Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. It's scary to know that my dad is already 59 years old.. and next year he'll be 60.

I took one day leave yesterday to celebrate his birthday. Went to his rehab center in the morning to pick him up.. He was so happy that he went around telling everyone he went past in the center that i am his daughter, it's his birthday, and i am bringing him out to eat. = )

I was super thankful we had the maid with us all day, cause i wouldn't have been able to handle the wheelchair pushing, getting on and off the cabs etc etc.. We went for Hongkong tim sum at Shaw Center for lunch, then went shopping for handphones to digest our lunch before heading to Centerpoint for a 40-min foot massage at My Foot Reflexology. This place employed the visually handicapped as masseurs so it was a new experience for both me and Dad. I told my masseur i was trying for babies so he could press the right "points". The nice gentleman even recommended to me his friend who's trained in TCM!

As we wanted to beat the office crowd, we decided to head back to the East after the foot massage around 4pm. I suggested taking the MRT back, but we ended up taking the cab again. I never really noticed how wheelchair unfriendly the whole Orchard area is until yesterday! To make things worse, there was so much construction work going on, new shopping malls and residential buildings being erected, christmas decorations being set up etc etc.. it was a total mess! And both Somerset and Orchard MRT stations did not have lifts from the outside into the train station. So i decided to try the underground walkway connecting Wisma Atria to the MRT station. But that was blocked off too. So the poor maid had to push my dad round and round until i got fed up and decided to take the taxi because there was no other choice. I was actually quite surprised my Dad didn't really lose his temper despite all the mess and the humid weather.. = )

Part 2 continued at Tampines Mall as we shopped around for a baby gift for Carol and Kelvin's new born son Travis.. I saw a really nice Classic Pooh baby gift set, but the packaging was slightly damaged so i didn't take it eventually. I wanted something not so cliche, like Mickey Mouse, or the normal Winnie the Pooh, yet still afforadable. In the end, i bought a Forever Friends baby boy gift set for Travis, and a small Forever Friends baby boy bear for mommy Carol - the teddy bear fanatic..

I was totally exhausted by 5pm. Mom came over to meet us after work, and we popped over to M1 to get a new handphone for Dad, courtesy from M1 (because i have been such a loyal and super high-usage subscriber).

I didn't have dinner with Dad after that, cause i had to rush down to Thompson to visit Kelvin and Carol and their new baby. And because K had been sick the entire day, i had to take the MRT all the way from Tampines to Novena, then take a bus to reach my destination. The baby was too adorable; had a dimple on his left check just like his dad, and lips like mommy. Seems like i've passed the phase where "everyone seems to be getting married", to "everyone seems to be having babies"... = )

I took a cab back after that and it only took like 10 minutes for me to get home. Sickening. By the time i reached home with food, K was still sleeping. I felt totally guilty for not being at home for him the whole day even though i was on leave. So today, i worked from home..

Four Christmases

K and I caught "Four Christmases" in the cinemas yesterday, courtesy of M1. = )

Starring Vince Vaugh and Reese Witherspoon, the show was about a couple who have been avoiding Christmas with their parents every year until their Fiji holiday got cancelled due to bad weather, and they were forced to spend Christmas with each of their 4 respective divorced parents. During the journey, they learned more about each other and brought their relationship to the next level.

K thought the show was very forgettable and totally no character development. I thought it was okay, not something i would watch again or pay money for. Then again, i haven't been paying for movies for a long long time!

There was this one line in the movie that i liked. Spoken by Bob (Vince's character in the show). The couple had been lying to their parents every year to avoid going over for Christmas. When asked by their friends if they felt bad lying to their families during Christmas, Bob said: " You can't spell FAMILIES without LIES, can you?"

Then we ask ourselves: "How true IS that?"

K's granny is on Facebook!

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Yes, i couldn't believe it myself either.

And this old lady celebrated her 85th birthday 3 days ago on Monday. I asked her about it, and she laughed. Then she went on about how she is looking to buy this online mahjong game so she can enjoy her favourite hobby alone at home.

Grandma's birthday celebration was at Pine Court, Meritus Mandarin. We had 3 tables set up for 28 people and 2 babies. As i looked at the old lady, sitting and smiling happily in front of her huge durian birthday cake, surrounded by 28 of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and making her birthday wish, i made a wish of my own. That i will age happily and healthily just like her.

For both K and I, our grandmas are the only living grandparents we have. But that's probably where the similarity ends. While his grandma is exploring Facebook and online mahjong games, my grandma just got discharged today after 2 long months in the hospital due to stroke. While his grandma is hoping to live longer every year so she can go on holidays to China and South Africa, my grandma tells me she wants to die (cause she's got nothing to live for).

And it hurts me so much that i am not able to do anything about it.. She tells me i should have a baby soon. That's probably the best i can do for now, give her a cute and bubbly great-grandson.

Every time she tells me she wants to die, i tell her she can't, cause she has to wait for my baby to be born. I fear she will go once her great-grandchild arrives. There's a belief that each time a life is created, another one ends. It's the yin-yang balance. Perhaps it is this fear that is causing me to stall..

My Disney weekend!

Last Saturday, i brought my niece to the Indoor Stadium to watch the "Disney Live 3 Classic Fairy Tales" show. This was supposed to be my make-up present to her for forgetting her birthday last month.

Actually, my niece was having the first signs of chicken pox, but since she was feeling absolutely fine, we went ahead with our show.

We reached the stadium half an hour before the show and started walking around the foyer where there were booths set up and Disney items for sale. It was so cute to watch so many little girls running around dressed up as Snow White, Cinderella and Belle, wearing their tiny tiaras and their magic wands spinning around.

My niece had brought along two hats with mickey mouse ears, and we both wore them when Mickey Mouse appeared on the stage.. = ) The poor girl was surrounded with popcorn and cold drinks and ice-cream, but couldn't consume them because she was sick. So i bought her a huge fan with the 3 Disney princesses and a Mickey Mouse soft toy.. = )

To me, the show was quite crappy.. or maybe i'm a bit too old for this. But my niece loved it. My favourite part of the show would still be the songs.. "Heigh Ho" by the 7 dwarves, and "Be My Guest" by the cutlery in Beauty and the Beast!

My handsome new tenant

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Last Saturday, my new tenant moved in. My tenant's an Australian Chinese surfer cum pretty boy who works for e-bay..

K and I took a while before deciding to take in this guy. All along, our rule was never to take in any male tenants. Cause K was concerned about my safety. But somehow, we like this guy. Even before I met him when we were just talking on the phone, I liked him already. Nice, outgoing personality. More importantly, he was willing to pay us good rental.. hee hee.. Our pretty boy brought his girlfriend along on Saturday when he moved in. Girlfriend's a wealthy-looking Singaporean (most probably) Chinese with an expensive Miu Miu bag that i totally digged.. = P

When he came over to our place to view, K also said he liked this guy. It was so funny - just before we had 2 potential tenants over to our house for viewing, K and I were tidying our house and basically threw everything into the storeroom so the outside looked neat and tidy. But pretty boy here came over to me and asked if he could have a look at the storeroom. He was the first of the many tenants we have seen to ask this question. So then i opened the storeroom and expose it's messy contents for the world to see. Eventually, i asked him why he wanted to see the storeroom. It was then that i found out he surfs, cause he wanted to make sure there was room for his surf board. = )

So far, no problems at all with my new tenant.. Then again, it's still too early to tell.. We shall see!

Me the Devil..

I've been scolding people too much lately.. Never been so fierce to anyone in my entire life.. Even i was shocked.

There are some who really needs to be woken up from their la-la land and be slapped back into reality. And since nobody wants to do the dirty work, i did. Let me be the devil.

And now i am getting my retribution: my period - cramps and backaches on the side..

Pancakes with Love

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K made me blueberry pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast yesterday.
I felt like the luckiest woman in the world... = )

A penny for my thoughts..

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Why is it so easy for us to be polite and nice to our friends and colleagues, even to strangers we don't even know; but yet SO DIFFICULT for us to be nice and respectful to our family and loved ones?

Are we taking them for granted? Are we so complacent that we think we will never lose them simply because they are our family, so no matter how we treat them, they will still be around?

Why does it take for someone to be ill or even die, before we regret, before we tell ourselves: "We should have treat him / her nicer, we shouldn't have shouted at them..."

Why is it so easy for us to tell our spouse / partners " I Love You", but yet so difficult to say the same to our parents and family members? Us humans are so very strange..

Be brave, there is no need for a special occasion. Tell your loved ones you love them. TODAY.

Oh where, oh where have my little kitties gone??

Yesterday evening, on the way home, K and I saw 2 kittens in the bushes below our block. There were too cute! Like the character "Puss in Boots" in Shrek. And totally playful.. = )

We played with them for a while, then went upstairs to prepare some kitten milk for them in a saucer. The two of them lapped it up in no time. There was another Malay lady with her two young daughters there with us. Apparently, this Malay lady had been feeding some of the cats in our neighbourhood, and she told us that she will be feeding the 2 kittens too. She explained that she could not bring them home because her husband disliked cats.

K and I did thought of bringing the kittens home, but eventually decided against. We felt it was better to leave them there so the Malay lady can feed them regularly versus us leaving them alone at home while we are at work.

This morning, i didn't feel well so i worked from home. I had planned to prepare some milk and feed the kittens again, but got caught up with work. At around 3pm, it started raining cats and dogs. My instant thought was to bring the cats back home, cause i thought they must be totally drenched and cold. So i went downstairs to look for them.. I had a towel in one hand, and an umbrella in the other. I started snooping around the bushes and meowing non-stop. Think i must have looked like a mad person cause one guy kept staring at me from far. After 10 minutes of searching, i gave up, thinking that probably the Malay lady beat me to it and brought them home. Or both cats went into hiding from the rain.

On my way home from gym and dinner with June , i tried to look for the kitties again. The rain had stopped, but there was still no kitty in sight. I walked the entire compound in my neighbourhood twice, still no sight of kitties.. I'm cursing myself now for not bringing them home yesterday. Now they're gone for good!! So sad... = (

Hair Nail Art - How innovative!

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I went for my IPL session yesterday evening.. it has been nearly a month since my last session, so i had to get used to the zapping all over again. Let's just say it was not very enjoyable...

My beautician taught me a very neat trick: how to use hair to create my very own nail art. Totally cool. She said there's this Vietnamese lady in her hometown who does this for a living...

First, you pluck out one strand of hair, and twist it in one direction until you see a small oval shape at one end, kinda like a flower petal below. Let's call this the "stencil".

Then, dip the stencil into a bottle of nail polish so that it's filled with color. So now you have a red flower petal stencil.

Lastly, place the stencil slowly and steadily on your finger / toe nail.
Place each petal in a different position and VIOLA! you have a flower. My first attempt below sucks, but you get the drift!

Crocs Sale or Fish Market ??!

Crocs had their first ever sale at the Singapore Expo over the weekend. Yesterday, K and I met S and EK to check it out. We were shocked at the huge mass of heads bobbling around the exhibition hall. And the snaking queue for payment. So.. we decided to beat the crowd and go early in the morning before the sale started today.

But alas! This morning at 930am when we reached, there was already a snaking queue outside waiting for the doors to open. We were at least 7-8 lanes away from the start of the queue. And that was 30 minutes before the sale starts. We were so naive to think that we were the only kiasu Singaporeans.. haha!!

I managed to get 2 pairs of shoes, while K bought one pair. I must say the whole experience was more like shopping in a fish market. In fact, it's one of the worst sales i've been to. It's scary how i actually enjoyed it to a certain extent though. Firstly, it was a challenge for anyone to actually see or browse the merchandise. That is, unless you are at the first row of people. There were long benches set up in front of each section (women's, men's, kids)- Crocs employees on one side, consumers on the other. On the consumer side, there are at least 8-10 rows of people struggling to get their shoes. So the whole transaction goes like this: The staff will open up a whole box of shoes of a certain design, and start waving the shoes in their hands, one pair at a time, and yelling out the shoe sizes. Then on the consumer side, people will raise their hands if it's the pair (and size) they want. Then the shoe will either get passed from the front to the back, or get thrown around like fishes. = )

As i walked around the hall, i saw a lot of unwanted "fishes" lying on the floor. I managed to grab a few unwanted fishes - it was simply easier to pick up the unwanted ones rather than squeeze through the craziness at the benches.. People were literally grabbing the shoes, which were flying off the boxes and selling like hot cakes. I can't help but wonder what their turnover is like for this 3-day sale... amazing..

After all that craziness, K and I met up with Kel and Carol at Thompson Medical Center to visit Andy's wife and their newborn Shihao. The baby was adorable, and mummy looked radiant.. it was comforting to hear that she had an easy delivery. Her labour took only 7 hours.. Andy said the trick is to have the epidural injected early.. point taken. = ) More of the relative arrived shortly after. Carol and Andy's wife started chatting intensively on baby topics (since Carol's baby will be due next month), Andy and Kel started talking about their LPG work. So K and I started to feel a bit left out and decided to leave. Eventually, Kel and Carol left together with us.

K & I went for lunch at UE Square at this cafe called "Globetrotters"(upon Carol's recommendation). We had pan fried fish, mushroom soup, garlic bread, chicken salad and calamari. Super delicious! Would definitely recommend this place to friends.

Lunch was supposed to be followed up with gym and swimming at Uncle Steven's place at Orchard Scotts. Unfortunately, K and I had a major tiff on the way there, and i decided to take a train back home on my own. Which on hindsight, was a good thing, cause i felt i haven't really rested this weekend, and i really didn't feel like exercising or swimming after the fight. I bought my favourite honey lemon green tea from SweetTalk as my comfort food on the way home.

K says i tend to go crazy everytime my period is due to arrive. Maybe this was why we had the tiff. Thing is, i've missed it by a few days now.. maybe i'm pregnant. That'll explain my major outburst of craziness today..

Dinner & Dance Party

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Yesterday was my company's annual Dinner & Dance. This year's D&D was held at Swissotel The Stamford, and the theme was "Magical Kingdom". I had arranged for everyone to meet at the hotel lobby at 1830hrs, but was eventually 15 minutes late cause i had to look for halos to match my and XL's angel outfits. K drove me to Middle road for this, but i ended up buying only 1 white halo for XL, cause the shops did not have a halo in black.. was quite disappointed.= (

When i reached the lobby at 1845hrs, i saw nobody familiar, so i called my colleagues. Some were on the second floor, some on the way. On the escalator up to the second floor, i saw them. And i couldn't stop giggling at what i saw. We had a whole group of wizards, a Greek god, a devil and a witch.. it was such a hilarious sight. And i was pleasantly surprised because most of them had told me they did not have time to rent or buy costumes and so were not dressing up. In the end, of the 9 at our table, only 1 didn't dress up. The next 15-20 minutes was a photo taking frenzy as we took pictures with each other in our costumes. Kel and Carol arrived shortly as Pinocchio and a very pregnant witch.. so cute!! = )

There were 107 tables in total, and i must say this year's D&D is so much better than the last i attended at Ritz Carlton 2 years ago. Firstly, everyone at my table was more "ON", the emcee was good, games were fun, and the food was good. I am impressed most by the latter cause usually, mass produced food don't taste too good. But Swissotel impressed me with their good food and excellent service.

XL her white angel outfit, and the two of us made quite a sight - Dark and White Angels. My personal favourite was this guy who dressed up as Dumbledore, the wizard from Harry Potter. He had the dark blue pointy hat with silver stars and matching robes. And long grey hair. Super cool!
The best dressed table was Snow White & the Seven dwarves. We had a whole table of witches and wizards, a whole table of Harry Potter characters, Arabian royalty etc. And the best dressed individuals were Little Red Riding Hood (female) and this guy who was decked up with 3-D fruits and all kinds of food; he called himself the Magical Food Kingdom. Super lame.. Our colleagues from Marine Fuels dressed up as the 8 Immortals (crossing the sea). Even their department head joined in the fun. So sporting!

Dinner ended at around 11pm. And the dance floor opened. There was a disco draw at the end, where the emcee will draw a number and call out the winner. The winner has to be on the dance floor to win the prize otherwise there will be a re-draw. My group went out to the foyer to take pictures after the dinner, and were happily snapping away when i heard my name being called by the emcee.. My white angel and me both shrieked and dashed towards the banquet hall, but it was too late. I cursed under my breath as the emcee went: "Not here? RE-DRAW!" Damn!

The Invitation Card..

Group photo of I&W department

The Dark Side.. We are dark, BUT very friendly.. = P

The I&W Angels..

Me and Robin Hood!

After we were all tired of taking pictures, half the group headed home while the other half went back into the banquet hall to boogie.. We left at around 1230am. K picked me up and i started rattling away like an excited little girl the minute i got into the car. I must say i really enjoyed myself tremendously, can't wait for next year's D&D!

A very nice evening..

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Last Friday, i went over to beach road to source for my Dinner & Dance costume. The theme for this year's D&D was "Magical Kingdom". I had the intention of dressing up as Santarina, so i can wear my boots, and reuse the costume for my christmas party next month. But the rental was too expensive. So in the end, i got myself a pair of black wings and a silver wand. And a similar set in white for my colleague XL. I was gonna be a dark angel, and XL the white angel. = ) I went to 2 costume shops in total. One was Masquerade at Bali Lane. The place was so small and crowded i didn't enjoy my experience there at all. Also, i didn't really like how the uncle there spoke to me. I tried on one white fairy costume (which was hideous) before i gave up and left (not without squeezing my way through)! Then i went to No. 1 Costume at Aliwal Street. This was in stark contract to the previous one. Firstly, it was air conditioned. Secondly, the stuff there were very well organized. And most importantly of all, the employees there were friendly and helpful. So naturally, i spent my dough here.

After my costume shopping, K and I went to The Sail at Raffles Quay to use the gym and the pool facilities there. Ever since K rented an apartment there 2 months ago, i've never had the chance to use the facilities. F, on the other hand, loves the facilities at The Sail and have been going there quite frequently. All because her office is just opposite at One Raffles Quay. K had been telling me about their aqua gym and i had been looking forward to it. But when we got there, the aqua gym was all dry and under maintenance. Nonetheless, i took some pictures of it. Thought it was quite cool. They had stationary bicycles, treadmills, and also chaise-lounges with water jets underneath. Can't wait to use them! K and I ended up using the jacuzzi instead for 15 minutes. The location of the jacuzzi was not too good as it faced the construction site of the Integrated Resort. So it was extremely dusty. Out eyes hurt so badly after 15 minutes that we decided to get the hell out of there.

After our workout, we headed over to Lau Pa Sat for dinner. Dinner was 2 bowls of hot and soupy Ramen with chicken cutlet and gyoza dumpling, a bowl of peanut ice-kacang for dessert. I got a nice surprise when i stepped into Lau Pa Sat. It must have been a long time since i last went there, cause the place felt like a pub! There was a live band playing on a stage above the desserts stall, and a huge projector screen in the middle screening a soccer game!

It was so nice to have food at hawker center prices, and yet be able to enjoy good live music. The band was made up of 4 malay men, with super good voices. They ended their gig with "Boogie Wonderland". Amazing performance. They actually sounded like the Bee Gees. You know how difficult it is for men to sing like that?! I think i was the only one who applauded when they finished their song. I must have looked like an idiot clapping in the middle of a hawker center.. = )

Hundred Acre Woods... in Eunos??

I did not go to work yesterday. Slept in till 12pm.. K picked me up in the afternoon, and we met S for lunch at the Eunos industrial area. We had the famous fish mee sua at one of the coffee shops, then went and buy some of my favourite kueh ah boon and carrot cake from the kueh shop nearby.

Halfway through our lunch, K got a phone call. Judging from his response to the caller, i figured there was a delivery to our house and we had to rush back, cause he said: "Huh? You reach already? Okay i will be home in 20 minutes." So once he hung up, i pestered him for an explanation. He refused to tell me. S asked him too, but to no avail.. So she just smiled. That got me excited..

When i reached home, I saw the delivery guy sitting outside our flat. And there at our doorstep was 3 big plastic bags containing 60cm versions of Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger soft toys! K told me i wasn't supposed to be there when the toys were delivered cause i wasn't supposed to be home. So sweet.. = )

So now, i have my own little "Hundred Acre Woods" sitting in my living room!

Taipei - Wa Lai Liao !!

I'm going to Taipei next month! So excited. It'll be the first time for me. Can't wait to try all the street delicacies that they are so well known for.. and the smelly beancurd!! Wonder if i will love it or hate it..

We have a choice of 2 hotels under our company's list of recommended hotels: Hyatt and Westin. But my colleague said the Taipei Hyatt is haunted, so i guess Westin's a done deal.. The thought of staying in a haunted hotel room by myself just isn't too appealing. Hopefully Westin is "clean".. = (

Quantum of Solace & A New Boss

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Yesterday evening, K and I were invited to a movie screening at Lido for the show Quantum of Solace. The invitation came from Marriott Hotel, for their Global Customer Appreciation Week. There was supposed to be food provided, so we didn't eat anything before that.

When we arrived, we realized that the food was just finger food, nothing staple. There was some tim sum (siew mai), fried chicken wing, teriyaki chicken and beef, and chicken caesar salad. There were plenty of desserts though, cakes and pastries mainly, and chocolate eclairs. We simply went for a few rounds of the same thing before we were soon stuffed. The hotel even gave us free popcorn for the movie. And the best part was that it was sweet, not salty.. = )

I must say Daniel Craig is not the best James Bond ever.. my favourite is still the chest hairy Pierce Brosnan, although i felt "Mamma Mia" kinda ruin his charming reputation. Didn't really enjoyed the movie, nearly fell asleep halfway. For the record, i am not one to fall asleep easily during a show or performance. There weren't as much fast cars and sex scenes in this James Bond episode. K said it's sad the direction the Bond series is taking.. so different from the old Bond movies where there were much more action..

The show ended about 920pm, and we drove home.. I was expecting a call from my boss at 10pm. Just before we drove into our carpark, my boss called.. He had the rest of my team on the line, apparently for a 5 minute call.. everyone had been wondering what the call was about. Initially, i had thought my boss just wanted to check that everyone had made it safely home from Paris. But we got a surprise instead. We were gonna have a new boss on 1 January 2009. A female one at that. My current boss will be transferred from US to UK for his new assignment. I was rather sad, cause i kinda like this one - full of humour and young so there was no generation gap. Then again, i shouldn't discount the fact that my new lady boss will be nice too.. keeping my fingers crossed for now!

Weekend Weddings..

I attended 2 wedding dinners last weekend. The first was the wedding of my brother-in-law's sister MQ. It was at Bliss Garden Restaurant at Singapore Expo. I had been advised that the march in will be at 830pm.. My flight back from Paris was due to touch down at 545pm.. however, by the time i cleared immigration and collected my baggage, it was already 615pm. And as luck had it, i run into some technical problems at immigration and my baggage took longer than usual to arrive.

It was a mad rush when K and I reached home. I bathed, put on some make up and then we rushed down to pick my mom up before heading to the restaurant. When we arrived at the restaurant, the bride and groom were already standing outside waiting to march in. So i kinda half ran, half walk into the restaurant..

MQ had put in photos of her brother, my sister and me in her wedding photo montage. I had no issues with it, except that the pictures were more than 10 years old, and i looked like a nerd. K and I had a good laugh over it! + P The march in was quite interesting. When the doors opened, the groom came in by himself and sang a cantonese love song. I never knew he had the talent of a karaoke king! It was really sweet.. as the song ended, he walked out to bring in his bride for the actual march in.. I didn't really enjoyed the dinner though, although i thought i would since it would be the first Asian meal i had since i came back from Paris. But the dishes were sub-standard. It was more like a catching-up session for me and my family.. = )

The second wedding that i attended was a secondary school friend that K and I both knew. It was at Conrad. Before the wedding, K and I went to Golden Mile to pick up my parents in law from their Genting trip, before rushing (again!) for the wedding dinner. It was nice catching up with some old friends again at the table.. The couple had hired a professional to be their emcee.. in the beginning, i thought the emcee was quite good, but he kinda got pretty lame and irritating towards the end. Overall ambience was good, food-wise.. so so only. The whole group at my table stayed back after the dinner with the intention of making the couple pissed drunk, but to no avail. Ended up one of the groom's "brothers" got drunk instead. We were very disappointed. The bride's father was so so protective of his daughter that he stood beside her the whole while, asking her not to drink, asking US to not force her to drink, and then sticking around until she had no choice but to go back to her room, leaving us with her husband. Bummer! I'm kinda proud to say my wedding was definitely more happening than theirs! At least our friends (those who are close enough to bother to stay back) got their chance to "saboh" us untill we puke into the wee hours of the morning on our wedding night! = P

Thick red line...

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I went to SGH to have my blood drawn for some tests during lunch today.. K and I met for lunch at my favourite hawker center Seah Im before we headed to the hospital.

It was the usual procedure: the nurse asked me to squeeze the stress ball with my left hand, and then inserted the needle while i looked the other way.. everything was done in less than 10 seconds. I had a plaster over the wound and walked out as usual. K was sitting in front of the cashier counter waiting. I was 10 steps away from K when i felt something wet on my left arm. To my horror, i saw a thick red line of blood flowing down my left arm.. and the entire plaster was soaking red.. There was basically a lot of blood.. I kinda freaked out cause this was the first time this has ever happened (i've had my blood drawn for like the hundredth time!). So i yelled out to K.

So there i was, in the middle of a waiting area full of people, dripping blood, and yelling at K to get me a piece of tissue. K didn't have any tissue paper so he got into a frenzy and went to the counter and asked one of the nurses for a tissue, got me one, and then asked me to run back for another plaster.. which i did..

5 minutes later, all was good.. we sat at the waiting area, waiting for our turn to make payment.. me trying to recover from the mini shock, and K's finger pressing on my plaster.. =)

Bonjour Paris!

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I was in Paris last week, and didn’t want to come back… Albeit my second time in this beautiful city, I am still constantly amazed with what this place has to offer.

I arrived in the Charles de Gaulle airport on Monday morning 7am, and took a cab to the hotel. For some reason, I was relieved to find that my cab driver was an Asian, although he wasn’t one who believed in making small talk. Which was a good thing I guess, since I was pretty tired from my 13 hour flight. My flight to Paris was uneventful. I sat next to this mother and her baby. At first, I was cursing at my luck cause I thought I would be hearing the baby cry throughout the flight. I hate it when people bring their babies or small kids onto business class! Then again, maybe the truth is I hate that they’re that wealthy to afford it. = ) Nonetheless, I was surprised to find that we had a happy baby. He was smiling and laughing all the time, and more importantly, he slept like a baby (pun intended) for most of the journey. Lucky me!

It was a 45 min ride to the hotel.. I checked in and didn’t really like what I saw. The room was small.. And they didn’t provide bedroom slippers!! I would have brought my own if I knew this was the case. The worst thing was, there is this part of the room ceiling that slants, and I kept knocking my head against it when I prance around the room. In addition, the work table was extremely small, and I had to ration the limited space for my laptop, wires, hair straightener and my dry toiletries… Nonetheless, after the first 2 days, I kinda got used to it and it wasn’t so bad.. = )

My initial plan was to take a 2 hour nap at the hotel and then do some sight seeing after. But I ended up logging on to my laptop and was clearing emails and work until 3pm, before my hunger got the better of me and I decided to head out for some food. Lunch was a small quiche lorraine which I bought at a bakery by the streets. I strolled to Notre Dame and had my quiche there at the gardens beside Notre Dame – a true architectural wonder. It shames me to know that people in the 11th century can build something of this caliber, while we in the 21st century, with all the technology are making buildings that pale in comparison in terms of the design and architecture.

After my quiche, I went window shopping at the street side stores near my hotel, and ended the day with dinner at this Italian restaurant. Had really lousy spaghetti bolognaise. I made it up with two scoops of Haagen Diaz ice cream after. = ) The Haagen Diaz guy attending to me didn’t really understand English, so he kept scratching his head when I asked him about the toppings.. So it was like, my 2 scoops of ice-cream (with no toppings) in his one hand, and him scratching his head in his other hand. I was quite freaked out by the fact that his dandruff might just float its way into my ice-cream.. My colleagues called me soon after and asked if I wanted to join them and my boss for dinner. I rejected because I had already ate, but mainly because I was too exhausted then and didn’t feel like socializing.

The next 3 days were all business and a little bit of fun.. I met my new team member from Guatemala for the first time. He did a little presentation on his home country, and it was interesting. Will definitely visit Guatemala and its active volcanoes one of these days.

If there’s anything I didn’t quite like, it’s the food. I know the French are known for their fine cuisine, but I guess the food is too exotic for my liking. We had like foie gras for lunch almost everyday, and then there was a lot of wine and bread and cheese. And there were the escargots, and beef and veal. All of these are not really my favorite foods.. but I think K would be loving it if he was here! And the French loves late dinners, and they love to talk alot so I ended up having my dinner at like 9pm every night, going back at 11pm to work, and hence sleeping late every night. On the first night, my boss took the guys out for a night cap after our late dinner, and they slept at like 4am because they were watching the US elections live. The next morning, when I did my presentation, half the group were half asleep cause they had like only 2 hours of sleep! Haha.. = )

Anyways, here are some of the highlights of my 5 day trip in Paris:

  • On the first night, we went for an evening cruise on the river Seine. It was so romantic I wished K was there with me. We passed by a lot of historic building, and of course the Eiffel Tower. It was lit up in blue to commemorate the country’s presidency in the European Union. The view of the tower from the river was magnificent. My boss bought us ice cold Heineken beer, so we were drinking beer on the river at night at 8 degrees Celsius! I couldn’t feel my hands after the cruise.. During the cruise, we also went under the most romantic bridge in Paris. The guide said we are supposed to kiss our neighbour as we go under the bridge and make a wish. I kissed Laurie, my only female colleague in the team, and made a wish... = )

  • We witnessed the election of America’s first black president Barrack Obama. There was plenty of Obama talk after the 4th Nov with phrases like “Yes we can!” and “CHANGE has come to America” within the team, especially my male colleagues. We had so much difficulty connecting to the internet during our meeting that one of the catch phrases among the team was: “Can we connect to the internet? YES WE CAN!” = P

  • Our team building was a city tour of Paris in a van conducted by a super cute French tour guide named Christopher. We went to the Notre Dame (the interior was as spectacular as the outside), the French Arc of Triumph, Basilique du Sacre Coeur (another of my fave churches), Eiffel Tower and passed by the Louvre and many others. My boss even bought all of us a Eiffel Tower key chain each.. = ) Tea break was at a little street near the Basilique, where I had hot waffle with Nutella spread and a cuppa hot chocolat, while watching people walk past and street painters displaying their works of art.. Ah.. such is life.. = )

  • Our lunch was at a glass house restaurant in the hotel, with a huge crane hovering above us with a bunch of steel rods in tow. The best thing was, the crane operator had a wine bottle in his cabin. How reassuring!
    My favorite meal was this fish burger we had for one of our lunches: a huge chunk of fresh white fish in between 2 potato patties. That was the most “normal” meal I had since the first day of the meeting.

  • On my last day on Friday, I went to the Louvre and saw the world acclaimed Mona Lisa, as well as Venus de Milo (the goddess without arms). Was quite disappointed by Mona Lisa cause it’s really tiny! And it was too “protected” with all the glass panels and frames. They even erected a barrier in front of the painting so people can’t get too close to it.

    • Went shopping with Anne on the last day, and witnessed a basker at work in the metro. He had props set up, tying a black cloth between the two steel bars in the metro and hiding behind the cloth to do his tricks. Even had music playing from his stereo player. It was totally innovative, and I simply had to donate come of my Euros to him when he came by.

    • I finally bought something from the flagship LV store at Champs Elysees. A speedy 35” bag and a short wallet. But both are not for me, but bought on behalf of my friends.. So sad! First time buy LV and it’s not for myself.. So I made up for it by splurging on 2 bags: One from Long Champ (the famous foldable one in dark brown), and one casual black sling bag from Agnes B.

    • I had my name paged over the PA system in the airport for the first time. Shopping and dinner with Anne took longer than expected (we had super delicious Japanese for dinner!). So by the time I got back to the hotel to pick up my luggage, it was 830pm. My flight was at 1010pm. I reached the airport at 930pm, checked in, and tried to look for the tax refund counter. The usual one was closed so I had to look for the other one, and I ended up running around in circles getting lost. By the time I found it, my name had been paged, and some immigration guy got me and asked me to hurry up cause I was the last passenger. From then on, it was a 300m sprint to the gates with 2 airport staff running beside me with my bags.. When I reached the gate, the whole crew was standing there waiting for me.. it was so embarrassing! And when I got on the aerobridge and approached the aircraft entrance, there were already 3-4 senior air crew standing there waiting for me… oh boy! >_<>

    My flight back was uneventful, watched one show and slept mostly. There was this couple beside me who actually stood up to take pictures of themselves in business class. I smiled to myself, cause I remembered myself wanting to do exactly the same when I first flew on business class. Then again, I never got to it. Too embarrassing lah!

    Overall, I must say my trip to Paris has been quite dramatic. And I picked up a bit of French along the way too! At least now I know what R.S.V.P stands for! = )

    Home sweet home..

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    I came back from my Paris business trip on 8th Nov.. K had told me he won't be picking me up from the airport the day before.. but when i was pushing my trolley towards the taxi queue... he appeared from behind a pillar grinning from ear to ear.. = )

    When i arrived home, the house was spick and span.. he knew i was a neat freak, and i needed to see the house free from mess everytime i came back from my trips, so he actually tidied up the house.. it wasn't the best job, but i was touched that at least he put in the effort..

    Then when i walked into our bedroom, i was greeted by this:

    It was so CUTE!! K had bought this huge Winnie the Pooh bear for me the day before.. it wasn't a special occasion or anything, just a little surprise for me. I totally melted when i saw that.. he even bothered to arrange this little layout.. The small Pooh bear is the one he used to propose to me 2 years ago.. I was happy, but guilty at the same time, cause K said i didn't look too excited.. Well that was probably because when he saw my facial expression, i was thinking of where to put the huge toy so that it will not gather too much dust.. = P

    Sigh.. looks like i need to get a life and learn to take it easy huh!

    My 2 week long break!

    True to what my horoscope readings said, my social life has been too happening over the past 2 weeks.
    I went to Australia for 9 days, then flew to Paris for a week on the same day that i came back from Australia. Came back on 8 Nov, attended two weddings over the weekend, and now back to work - slapped back to the harsh reality of life.. = (

    On Oct 24, K and I flew to Western Australia with our good friends, EK, S and F. We rented a car and went on a road trip for 8 days from Perth and down South to Albany and Margaret River. There were many incidents and adventures, and i had the best time of my life. It was the first time i went on a trip with my buddies, and i can't wait for the next one already!

    Here are some of the highlights of our Western Australia trip:

    • EK had diarrohea on the 2nd day till the 4th day, then K fell sick and had a vomit tirade on the 3rd day. Both were our assigned drivers for the trip
    • We broke the bathroom lamp in our Perth accomodation
    • We killed a bird during our road trip travelling at 140km/hr
    • F fell down at the carpark outside the Conuhu Wildlife park where S saw and took pictures with the Koala bears for the first time (i saw a Koala bear pee right in front of me for the first time - it had such an ugly butt!)
    • We went sandboarding on the Sand Dunes at the Pinnacles - on our butts. With no proper sand boards. It's an experience i will never ever forget - all 5 of us sliding down this huge sand slope together on the count of 3!
    • We witnessed a super happening gay party in the heart of Perth at Northbridge
    • We attended a surfing competition at Margaret River and saw, during the entire trip, some of the most amazing waves and crystal clear sea i've ever seen in my entire life.. I've seen it before, but it still amazes me how powerful and beautiful the ocean is .. = )
    • We spotted some huge whales, or rather their tails in Augusta
    • We made, and lost, some money at the Burswood casino. And i was not asked for my ID when i entered! A rare case i must say.. = )

    K and I arrived one day later than the rest. On the last night, we went to Northbridge and was caught in the middle of a huge festival. The roads were bloked off, and there were temporary stages set up for mini performances. I especially like this little corner where people had set up a silent disco. People were basically given wireless headphones with pre-recorded music, and they could all dance in the middle in silence - It was funny to see all these people dancing in silence, but i thought the idea was totally cool!

    My parents in law picked us up from the airport on 2 Nov morning, and we went for tim sum breakfast at the airport. Upon reaching home, we heard a tiny kitten mewing and found it in the bushes below our block. I think it must have been less than 10 days old cause it's eyes were not even open yet. K and I decided to take it home, and thought we had saved its life. We decided to name the kitten Bob. K research on the Internet on how to take care of a baby kitten, then went to buy this special formula milk powder and fed it, and bathe it.

    The kitten slept for a while..but then kept mewing at night just before i left for Paris.. we didn't know what was wrong with it, tried to feed it but it didn't drink too much milk, so we just left it there thinking it will probably just fall asleep.

    When i arrived in Paris the next day, i received a text message from K. Bob had died.. Until now, K still hasn't gotten over it. He keeps thinking he had caused Bob's death by not using a heating lamp to provide warmth for the kitten. K says Bob most probably froze to death. Sigh.. i don't know how to help K get over it. Hopefully time will heal everything..

    I would like to dedicate this blog in loving memory of little baby Bob..