Job Interview

Just got a call from Popular Bookstore.. They asked me to go for interview next Wednesday at 5pm.. Think i submitted my resume to apply for this position in their Operations department.

Apparently, they are comfortable with my asking pay.. So now the challenge is how to leave work by 430pm on Wednesday.. haha..

Mummy Woes

Being a mummy so far has been more physically painful for me than mentally stressful..
It's ironic that the pain isn't from the child birth process, but what comes AFTER child birth.  Seems like my back is totally gone now.. I keep getting back aches and sharp piercing pains in my lower back.. Probably side effects from the epidural.. Can't imagine i am going to take epidural again for my subsequent child.  My back will be SOOO damn painful!

Then there's the side effects from the supplements i am taking to increase my breast milk.  It does work, but the side effect is that it reduces my blood sugar level.  So these days, I've been getting ALOT of giddy spells.  Especially when i stand up and start walking after sitting down for a long time.  Nowadays, it's getting worse. I get giddy standing up even though i sit down for only a short period of time!  Sigh...

K and I spent the whole day with his family today.  For lunch, we had the Restaurant Week set lunch at Espirada Robertson Walk.  It was an okay lunch, but i loved their utensils!

                       The super long garlic bread for starters!  &
                     Me enjoying the delicious potato & garlic soup
                          K's escargots and super delicious nougat for dessert!

After lunch, we went house viewing.  Saw one 4-storey bungalow that both K and I absolutely loved at Punggol Seventeen.  But it was way beyond our budget... Sigh..

Dinner was at K's uncle's house.. Brought Bria there and had everyone fuss over her as usual.. After dinner, K had to go to his customer's place at Takashimaya, so we brought C and Bria to Taka.  I pushed Bria around in her new Stokke and brought her to some toy shops and played with her. She loves it!  As for me, well, i was just soaking in all the attention that both my Stokke and adorable baby were getting from strangers.. = )  While walking around the stores, we went into a store selling furniture for children. I saw this really pretty bed set for little girls and fell totally in love with it. Total price is $4400 including mattress.  It even comes with a matching cupboard that's sold separately.  I am SOOO going to get Bria a bed like this!  Think i will want to sleep with her too if she has this bed! = )

Here's a video of Bria in her Stokke and playing with her toy while waiting for her daddy.  At one point, her pacifier came off.  She tried to open her mouth and reach it but failed, so she used her hand and pushed her pacifier into her mouth!  It was such a priceless moment!  Too bad i didn't capture that on video..

Baby Bjorn

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Ever since Bria's neck became more steady, i have been wanting to try carrying her in my Baby Bjorn facing out.

I finally did that yesterday.  And Bria loves it!  She kept looking around her, ever so curious.. = )

I love my Baby Bjorn carrier!  

Chatty Bria

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I took an entire day to upload this video of Bria "talking" on You Tube.

She just kept talking non stop for more than 2 minutes.. It's been a while since she last did that..

My baby is SOOOO adorable!! = )

Miata Photoshoot

K and I woke up at 530am this morning to go for the Miata Photoshoot at Republic Boulevard.

When we arrived, there were already a few cars parked there.. So we mingled around, had breakfast and waited for the full force to arrive..  We were there from 630am till 9am..

Here are some of my amateur shots:
From 630am...

Our social events hostess Mag arranging all sorts of buns for our breakfast..

 Group photoI had to climb up a scaffolding to capture this.  Nearly got stopped by the Bangladesh workers there!

                          Front and back shots

K had his share of fun when he joined the guys and took our Miata for a spin (and many drifts)!

Seminar Craze

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K and I attended 2 seminars over the past 2 days.. On Thursday, we attended this Young PAP talk at NTUC Income Center on "Long Term Strategies for Singapore's Economy".. They had 2 MPs, and a NUS Professor from Department of Public Policy to give the talk..  Yes, K is a member of the Young PAP, but the only reason i wanted to go was for the free buffet dinner.. haha..  But the seminar proved to be an interesting experience.

While having our food in the lobby, we saw a few aunties who looked like they were in their 40s coming for the talk.. I thought it was for Young PAP, but K said since the "old PAP" is already in his 90s, the Young PAP cannot be too young... haha..
During the seminar, i learnt that our population is now 4.9million, of which only 2.9m are in active workforce, of which 1m are foreign workers.  And, we are short of 20K babies every year in order to totally remove the need for foreign workers in the future.  And, we have 160K Singaporeans who are based overseas.  Why am I not in this 160K???!

My favorite was the Q&A session.  We had a few queer characters asking the funniest questions.. The whole seminar was supposed to be on strategies to improve Singapore's economy, but somehow got diverted to defense and National Service.  There was this young chiong-ster looking guy who introduced himself as being from the alcohol industry.  He asked the speakers if the government can consider making NS optional.. haha..

Then there was this middle aged China looking man, who came up and asked why foreigners who come to Singapore has to do NS if they become PR.  If Singapore do that, they will never be able to attract the top foreign talents.. 

Then there was another chiong-ster looking guy who suggested that Singapore developed a happiness index like that of Butan's so we can have more work life balance.  When one of the speakers rejected this idea, he just burst out saying: "So basically Singapore have no work life balance lah?" Hilarious..

This afternoon, after the Miata photoshoot, K and I attended another seminar organized by Brand's Essence.  We went with 11 other fellow from the Miata club.  The seminar was about Traditional Chinese Medicine.  There, i learnt about balancing the yin and the yang, what different chinese herbs are used for, and what are the benefits of various types of Brand's chicken essence.  I love the speaker, some TCM doctor.. Very casual and funny man! In addition, we got free buffet lunch, and a goodie bag filled with Brand's Essence!  The bummer was when we lef the NTUC Income building, the car park came up to $20.. So i guess there really is no free lunch in this world! = )

Bria and Mommy's New Toy!

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After more than 3 months of thinking and weighing of options, K and I finally bought Bria her baby stroller on Friday.. 

We got the Stokke Xplory!!  K and I have been ding-donging between the Stokke and the Phil and Ted.. But eventually, i managed to convince K that I really really love the Stokke.  In fact, it has been THE stroller i've always wanted, even before I had Bria.   Initially, we wanted to get it at MotherCare cause they have this interest free installment plan.  But all the MotherCare branches in Singapore were out of stock.  

Then we thought of getting it from the USA.. But shipping alone costs more than S$500, so we figured it doesn't make sense.  So eventually, i reserved one at Mothers Work in Great World City on Thursday.  Wanted to pick it up on Thursday but didn't manage to.  Then on Friday, still no time to pick up the stroller.  The shop closes at 9pm, and K was still not home at 8pm.  So i had to call the salesgirl and ask her to hold the stroller for me for another day.  5 minutes later, she called me and told me they were having a special promotion and selling the Stokke at more than 25% discount.  Phhwaaah!  I was so excited when i heard this cause essentially, the new price is about the same as if i buy it from the USA! I told K about it, and he rushed home to pick me, and we both rushed down just before the shop closed.  

We took some time deciding between the red and the cream color, but decided to take the cream cause it looks more "high class".. haha.  When we left the store, K said i looked like a klutz pushing a stroller around in the mall without a baby inside.. but no choice lah.. haha..

Upon reaching the carpark, we realized we couldn't fold the stroller, so we had to just chuck it in the back seat..

Finally managed to fold the stroller when I reached home and did some experimenting.  I guess we still need a lot of practice before we can use the stroller confidently..

Nonetheless, I LOVE MY NEW STOKKE!! It's so damn cool loh! = )

And Bria loves it too!  I pushed her around the house today.. Can't wait to bring her out in it!

107th Monthniverssary

K and I celebrated our 107th Monthniverssary yesterday.  For lunch, K brought me for Taiwanese food at this little cafe near our house in Joo Chiat.

I had mee sua with Taiwan chicken cutlet, and this super delicious roll with egg and pork floss...

Then for dinner, we had Vietnamese at a little cafe in Joo Chiat (again)..  The food was good, but I felt super uncomfortable the entire time cause the place was packed with Vietnamese hookers and their pimps.. Sigh.. we should have come in the day time instead of at night..

Time flies.. K and I were discussing where we should go for our 10 years anniversary in June this year.  Thinking of a nice romantic beach resort either in Bali or Koh Samui.. I wanted to go to Australia but don't think i can bear to go too far away or for too long from my baby.. Can't wait to start my research soon!! = )

My KL Weekend

Our KL trip over the weekend was quite a tiring one.. and actually below my expectation.  I had thought i would really enjoy myself, but i didn't..  It was still a good trip, just that i didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would.

Firstly, the free apartment that we stayed at was lousy. There were renovation works everywhere, so it was super dusty. The renovation works also made it really troublesome to get in and out of the building. Plus, the room isn't anything fantastic. It's like an old 3 room HDB flat with only one toilet. We went with K's auntie and her colleague, so 4 of us had to share one toilet. In addition, the bed and pillows were not comfortable at all. On the first night, i didn't sleep well cause K turned the air con to 18 degrees and the fan to maximum, so i nearly froze to death.. = ) Then on the second night, i also didn't sleep well because of the super lousy pillow. Plus, i think i missed Bria..

Secondly, the 2 meals that i had been longing SOOO much for were disappointing. My favourite Korean restaurant didn't serve pancakes and potatoes for their side dishes anymore, and the "high quality" Japanese buffet wasn't all that nice after all. Although i gobbled down lots of salmon sashimi, cod fish, coconut juice and lots of Haagen Daz ice cream! Ironically, the best food i had were those road side stalls' wanton mee and our lunch at this Cantonese restaurant just before we left KL..

Our delicious lunch before we left KL (clockwise):  

Kampong Chicken in Herbal Wine, Steamed Seaweed Beancurd with Minced Pork, Water Chestnut and Mushrooms, Loh Han Chye & Hot Plate Tang Hoon!!  Yum Yumm...

And lastly, I wanted very much to go for massage and pedicure. But we ended up only doing foot massage. Cause K's auntie wanted to go property viewing. K's uncle and other auntie both bought a condo unit at Pavilion, and so the motivation for his auntie to go property viewing. We did see some rather nice units though.. and I was actually very tempted to buy. It's so cheap! S$800K can buy a super big and nice 3-bedroom condo smack in the middle of KL city! That's about the same price for a 5 bedroom HDB flat in Redhill.. Sigh.. Things in Singapore are so expensive! So anyway, because of all these property viewing, we didn't have any time left for my pedicure.

So overall, it was quite a disappointing trip. Don't think i will be going back to KL anytime soon! Now looking forward to my Penang trip with the MX5 guys in 2 weeks time!!

Elevator buttons inside the elevator to the Jap buffet restaurant.. So cool right!

One of the condominiums we saw.  This one has a individual swimming pool for each unit.  Each apartment average about RM$3 - 4 Million.. VERY NICE!!

Bria Flips Over!

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Bria has been really fun to play with these days..

I've been trying to upload this video of her babbling non stop for more than 1 minute, but this stupid You Tube is taking ages to upload that video.  So i gave up.

Here's a video of Bria flipping over from her tummy to her back.. At least i managed to get this one on You Tube!

Behaving like a mom

I  hate having people say to me: "Now that you are a mother, you must start to behave like one and be more mature"...

Not that anyone has told me that yet.. But it seems that society just expects people to behave differently once they become parents..  Well, I'm not going to.. I will still continue to have my fun, and bring out the child in me.  If anything, having Bria has made me feel much younger, rather than more mature or older.

Who says being a mother means i have to act serious and mature all the time?  A good mother will spend lots of time playing and talking to her baby.  Which I did! = )  So with all the baby talk and cooing and playing, it's really hard for me to become serious!  I just feel it'll be so fake if one moment i am playing with my baby all day and feeling like i am a child myself, and then the next moment, i have to pretend to be serious and act all grown up when i am talking to an adult.  

My baby is going to have a really hip, happening and playful mommy.. haha.. = P

Happy Bria!!

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Just finished my dinner with K and C... Bria is happily asleep in her new swing and listening to her classical music.

C and I brought Bria downstairs for her evening walk just before dinner.  It rained quite heavily today, so i didn't bring Bria onto the field.  For the past few days, i have been bringing Bria onto the big open field in front of our block, and just run and swing her around, let her touch the lalang and see the mimosa, flowers etc.  But the field here is so pathetic.. The grass is short, dry and there are so many bald patches.  Some grass patches are even burnt because some stupid Chinese burnt their joss paper on the grass..  If I was in NZ with Bria, I will bring Bria to so many places to learn about nature!  I will lie down on the grass with her, let her roll on the grass and admire all the sheeps and cows. Sigh.. I REALLY miss NZ!

I failed to make Bria laugh again today.. Maybe only C can make her laugh for now.  And she is not always in the mood to laugh, cause C tried again today and failed.  I will NOT give up!    We did, however, make Bria smile alot today..  Here are some photos of Happy Bria....

Bria just woke up.. And C is now reading "The Very Lazy Ladybug" to her.. She is listening so intently and making little baby noises.. My baby is SOOO cute!! = )


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Yesterday afternoon, I brought Bria to the airport to meet my ex-colleague from SATS.. Bria seemed to love going to the airport.  I guess it's clean, quiet and very cool there, that's why. 

We took the MRT to the airport.  It was the first time for Bria, and she was so curious throughout the journey, focusing hard on her surroundings!  

My ex-colleague and I caught up over iced milo and hot tea while C attended to Bria.  It was rather nice.
I really miss working at the airport, and all my colleagues at SATS.. Sigh.. why SATS so hgiao cannot increase my salary.  Otherwise i will definitely stay on.. haha..

K and I are going for a short holiday to KL this Friday.  We got free accommodation so it was more like a "what-the-heck just go" attitude.  It's gonna be an eating trip, so I'm really looking forward to it!  The other side of me however, feels quite sad that I'll be leaving Bria at home for 2  ull days.  It'll be the first time I go away so long without seeing her.  I hope I can survive!

Job Hunting

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I resumed my cold calling last week, and got myself 5 meetings from 2 days of calling!  That kinda boosted my morale.  So i've been busy meeting all kinds of people these days.  Met with Link Hotel, Tiong Aik, supposed to meet Amara Sentosa today but the lady went on MC. Lucky i didn't go all the way to Sentosa to meet her!

Tomorrow will be Hilton.  Hopefully no more last minute cock up.  

Sigh.. till now, there are no news of my job assignment when i return to work in 2 weeks time.  Super upset at the way things have been handled so far by my HR and my supervisors.  Think it's time to start searching for another job.  K's cousin just got herself a job as an administrator at a financial institution paying her $4.2K a month.  Maybe i should switch to the finance industry... = )  So without further ado, i sent out more than 50 resumes today.. While i am still on leave, hopefully someone will call me for an interview!

3 months and counting!

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Bria is 3 months and 6 days young!  My baby has grown and changed so much over the last 3 months.  = )

She has learnt how to babble, her head is much more steady now, K and I discovered she can flip herself over, and just today, we heard her first laugh!  I finally managed to get a video recording of Bria babbling, laughing and also trying her flip.  But YouTube's taking bloody long to upload my video so will upload it on my blog later. 

Apparently, C has known for some time that Bria can flip over herself and laugh.  But she told me that this morning's laugh was a rare one cause it was quite a long one. I'm quite disappointed that I wasn't there when Bria had all these "firsts"!   

Upon Jasmine's suggestion, I decided to rent some toys for Bria to try out first before deciding whether to buy new ones.  So i signed up with this rental company, and got Bria this Fisher Price "Aquarium Swing" with lights and music.

Bria doesn't really seem to like it so far.. She keep having this puzzled look on her face.. No smiles at all to show that she is excited and likes being on the swing.  The swing DID, however, managed to swing her to sleep, which is a good thing I guess!

                                                     Bria falling asleep in her new swing!!

Mom & Dad Congress

Another busy weekend! On Saturday, K and I attended a Mums' and Dads' congress at Fairmont Hotel .  The congress was supposed to start at 12pm, but when we reached the hotel ballroom, there was a super long queue for registration.  The whole registration process is so messed up and inefficient that I was really disappointed.  No wonder they purposely call it the "FIRST" Mums' and Dads Congress. = )

It was time and money well spent i would say. Although most of the things they discussed about I already know, i also learnt some new things like doing body massage for babies.. I have been massaging Bria for 2 days since, and she loves it!

Plus, there were a lot of free goodies such as milk powder, diapers and lots of lotions etc..  There's even a buffet spread for tea break.  And i must say the spread is very good, although the quality is average.  Got fried noodles, cakes and desserts, chicken, pies, sandwiches.  We definitely got back more than the $24 we paid for this congress.

K left during the tea break cause he was too tired.. so i attend the rest of the seminar by myself.  Also managed to catch Zoe Tay and Darren Chin for this session where they shared their experiences as parents.  Quite interesting...
            Special guests Zoe Tay and Darren Chin                              Zoe looking radiant

Then on Sunday, I brought Bria to my dad's house, met his new maid, and then went for 3 hours of badminton.  First hour at Joo Chiat CC with Pui and Gary, then the next 2 hours at the airport with Pui, Gary and my in laws.  Brought Bria to the airport and had a tough time trying to convince my mother in law not to wear these leggings cause Bria hates to be warm.  Plus there is no matching top for the leggings.  I didn't want Bria looking "unmatched" in front of my friends! But she keep insisting cause she said the a/c at the airport is very cold.  Sigh.. I suggested swaddling Bria if she's cold, and even complain to K.. But we both still lost to my mom in law. Bria eventually ended up with leggings.  

Actually she still looked really cute lah, so not so bad.. haha.. Hated the cushion cover of the sofa at the airport though!  Super ugly design...

Taka Baby Fair

I went to the Taka baby fair last Friday.. Supposed to meet up with Jas and Ruby, but didn't cause Ruby fell sick.  So in the end, K drove me to Taka.  I went to the fair while he went for his Miata Club meeting in the Singapore Polo Club.

There were SO many pregnant women at the fair that i had to be extra careful when i walk around. Seeing all of them just made me miss my pregnancy.. haha.. =)  

As usual, there weren't much stuff for me to buy at the fair.  I ended up buying baby wipes, swaddling blanket, bottle detergent and diapers for Bria. I did see ALOT of toys that i want to buy for Bria, but they were all too expensive.. SIGH.. how i wish i can buy them all.  Think Bria will have lots of fun playing with those toys!!

Maybe i will persuade K to buy one for Bria when i get my salary end of this month!

Fisher Price Jumperoo: Bria will love jumping around in this!

Precious Planet Piano:I love this one! Bria can kick the piano with her legs now, and play the keyboard with her fingers when she learns how to sit up!

This is also my favorite: Cause Bria loves to be swung. So this will be perfect in soothing her to sleep!

Missing the kiwis..

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I saw this article on TODAY newspaper today.

Sigh.. looks like i will be facing more competition now if i want to go back to New Zealand!

Don't push it

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I am THIS close to asking you to go f*ck yourself.  So DON"T PUSH IT.

I love my new blog template!

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I love my new "Ninja Assassin" themed blog template!  Kind of reflects the "assassin" mood i am in these days..

C Can Cook!

C and I have been experimenting with dishes recently. 2 days ago, we made laksa for lunch, and i brought some over for Dad.  He loved it. = )

Then yesterday, we had udon soup and edamame..  That turned out well too..

And today, we had chicken rendang for lunch..  I teased C and said she could go open a restaurant.. She can cook Japanese (sushi and udon), Singaporean and Malay food now! = )

Movie Minute

Last night, K and I went to watch "Green Zone" starring Matt Damon.  The story's about the real reason why US troops are in Iraq.. Not because Saddam's army has weapons of mass destruction, but because the US government wants to invade the country and get their resources: defence resources and their huge supply of black gold..  Makes me wonder if it's a reflection of what's happening in the real world..

We drove all the way to The Cathay @ Douby Gaut, went to the toilet and came out, took out the tickets, only to realize that the movie was at Cineleisure Orchard.  We had to pay $1.20 car park for our toilet break. = )

By the time we reach the cinema in Cineleisure, the show had started.  After the movie, we went back to the  open car park opposite Cineleisure, only to see our car covered with bird shit.  Sigh.. all these for a stupid movie!

Nipple Strike

Bria has been going on a nipple strike for almost a week now..

She is refusing my breast totally, and doesn't want to breastfeed at all..  The minute i put her near my breast, she cries.  Ever since this started, I have read many many articles on this.  Some call it "Nipple Confusion" , and some call it "Nipple Strike".  It is caused when the baby gets used to and prefers the bottle and pacifier, and so refuses the breast.  Apparently, it is almost impossible to find a solution cause this is more a "Prevention is better than cure" kind of problem.

I am still trying to come to terms with this great loss.  It is hard to describe just how hurt I am, and how badly i am handling this rejection from my baby. It's like I am mourning.. I really really miss having Bria on my breast..  And it doesn't help that my breast milk is decreasing because there is no baby to suck.  Sigh...  WHY??!!!

Heart Pain

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I was cutting Bria's fingernails few days back, and accidentally cut her right thumb..  She wailed so loud and i didn't even realized it until i saw the blood... I was SOO SOO angry at myself, and my heart ached like hell!

Even though Bria only cried for like 10 seconds and after that she started smiling to me, i was still very upset.   Sigh...  Why am i so careless??

Durian Ladies Night ???

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K and I drove past this durian store at Jalan Eunos called "Durian Lingers".. They have this banner promoting their Ladies Night promotion on Tuesday.  Apparently, ladies get a 30% discount on their durians on Tuesday nights.

Even durian stalls have Ladies' Night now.. How interesting.. = )


The weather has been really bad these days.. No rain, no wind, and super hot.  

This afternoon, the temperature outdoors rose to 41 degrees.  So freakin' hot!  I don't even dare to bring Bria out in case she comes down with a fever.  41 degrees is like high fever loh!  I want to go back to New Zealand!!

I had my first real exercise today after having Bria.. Played badminton with Gary and Pui at the Chinese Swimming Club in the evening.  Sigh.. after months of no exercise, i have lost my stamina, and my badminton skills have deteriorated.  And as if i haven't perspired enough during the day, i had to go for an indoor sport with not much ventilation, rather than stay home at night.  Plus, now my whole body is aching.  Tomorrow sure jia lat.. = (

Bria (not Dora) The Explorer

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Bria loves to explore her surroundings..

Her neck is also getting stronger and stronger nowadays.. Although she still cannot sit up on her own, she can strain her neck and lift it up when she is lying on her tummy.. Usually, when she does that, she will be crying cause she's hungry.  But she did that today and remained quiet for a long time, so K and I took the chance to snap away!!