Bria's first public appearance!

Bria is in this month's issue of Today's Motherhood!

I am such a proud mommy!! = )

At first look, i thought the second baby on the top row looks a lot like Bria..

The editors took super long to publish her photo loh.. think i sent this about 2 months ago..

Nonetheless, I'm glad she's finally there in the magazine!

My 2 day training

Since I started work 2 weeks ago, I've pretty much been on a honeymoon.  Boss wasn't really around much, worked from home one day, then took half day MC another day.  Then went for a 2 day training on Thursday and Friday at Grand Copthorne.  Took cab to and back from the hotel cause can claim.  Damn shiok!

Plus, I had so much good food to eat!  There was morning tea break, lunch, and then afternoon tea break.  For 2 consecutive days.. = ) Plus, they were having this Thai Food week, so my lunch was mostly Thai food, which was nice!  On top of that, I learnt quite a lot from this training course.

This is one thing I miss about going back to work.  I wonder if I will get to go on overseas training so I can stay at the hotel too! = p

Botak Bria...

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I brought Bria out for the whole day today.. Had tim sum with Dad and K at Ah Yat restaurant.. Dad had a hard time climbing up and down the stairs before we finally reached the restaurant.. Stupid Shaw Towers is so not wheel-chair friendly lah!!

After our tim sum, we went to Giant Tampines for some grocery shopping.  I brought some rice cereal for Bria.  She is SOOOO greedy these days!  I'm feeding her this apple and banana puree now and she loves it  so much that she just wants to keep eating it!  When C or I stop feeding her, she will cry.. So i figured maybe i can start giving her cereal already.

We sent Dad home after Giant, before heading to Cairnhill Community Center where my in laws had set up stalls at this annual flea market.  My mom in law bought so many things for Bria, 3 pairs of socks, 1 set of clothing, and 2 toys! We spent about an hour at the flea market, then went to Punggol Plaza to shave Bria's hair.

There was this shop that specialized in baby swimming and hair cut.  It was a horrible experience.  Bria was very very "kuai" throughout the shaving.  Think she was too mesmerized by the buzzing sound of the shaver.  But it felt horrible because firstly, they never put a towel of bib around her to prevent the hair from falling all over her clothes.  Secondly, I never see them sterilize the shaver, although they claimed they did beforehand. And lastly, my heart broke into pieces as I watched the shaver go over her tiny head and all her beautiful hair falling off.  Now Bria is botak, and she looks soo different!  Her cradle cap is even more obvious now.  It is SOOO damn disturbing when I see her head like that, but there is nothing I can do!  Sigh.. Even K also said he heart pain.. = (  

They said shaving her hair will enable her to grow healthier and more beautiful hair. All this had better be worth it! Now I can't wait for her hair to grow!

Bria's new socks

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I bought 7 pairs of these Mary Jane socks for Bria. They're soo cute! Now she has socks of 7 different colors to match her clothes!

Double Humiliation

I took half day off from work today cause of an appointment I had with the dermatologist at Changi Hospital.

About a month ago, this huge ass pimple on my chin turned into acne, and when i applied this Clinique acne cream on it, it became inflamed.  So i went to the polyclinic and got a referral letter to Changi Hospital.

Anyway, before i went for my appointment, I met up with my Japanese customer for lunch at Great World City Crystal Jade.. Spent the whole hour talking about our children and sharing tips on child care etc.. This was the same guy that had shown interest in me for some time.  He often send me text messages saying things like he is very happy to meet me, he will be happy to be my husband etc.  It was harmless so I never really think much about it. Besides, i never reply.  But today, it got bad.  First, he wanted to send me to the hospital.  Even though his office is just across Great World and Changi hospital is all the way in the east.  Then when we were riding down the escalator, he stand so close to me that his arm touch mine, and he brushed against my buttocks a few times.  And because the escalator is only so big for the two of us, I had to stand slightly sideways at an awkward angle.  He walked me to the entrance to wait for the shuttle bus, then kept standing so close to me!  I hopped on the first bus that came, even though it was the wrong one!  Sigh.. Looks like I cannot meet him anymore.. Either that, or I have to meet him together with K..  If not who knows what he might do next.  So daring this Japanese man!  And he is married with a son!  It's not worth it to have this kind of customer.. I rather not have the money.. So that was the first humiliation of the day... = (

At the hospital, the doctor prescribed some cream for my acne and some clinical sunblock to prevent further pigmentation.  I will need to go back again in 2 months' time.  After the hospital, i went home, spoke to Bria for a while, before heading to Takashimaya for my free haircut at Kim Robinson.. 

It's been at least 3 years since I last cut my hair at Kim Robinson.  Mainly because it is too expensive and high class for me. So when i knew they were giving away free haircuts, i jumped at the opportunity.. I am full of compliments for them now! Firstly, their outlet at  Taka is SOOOO nice!!  When i went inside, I felt like I was going into a spa rather than a hair salon!  Plus, they served an extensive list of beverages from cappuccino to milo. I had iced honey lemon.. 2 glasses some more! = P  My hairstylist was also very professional. He did a good job, not like anyhow do just because it's free..  Plus, they are not pushy at all.  When i was done, they just ask if i want to buy some hair wax or hair accessories.  They have very nice hair clips and hair band.  But one black hairband $90 loh, so i just told them i am not interested.  And they never ask me again.  Lastly, they gave me a lot of discount vouchers for my next hair appointment.  I left an extremely satisfied customer. So now, my hair is short, and super light!Although i will need some time to get used to my new look.. Think K will freak out when he comes back from KL on Thursday.. = )

After my haircut, i headed home, picked Bria and C up and headed to Parkway for dinner and some grocery shopping.. On the way home, we took a bus cause the taxi queue was ridiculously long.  On the bus, nobody gave us their seat for me at first, even though i was carrying Bria in my baby carrier and wobbling unsteadily.  One bus stop later, i got a seat beside this auntie.  She started making small talk, asking me how old Bria was and who is taking care of her etc.. She kinda pissed me off, cause she kept asking why I engaged a maid to take care of my baby instead of a nanny or an older relative.. It's like she don't understand when I told her I had no choice cause all our parents are working.  She just kept harping on how small Bria was.  Not like most 4 month old babies she's seen.. She said maids don't know how to feed babies properly.  I told her nannies are also outsiders so no difference.. Sigh.. on hindsight, i don't even know why i bother to explain my situation to her.  I finally found out that she is a nanny, cause she told me the babies she took care of are all very healthy and chubby.  I couldn't take it anymore, so I said to her: "I think my baby is very cute an very healthy.  And the doctor thinks likewise too."  After that, she kept quiet and pretended to sleep.  So irritating.. 

What a bad day!  Both Bria and I suffered some form of humiliation today.... We miss K!! = (

To buy or not to buy...

My in laws came over for dinner yesterday.  K and C prepared baked pasta with minced pork, mushrooms, tomato sauce and lotsa cheese.. We also had grilled salmon and mushroom soup.. Yummy..

                                                  Baked pasta and grilled salmon

We had a long discussion on finances, talking about what stocks to buy, and also went through the whole list of houses we have viewed so far.. The pressure is on for us to get a house quickly cause property prices are going north and doesn't show any signs of stopping!  Can't wait to move into a nice new house with Bria! = )

Bria is 4 months old!

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Bria turned 4 months on Monday. She celebrated her 4 months first with a 5 in 1 vaccination at the polyclinic, after a 2 hour wait in the queue with Daddy and C. Then subsequently, she had a slight fever.  Poor girl!

I couldn't really concentrate on my work the whole day.  Kept messaging and calling K to ask him how Bria was doing.  Still couldn't believe they had to wait more than 2 hours just to get the stupid vaccination.  K told me that the doctor they saw that day was very good.  Cause he know I already condemned all the staff at the stupid polyclinic.  The doctor was an Indian lady and she provided a pretty good consultation session, giving advice to K on Bria's cradle cap, and prescribing some medication for her eczema.

Bria's temperature kept fluctuating. When I reached home that day, I took her temperature and she was okay.  So K and I brought her to the airport to really celebrate her 4 months with her.  We went to the Terminal One food court for dinner, then brought her to the viewing gallery to see the aeroplanes...  She seemed to enjoy it cause she did not fuss at all. Then before we left the airport, we brought Bria to a few toy shops and played with her a bit with all the soft toys.. = )

Some photos we took at the airport:

Yesterday, I worked from home so that I could be with Bria and monitor her temperature.  It was a priceless day.  I missed my maternity leave days when I can be with Bria the whole day and still get paid!


While playing with Bria in the car this afternoon, I saying the alphabets to her.. 

Instead of the usual "A for Apple", i thought of the following:  "A for Adeline", "B for Bria", "C for Charina", which is essentially all our names!  But I got stuck cause K's name is starting with K.  Then C said: "D for Daddy!"  So now our family has our very own ABC.. haha.. 

My helper is so smart.. = )

Weekend with Bria !

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Ever since i started my first day of work on Monday, i have been hoping and hoping for the weekend to come..

But before i know it, the weekend is over! So sad.. = (

However, K and I did had a good weekend. Spent lots of time with my baby Bria!

On Saturday morning, K and I brought Bria and C to Suntect City to attend this Android workshop organized by HTC.  We were there at 10am so there wasn't many people in the mall.. C and Bria sat at a ToastBox near the workshop room for about an hour of so while K and I attended the seminar.  It's basically a workshop by HTC and M1 promoting the new HTC Legend.. We had signed up for the seminar after hearing that they were giving away a $500 discount voucher off the handphone.  Plus, K told me only 20 over people had signed up so our chances were pretty high.

The workshop was crap and not really informative at all.  But I think it's a really good marketing gimmick.  Cause everyone had a chance to win the discount voucher.  Basically, they put in vouchers into a big plastic box, and went around the room for everyone to draw one from the box.  The lowest is $50, highest is $500, so everyone will get something for sure.  The catch is we have to purchase the phone on the same day in order to get the discount.  K and I both got the $50 voucher.  After doing our sums, plus the fact the my Samsung is driving me crazy these days with its frequent auto shut downs, I bought the phone.  So now I have a new phone to play with! = )

The new HTC Legend.  I got the same color.. They call it dark brown, but it's just plain BLACK to me!

I dressed Bria up for the trip to Suntec, and got SOOO MUCH attention from strangers.. I literally rolled on the bed laughing that morning after I bathed Bria and put this headband on her head.  My baby looks SOOO adorable!! I couldn't stop kissing her after i see her with her new hairstyle.. LOL.. = )

                    Bria @ home with her new hairstyle           
  In the car on the way to Suntec..Mummy also wear pink color hairband!

Sitting at the ToastBox (where she got lots of attention) after the seminar

                           My favourite shot!

                   Happy family..  <3

After the seminar, we went to Food Republic for a quick lunch.. Managed to find a table amongst the crowd. I had very nice nasi lemak..  Initially, this Indian family wanted to share the table with us.. But in the end, i think they find it too crowded cause we had Bria in her Stokke, plus K, me and C..   So when they found another empty table, they moved over..

We headed home after lunch, and following that, it was just K and me on a house viewing spree... We viewed about 5 houses on Saturday, then went home and bring Bria to my Grandma's house for dinner.

On Sunday morning, we brought Bria to east coast for a short walk before having breakfast at Macdonald's.. She was so "kuai" for the whole time I could actually finish my entire Big Breakfast while carrying her in my Baby Bjorn carrier! = )

We went shopping for groceries at Parkway after that before heading home.. 

For the past 2 days, I've also been bathing Bria every morning.. Felt so deprived that I couldn't bathe her the whole week!  While drying her after her bath, I decided to play with my new phone, and took a photo of her..   So sexy right my baby!  haha..

Weekend with Bria

K and I had the whole weekend planned already.. and we will be bringing Bria out for quite a lot.. Hopefully she can tahan and not fuss too much..

I already planned what Bria will be wearing.. In fact, just today, i bought a really cute soft headband for her.. Saw a baby wearing it yesterday, and was so determined to get one today.. Walked the whole Vivocity but couldn't find it, so asked around, searched online and got it!

Here is a picture of the headband.. I bought the pink and red non lacy ones.. Bria will look absolutely gorgeous with it!

My baby is growing...

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Bria is going to be 4 months old in 2 days time.. Time flies.. My baby girl is growing!!

She has passed several developmental milestones now.. She can hold her head for a few minutes while on her tummy, she makes conversation by cooing and smiling, she locks her knees when we hold her and make her stand up, she tries to hold her own milk bottle with much more strength now (although she did that around 1 month old).

Today, she pulled on the toy on her Fisher Price Aquarium swing.  She actually hang on to the toy for quite a long time, while holding her towel in the other hand.. So cute!!

MIL's Birthday Dinner

K and I had dinner with my in laws at Sushi Tei East Coast today..

It was supposed to be my mom in law birthday dinner, but end up she footed the bill instead.. Sigh...

Initially, we wanted to bring Bria along, cause I wasn't too keen on NOT seeing or playing with her the WHOLE day.  Plus, dinner was at East Coast, so I thought it'll be nice to bring Bria for a stroll by the beach after dinner.. I already don't get much time to see her because of work, so after work, I didn't want to go anywhere else except home.  So when K told me about dinner plans today, I wasn't too happy.  K says I am being dramatic cause it's only 1 day, but he doesn't understand how i feel...

ANYWAY, we were all packed and ready to go when Bria started to fuss really badly.  So in the end, we didn't bring her for dinner but left her at home with C instead. 

Over dinner, we talked about going for a family holiday in USA on my birthday next year.  Will be bringing Bria along.  By then, Bria will be 2 years old, so hopefully it will not be too difficult! Can't wait already!! = )

Shopping Spree

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I was trying on some of my office clothes yesterday night and realized that most of my blouses cannot be buttoned and my skirts / pants don't fit anymore.. The ones that do fit requires me to wear them really high up instead of at my waist level, which means i can no longer tuck in my blouses / working shirts.. Bummer..

Sooo.. today, I went shopping during my lunchtime. My boss worked from home today, so I was a free man!  Bought 2 tops and 1 black pants from my favourite Southhaven.  All the salesgirls there were no longer familiar to me.. I was attended to by a SUPER pushy China girl.. She nearly drove me nuts!  When I told her I don't like the design of a certain top or pants, she keep insisting that it's nice la, unique la... I kept saying NO, until i buay tahan.  So i look at her in the eye and said: "It may be very nice to you, but I don't like it."  Stupid girl..

I also bought a pair of black heels from Charles & Keith.  Most of my work shoes also don't fit properly anymore, so i thought i would buy an open toe pair to show off my pedicure! = )   I love the quirky design!

I left the office early at 5pm today since i got nothing much to do, and went to perm my eyelashes.. Not it's super curly.. look a bit fake.. hopefully it will look more natural in a few days time!

Blur mummy

I am so blur these days..

When i went back to work on Monday, I kept using my door access card to tap on the elevator security device.  I forgot I had the lift pass instead.  So ended up looking like an idiot tapping a card that obviously doesn't work.  Then i forgot to get a cable lock from my IT department, and left the office with my laptop unlocked.

Then today, as I was rushing home, I boarded the train that was going in the wrong direction.  Took me 3 stops before i realized i was going the wrong way and alighted...

Hai.. what is happening to me?

Baby woes

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My blog is not really a diary. Some secrets are so so dark it's best kept hidden.  

Plus, i seem to be running out of time to blog these days.  After spending one whole day at the office, all i want to do when i knock off is to fly back home to my baby... Sad thing was, for the past 2 days, Bria doesn't seem to want me.. Everytime I carry her, she starts to fuss and cry.  Even though she was fine before i carried her.  Then when C carried her, she went quiet.  It got to me so bad that i cried yesterday.  I know Bria probably doesn't know what is happening, but she hurt me so much but behaving this way.  I missed her so much the entire day, left the office on the dot and actually rushed back home so i can kiss and hug her. before she takes her evening nap at 7plus.  And she doesn't want me.  I guess the situation yesterday got worse cause i had a really bad headache.  I was looking for comfort in my baby, but i got rejection instead.

K didn't even know i was crying in my bedroom.. He kept yelling from the living room asking me to have my dinner.  And when i didn't respond, he didn't even walk in to check on me.. Just continued to sit in front of his stupid computer, which is basically what he had been doing the entire day.  Anyway, everything just accumulated, I broke down, quarreled with K (for paying more attention to his stupid computer than me and Bria) and felt miserable the entire night.  This sounds silly, but i was actually angry at Bria for doing this to me.  I was so sure that I will stay out after work since nobody wants me or would miss me at home anyway.  But I still rush home to see my baby when the clock struck 530pm today..  =)

Back in the rat race!

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I am officially a working mom now.. Went back to work on Monday, and was quite disappointed when i arrived in the office and saw that it was 90% empty.  All the sales people were at Shangri-La attending some training course on contract management.  I had anticipated a warm welcome by my colleagues and even thought I would have a welcome back lunch treat. I even brought along Bria's photo album, excited to show everyone my new bundle of joy.  But i was greeted by a cold and empty office.  Even my new boss was not in the office when i arrived.  She arrived half an hour later, then went to see a doctor and  took MC for the rest of the day.  I ended up spending the whole day at the IT department getting my laptop fixed and set up.  Didn't do any work at all..  So all in all, my first day was a disappointment.

I did however got a baby gift and a card from my Kim my "indirect" boss.   She is always so sweet and thoughtful.  The gift was a Carter's headband and blouse that was too big for Bria now.  That was probably the only thing that made me happy on my first day back to work.

Yesterday, I had a lunch treat from Emily at Earle's Swensen's. Was accompanied by 2 Japanese colleagues who kinda only had each other as lunch khakis usually.. I had the baked salmon with herb crust and free flow servings at the salad bar. It was a good and healthy meal.  My new boss was still on MC.

It's been 3 days now.. and i still hate taking the MRT to work everyday.  This morning, I had to stand beside this inconsiderate man who can still read his newspapers when the train was already jam packed with people.  if he didn't HAVE to read his stupid papers, he could have moved in more and give others more space.  I was so pissed I kept using my handbag to poke him, hoping that he will get irritated and put away his papers and move the hell away.  But he was so damn oblivious to his surroundings.  Later on, he managed to find a seat, sat down and continued reading his papers.  The front page of his paper fell halfway off and kept caressing this guy who was standing in front of him.  The guy stared at him for a while but gave up halfway.  It took such a long time before this stupid man realized his front page had fallen off.  Sickening man!

Today is my 3rd day at work, and still no welcome lunch treat from my colleagues.  Not even from my new boss.  She is back from MC today, but no mention of giving me a treat.  Not only that, I haven't seen my personnel announcement for my new role.  AND, not all the people in my new team knows I am in their team.  Apparently, my new boss didn't say anything to them yet.  What lousy leadership management!  Also, a colleague from sales invited me for free Ben & Jerry's yesterday, then he got busy so he said postpone to today.  But no news again today cause everyone's busy as usual.  So I just pretend he never said it lah.. And to top everything off, I still don't know exactly what i have to do in my new role.  Hai... so far, work life has been quite bad for me..  And I miss Bria so much.. I am so envious that K gets to work from home and see her as and when he likes!!  Me?  I can only look at her photograph on my desk and smile at the picture..

Penang Trip

I spent my Good Friday long weekend in Penang with K and 11 other folks from the Miata Club.

We met up at 430am Friday morning, and drove for 14 hours before we reached Penang.  It was crazy shit.

By the time we arrived at Traders Hotel, everyone was shagged out.  Especially those who only had one driver, like K... Actually, i think K won't let me drive his precious Miata even if i have a driver's license. = )

For the next 2 days, we ate many plates of Char Kuay Teow and other local favorites like prawn mee and Penang laksa.  I had my favorite banana Apom as well, although it was cold by the time i had it cause I had to wait an hour for my order.  So i went back to the hotel, and collected it about an hour late cause i was just too dead beat.  Almost didn't want to go and collect if not for the fact that i had already paid!

We also met up with the Penang Miata club people, who took us for supper, lunch, buy some local produce and an exciting drive along the winding mountain B roads.  We also celebrated our club President's birthday with a surprise mini party.

These were all good.. Except for the following major bummers:

  1. Both K and I were so tired and didn't really have enough rest.  Had a late night on Friday after the 14 hour drive.  Saturday was the only day we had to do stuff.  Wanted to do massage and go shopping, but ended up buying lots of food back to the hotel to eat, then sleep. Left Penang on Sunday morning for a 12 hour drive back to Singapore.
  2. Weather wasn't too kind.  It rained on both Saturday and Sunday when we were there.
  3. I missed Bria terribly for the whole weekend.  By the time i reached Singapore on Sunday at 830pm, she was already asleep so I was SUPER disappointed that i didn't get to play with her or hold her...    What made it worse was that I would be returning to work the next day so Sunday night was kinda like the "last chance" to really play with her before i go back to work for good..   = ( 
I don't think i will want to do such a long drive anymore.  At least not without Bria..

One of the many shots taken during our 14 hour drive to Penang

A Miata Kodak moment along the mountain B roads with the Penang Miata Club folks!

Purple color chilli padies!

 Lunch break

Penang fried hokkien prawn mee

One of the MANY plates of Penang Char Kueh Teow we had

K's Penang Asam Laksa

My absolute favorite, only-found-in-Penang Banana Apom!!

 Birthday celebration for our president!

Huge ass turtle float selling for RM90 at the night market.  I wanted it so badly!!

Bria's first plastic card

Bria has her very own first plastic card..  And it is none other than the National Library Board card.. haha..

Now i can borrow more baby books for her to read! = )

Penang Here I Come!

K and I will be driving up to Penang in 4 more hours..

Meeting the MX5 gang at 430am to set off together.. I am SOO going to sleep in the car!

Really excited about this trip. It's kinda like my last trip before i start work on Monday!

Sigh.. quite sian that i am going back to work so soon.. Hopefully i can get pregnant again soon and go on maternity! haha..

Job Interview

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After a long discussion with K, I decided to drop my interview with Popular next Wed.. K said I should just stay on with EM cause it's more stable, especially since we are going to try for another baby soon.. 

I guess it won't be too nice if i joined a new company and then get pregnant soon after.

Yesterday, i was sending emails to my Japanese customer, and jokingly asked him if he has vacancies in his company.. He got serious and offered me a job.  He was even willing to pay my asking salary to be his secretary!  Haha.. K got a bit angry at me cause this Japanese guy is a bit "ti koh" one..  Always asking me to have lunch with him. Our friend used to work for him, and he actually asked her to marry him.  When she refused, he started to treat her like shit..

This of course made me think twice about working for him.  Then again, he is married now, and he knows i have a baby.. So i guess he won't ask me to marry him then. On one hand, i am so attracted to the idea of having a higher pay and doing easy work that doesn't require OT or bringing work home, so i can spend more time with Bria.  But on the other hand, I am worried about the unknown and also the idea of having a boss who is obviously hiring me based on my looks.  Sigh..  I guess if i am really lazy and have not much integrity, i should go ahead, accept his offer and enjoy a higher salary and a boss who is SURE to look out of me....  = )

Happy April's Fool Day!

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Here's how i spent my April Fool's Day today:

This morning, i had planned to bring baby for her check up at Thomson, since i had an appointment with my gynae as well.  So i called the Paedi's clinic, and found out that they are only open half day today.  So in the end, i did not bring Bria for her check up.

Instead, i went with K to Ubi to buy more bubble wrap to wrap up the props we dismantled yesterday.  Drove the MX5 there and realized the boot was too small to hold everything we had bought.  We had to balance the carton boxes on our heads while driving home.. Here's a shot of K looking funny driving with the carton box on his head.. haha..

After lunch at home, I went for my free facial at Beyond Beauty.  This was the most painless and enjoyable facials I've had so far.  The extraction was painless, and the entire facial treatment was just super nice.  I had their "Oxygen Treatment".  Basically, i had small but strong gushes of pure cool oxygen spraying against my face, plus massage, and this cooling mask with more oxygen spraying on my face for a full 15 mins!  How rare is it to get pure oxygen right?!  So while the oxygen was being sprayed onto my face, i kept breathing in deeply to get as much of the pure oxygen in my lungs as possible! = )

K came to pick me after my facial, and sent me straight to Thomson for my check up.  Waited about an hour there before i was called in.  Ah Lim did the usual check up and a pap smear for me.  While he was doing the ultrasound, I was actually hoping to see another baby inside my womb.  But there was nothing.  Felt quite disappointed!  Anyway, I asked Ah Lim and he said i can resume my exercise regime and go for full body massage liao.. can't wait!!

Took a bus back from Thomson after my check up, and had K pick me up from the bus stop cause it's quite far from our house.  In the car, K asked me about my check up, and I decided to fool him and tell him I'm pregnant again.. My first and only April fool's "stunt" today!  K didn't know whether to believe me though, he was like smiling and asking me "really ah?" several times.  I think a big part of him wanted to believe it was true... = )  

When i reached home, I saw that Bria's new toy had arrived.  I had bought this Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano via vPost USA like 2 weeks back.  Was just about to email SingPost and chase for it.

Anyway, kind of regretted buying it liao.  Firstly, the stupid compartment for batteries is so damn hard to unscrew.  Secondly, the music volume is so damn soft.  Cannot hear anything once Bria starts to cry.  And last but not least, Bria doesn't seem to know how to kick the keyboard.  She kept kicking the animals on top of the keyboard.  So in the end, we have to let her sit up so she can see the keyboard and then we press the keyboard for her instead.  She loves looking at the colorful animals and listening to the music like this! = )

"Chor Gang"

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After pampering myself yesterday afternoon with a massage and pedicure, K brought me along to do some "Chor Gang" (rough chores) in the evening at Page One Vivocity.  The Moleskine notebooks he was selling had a month long event for their new "Passions" range, so yesterday K had to tear down all the posters and dismantle the props on display at Page One.  We stayed there from 830 to 10pm dismantling the props and posters and rearranging the notebooks that had all been messed up by consumers who don't care less.

It was quite fun though, just the 2 of us husband and wife doing this kind of work.  I even got to push one of those trolleys and went into the loading lift to load and unload the props.  

Here's a picture of me taking a break and posing with the huge ass Moleskine notebook mock ups on display. = )

Another nice pedi..

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I went all the way to Douby Gaut today for a pedicure.. Spa Elements was having a promotion for their classic pedicure.. It was going for $28 which is pretty cheap.  So i decided to give it a try.

I also did their 30 minute Radio Frequency Massage.  Basically had this hot thingie rolling around my tummy for 30 minutes.  It's supposed to make me slimmer and reduce my stretch marks.  But of course one session is not enough la.. So after my session, i was invited into a room to speak with one of their consultants..

Even before the consultant sat down, i said: "Can i just pay and leave?"  So she LL bo pian had to let me go.. At the cashier's, she did one last attempt to persuade me to sign up for their package, even using her colleagues to psycho me, but i still refused.  So proud of myself.. haha.. = )

So i left with a set of nice toenails without buying a hole in my pocket by signing up for any packages.. Can't stop admiring my toes now.. I love the nail art!!  I think i am hooked on nail art now.. Was even thinking of taking photos of all my nail art so i can have a mini collection.. Die lah..

Sleeping on one side...

12:37 AM by Adeline Woo 0 comments
Bria has been sleeping on her side for the past 2 nights now.. It's her new "pattern" now..  Problem is when she rolls back and lands on her back, she startles and starts crying..

She's behaving so much like an adult these days.. In fact, her sleeping position is exactly the same as K's.. with bolster in between legs.. haha.. = )