The last day of March... is finally OVER!!

I took my driving test for the third time today.  When i woke up this morning at 7am, my feet started to itch.. Then when i ironed my blouse, i burnt the ironing board fabric cover.  I should have know those were bad signs.. 

Nonetheless I still did my best.. compared to the last 2 times, I think I did much better.  No immediate failures this time.  Just a whole load of demerit points.  Another $200 down the drain.  I've already spent so much money for this stupid license, which seems so difficult to get! I've never failed a test or exam in my life, so this is really demoralizing.  Plus it's getting very embarrassing  every time i take leave from work to go for my test, then when my colleagues asked about it when i go back, i have to say i fail again.  I swear I won't tell anyone when i take my next test!

Anyway, when i got back home, i was totally not in the mood.  Only Bria could cheer me up.  I'm so glad i have her. I was so sad i kept asking Bria to hug and kiss me.. haha.. Initially, i thought i would go back to work for half a day, but in the end, i had a shower and took a 3 hour nap. 

When I woke up, i took Bria and C to C's maid agency to apply for her home leave.  We took the train, then switched to the bus.  Which i regretted.  Cause Bria kept wanting to get down and walk on the bus.  I had a hard time distracting her and holding her tight.  That kinda reminded me why i never took a bus with her.

C's going home for a week on her birthday so it's going to be just me, K and Bria.  I took leave from work, but K didn't, so i guess it'll just be me mainly.. I'm so used to having C's help that I hope I don' screw up when she's gone!  More importantly, I hope she comes back. Otherwise i will have a HUGE problem.  Then again, i don't think she is so ungrateful.  I pay so much for her ticket and home leave let her celebrate her birthday with her son leh!  And her contract is not even up yet.  How many employer will do that.. only nice people like me.. haha

After our visit to the maid agency, we headed to Parkway Parade to look for gold.  Literally.  Cause C wanted to buy a gold pendant for her son.  She already got the gold necklace last week, so just missing the pendant.  The first shop we visited, Princess Jewellery, has such nice people.  The ladies there carried and played with Bria.  They even gave us water before we bought anything from them.   Eventually, we walked out empty handed cause we wanted to find more designs and compare prices.  So we trotted over to Poh Heng.  What a huge contrast.  Firstly, the people there ignored my daughter.  And they gave only one bottle.  I reckon that's for me, so C had none.  Then when Bria started to whine, one of the female staff there looked at her and shake her head in disgust.  I was so pissed, but i didn't say anything.  Despite all this, we bought a pendant from them, cause C liked the design and it was relatively cheaper.  I still cannot get over the guilt of not buying from the nice people at Princess Jewellery!!

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day.  And the start of a really busy busy month for me.  3 business trips, 2 events, 2 project launches and loads of presentations to complete.  All within one freaking month.   Arghhhh!!!  I want to quit..