelling fruit.

Because K had the same phobia, I had to lock myself in the study room and eat the durian by myself..  = (

The smell was so strong even though the fruit was covered inside a Styrofoam box with a layer of plastic film on top, and then wrapped in 2 separate plastic bags.  I nearly puked after the first bite, but continued eating and drinking water at the same time to dilute the taste.. After all that trouble, i only managed to eat 2 pieces.  I wonder if that's enough to make Bria strong and healthy.. haha..  = )

29 Aug: Of breasts and babies

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Breasts and babies.. These would be the 2 keywords to summarize my day today.  K and I attended a breastfeeding seminar organized by Philips Avent this morning at the Philips corporate building in Toa Payoh.  For 2 hours, we listened to healthcare professinals explain the advantages of breastfeeding.  We had signed up for the seminar mainly for the goodie bag, which was supposedly valued at $118.  For $10 registration fee, i thought this was a good bargain.  But the goodie bag didn't impress me.  All it had were Pampers diapers, a small 125ml milk bottle, a milk storage bottle and some vouchers.  The buffet lunch was not too bad though.  I had 2 helpings even though we were supposed to attend a birthday party in the next hour.

After the seminar and lunch, we headed to the service center in the next building to check if my hair straightener had been repaired.  I have been on the verge of going crazy from not being able to straighten my messy hair for the past 2 weeks since i came back from NZ.  Unfortunately, the guy at the counter told me it's not ready yet, despite me sending it for repairs 4 days ago.  Argghhh... looks like i still have to continue tying up my hair or risk meeting my customers with messy let down hair..

We went over to K's cousin's place in Punggol for her son's 1st birthday.  More buffet food and relatives asking about my baby etc.. The birthday boy wasn't too happy though, kept crying throughout. Which was a real pity, cause he's such a handsome boy. K's cousin actually entered him in a photo competition, which he didn't win, but got into the top 12.. here are some photos of the birthday boy taken for his photo competition.  Simply adorable isn't he?!  And so full of expressions.. = )

If we weren't relatives, i might match make him with my baby Bria!

Black chicken soup with love..

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K had his first attempt at making black chicken soup for me and Bria.   It was good for a first timer..

I love being pregnant!! = P