Bria is 32 Weeks!

Bria is now 32 weeks.. and growing.. Everyone says i look very small for a mom with a 32 weeks baby inside me.. At first, that got me worried, until Dr Lim told me Bria is growing at a healthy size.  It's true that from the back, i don't look like i am pregnant at all.  There's a good and bad side of it i guess.  Bad side being that i get irritated people over taking me from behind when i walk on the streets.  Irritated because they don't know i am pregnant and probably thinks i am just walking really slowly to hog the streets and cause human jams.. haha.. = )

Every passing day brings with it increased anticipation, as well as anxiety for me.  I've been trying to tidy up the house and completing my baby shopping these few weeks.. Both are more or less 80-90% done.  Just need to wait for the baby cot to come next week.  And for the maid to arrive so i can finish up packing my house.  I actually went crazy several times trying to prepare the house for both the baby and the maid.  Till now, K and I are still trying to decide on a maid to bring home with us.  I need someone to start end November.  The new ones are all still in their home countries and their passports would take a long time to prepare. And the experienced ones are already in Singapore, so they need to start ASAP.  So we are kinda stuck now.

Plus, I am growing more and more weary and tired these days.. Even a 1 hour dinner outside makes me very tired.  I have also been experiencing this stitch-like pain in the lower right of my tummy for the past few days, and it makes walking and getting up from a sitting position really painful.  Mom and Sis commented that Bria will most probably be born early, cause I look really tired for someone who is 32 weeks pregnant, plus the fact that my feet have swelled for the second time.  Mom says labor will start soon after my feet swells for the 3rd time.. Interesting.. = )

Sigh.. i feel as if i am already in confinement. Life is so monotonous at home, but yet i am too tired to go out.  I've 4 story books to complete, but yet i don't have time.  Time just seems to fly by and nothing much gets achieved.  And yet so much is happening.  The baby is coming, the maid is coming,  plus we're getting a car, and moving house.. K and I are still trying to decide which car to buy. We have also been viewing plenty of properties recently with his parents.  Crazy as it may sound, but I'm actually quite excited at the prospect of moving in with my in-laws.. = )

This weekend i will be staying over at Dad's place for one night.  The maid has been sent back, and Mom's going for a weekend Batam trip, so Sis and I are taking turns to look after Dad.  I just hope everything will be okay, cause we are both kinda "handicapped" now, so the two of us aren't really the best combination to take care of each other! = )

The Beginning of Sleepless Nights

I haven't been sleeping well for the past few days.. I can't sleep on my back, which is the most comfortable position for me, cause i will wake up with a horrible back ache.  But i can't sleep on my left side, or my right side either, cause it is very uncomfortable, and i always end up rolling back on my back.

So i end up awaking several times throughout the night, and feeling really tired in the morning when i do wake up.  Yesterday, i woke up with such a bad backache that i couldn't walk, so i just stood there in my room for a few minutes before i dragged myself to the bathroom... Sigh.. Plus, i dropped the air con remote control in the middle of the night into the little space behind my bedframe, and it got stuck there.  So I ended up really cold at night cause i couldn't turn off the air con, cause i didn't want to wake up and dig up the remote control.

Then at night, when i sit on my sofa while watching TV, i have difficulty getting up from the sofa after that.  I had to pull on my own pants to lift myself up.. It's so irritating that i don't feel like watching TV any more on my sofa.  haha..

Arghhh.. I cannot sit, and I cannot sleep.. I want my hubby!!

One more day!

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K is finally coming back tomorrow!!  Sigh.. i miss him so much for the past 5 days.. = (

Yesterday, Mom and Dad came over to my place with the maid to help me do some housework.  Mom bought mee pok noodles for lunch from the coffee shop below my place and it was yummy!  Didn't know they had such delicious noodles near my place.. haha.. Mom said the stall even appeared on Channel U.. Interesting..

I finally got down to clearing some drawer space to keep all the baby clothes.  After washing all the baby clothes, i realized that the mittens and booties were too small (and troublesome) to be hung individually on the bamboo poles.  So i went downstairs to purchase one of those plastic thingie with little clothes pegs to hang up all the baby booties and mittens.. Everything is so tiny that i couldn't help smiling when i finally finished hanging everything up.  They just look sooo cute!! = )

In the evening, i went to My Humble House at the Esplanade for Ilane's wedding. There, i met up with some of my uni friends. The last time i met some of them was like more than a year ago so we had plenty to catch up on.. I really liked the whole ambience of the wedding. Very unique and not like the normal traditional Chinese wedding at all. First of all, the restaurant had a dark colored theme, so when i went in, i felt like i was going to a posh pub rather than a chinese restaurant. And the food is good too, with inidividual servings for each guest so there was no need for a lazy susan.. I totally love that cause it means i don't have to stretch and take the food myself.. haha..  Plus, the theme of the wedding was Alice In Wonderland.  Although none of the guests dressed according to the theme, the bride had a really interesting outfit for her evening gown that fitted the theme.  And i like that the table numbers were displayed using poker cards. = )

After the dinner, I was supposed to have supper / ice cream with Xia and Mok.  But in the end, we decided against it, cause that would mean that we would stay past midnight, and i would have to take a cab back, cause nobody could send me home.  Plus, Xia said she was on a diet.  So in the end, we decided to meet tomorrow instead for pizza dinner at my place.  Su and Hyder gave me a lift back after the dinner. 

Sigh.. this Xia is still the same old girl.. no change at all.. Still smoking a lot, and drinking so much wine at the wedding and talking nonsense.  She actually went for a makeover.  I was quite surprised when i first saw her all made up and hair done up nicely .. = P

I met up with Gary and Pui this afternoon to test drive another car.. K found a better car, same model but much lower mileage. In the end, 4 others from the MX5 club joined us.. haha.. so pai seh leh, one person want to buy car but so many people come along. = )  Anyway, after testing the car, the men said it was a "okay", so i have already made the offer.. hopefully the dealer will agree to our price.

After the test drive, Gary, Pui and I headed to Indoor Stadium for the live basketball game: Singapore vs. Philippines.  Critics have predicted the latter to be the ABL champion this year, so i was expecting Singapore to be trashed.  Plus, when we arrived at the stadium, there was a HUGE mass of Filippinos there supporting and cheering their fellow players.. It was a really exciting match, with lotsa shouting and cheering. Much more exciting than the Brunei match last week.. The game got really rough in the last quarter, BUT Singapore WON!!!!  We were the underdogs!! I am so happy!!  I think i shouted and cheered too much that i felt really uncomfortable after that..  I felt as if my tummy got tighter and heavier.  Think Bria got frightened by all my cheering... = P

Home Alone

I am home alone again.. K left for his Tokyo trip on Thursday morning, and will only be back on Monday. I have been thinking of asking somebody to stay over with me, just in case, but in the end still decided against it. I figured it won't be much help also, cause whoever stays will be working in the day, so it's only at night that i will have company. Plus i have activities on Thursday and Saturday night so that leaves only 2 nights free.

It's ironic how K and I seem to be taking turns travelling. Now that i've stopped (or rather i got no choice) travelling, it's K's turn. Really worried that he won't be around when baby is born! Think i will freak out.

Yesterday, I met up with a reporter from Today to comment on this article he wrote about how the government's various policies to help the female workforce with work life balance is not working. The article touched on the new baby bonus and maternity package. So i decided to share with him about my story. Of how i have been treated unfairly by my company, and deprived of my full 4 months paid maternity leave (i'm only gonna get 2 months). We chatted for over an hour over coffee bean breakfast, after which i popped over to mom's office for a brief chat.

In the evening, i met up with J for my birthday dinner treat. She kept asking me what i want for my present, but i really can't think of anything i want.. everything i want to buy is for baby.. so it won't really be for myself, so in the end, i just asked her to treat me to dinner loh. We went window shopping after that and headed home around 8plus. J said she will come over and stay tomorrow night, and probably cook dinner for me on Sunday.. so sweet right! B will be back from Rome tomorrow morning, so maybe the 3 of us can spend Sunday evening together and play mahjong! = )

Bria is 30 weeks young !!

Bria is now 30 weeks. 10 more weeks to go!! I am stuck between feeling overwhelmed with excitement at her pending arrival, and feeling overwhelmed with anxiety thinking about how my labor and delivery will be like.

Every night during my talking and singing sessions with Bria, i always ask for her help to cooperate with me, so that i can have a quick and easy labour and a natural birth in order for us to meet each other immediately. Hopefully she understands.. These days, i am also singing the ABC song to her, talk about being kiasu right! = P

Yesterday, K and I went for my monthly check up at Thomson. As usual, despite calling to get a queue number in the morning, i still had to wait 1.5 hours in the clinic. The bad part was i felt really grouchy for some reason yesterday, so i got really frustrated waiting that i think everyone in the clinic could feel i was pissed off. I got up several times to ask the receptionist how long more i had to wait. Sigh..

We finally got our turn to see Dr Lim close to 5pm. I asked him questions about my weight gain, cause i only gained 1kg over the past 1 month, and my tummy seemed pretty small for a 30 weeks baby. Dr Lim did the ultrasound scan, and i saw Bria again after 1 long month.. = ) She's 1.7kg now, and her head has turned towards my pelvic area. She actually gave me a little punch during the ultrasound and my heart just melted.. = ) Dr Lim says she's doing well, but just lying in a different diagonal position that makes my tummy looks small, but wide. haha.. my Bria is so considerate, she knows that if my tummy is too big, it will be very heavy for me, so she lie in a diagonal position to make my tummy "smaller".. = )

After 2 weeks of car shopping, K finalized the deal for our new car yesterday.. Now the next challenge is to try and find a buyer for our little MX5. Hai... actually we are very reluctant to sell, cause we love that car! Plus it's our wedding car!! But it's really not practical with my big tummy and the baby coming and all.. No choice lah..

Toto Winner

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K struck toto! I was helping him validate all his toto tickets on Tuesday, and one of the tickets actually had 4 winning numbers. I was so excited when i keyed in the numbers into the prize calculator, only to find out that we only won $90.. haha.. so stupid! But better than nothing i guess!

C and I met up with 2 ladies from Capitaland on Tuesday morning, and was asked to pitch for their Christmas and Chinese New Year projects. Really hope we will get the deal this time, so i can get my commission. These days i have been busy sending out quotations but none of them have turned into purchase orders yet.. Sigh.. I really need something to happen soon so i will have some some income!!

Mom's Birthday

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Monday was Mom's 55th birthday. I brought her for high tea at Marriott and was surprised to see so many people on a Monday afternoon.. Didn't know so many people didn't have to work on a weekday.. = )

Anyway, it wasn't as good as all the reviews said.. In fact, i didn't think Mom really enjoyed it. She kept saying there was no staple (like rice or noodles) so it's not a proper meal.. Sigh.. to her, rice and noodles is the only thing that will make any meal proper!

After high tea, we went shopping, and i exchanged the dress that she and Sis bought for me (for my birthday) for another much nicer design.. Haha... i really think there is a generation gap between us. The dress they picked for me made me look like a penguin cause it had these black and white stripes in front from the neck dodown to the hem. I really couldn't bring myself to wear it, so i had to be honest with them and change the dress. = P

Mom and I headed to her place after our shopping, and joined Dad and K for a home cooked dinner. It's been more than a month since i last went to my parents' place. It was as if nothing had happened.. Sigh..

High Class Burger King??

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I saw this BK outlet at Ion Orchard while shopping with B last week..

Super "atas" leh!!  Didn't even realize it was BK until i saw the gold letterings.. I wonder what the hell they are trying to do..  Then again, i must say it's pretty nicely done.. = )

Another exciting weekend

I had another exciting weekend.  On Saturday, K and I went car testing and shopping again.. I saw this interesting car at one of the dealer showrooms and thought i should put it on my blog cause it's just so cool.. Even the insides of the car are decked out in leather design that's so "LV" inspired.. I can't help but wonder what kind of person the owner is.. = )

B and J came over in the evening for mahjong.. J was late, so the 3 of us headed to Kembangan for dinner first.  We had delicious pig liver mee sua, yummy pork floss beancurd and a thick piece of fish otah.  We finally started our mahjong session around 8plus, and played until about 12 midnight.  B crashed over at our place, cause we had planned to go to JB for breakfast the next morning..

On Sunday morning, the 4 of us (K, B, J and me) left for JB around 730am for my favourite bak kut teh.. This time round, i had my fill cause there were less people, and i could order what i wanted.. We even bought our own you tiao cause the one that they served isn't as fresh. = )  After breakfast, the 4 of us went shopping at GIANT.  K and I bought plenty of fruits: Watermelon, coconut, jackfruits and grapes!  We wanted to buy some Vitagen too, cause it's much cheaper there, but to my surprise, Vitagen was completely out of stock.  On the shelves instead were all the Yakults, and a little booth with a sales promoter promoting Yakult.. Hmmm.. stupid Yakult must have bribed GIANT to carry only their drinks and force my Vitagen out of shelf space!

We had lunch after GIANT, at this chinese restaurant that J recommended.  We had bittergourd soup, dou miao, cod fish, and chicken.  Food was so so.. but i especially like the "Yuan Yang" cod fish, cause the dish is prepared such that there are 2 pieces of cod fish, one steamed and one pan fried.  Thought that was pretty

After our hearty lunch, we headed back to Singapore, pumping petrol and washing the car before we hit the causeway.  We were lucky to sail pass without any traffic jams, and was in Singapore by 2pm. 

Before heading home, K and I took J and B for a ride to Takashimaya to buy our baby cot.  It was the natural wood 4-in-1 cot bed by Roccio, that allows the cot to be converted into a single junior bed up to 6-7 years old.  Good investment.  Even comes with free bedding, pillows and bolster.

We finally headed home at around 3pm, dropping J and B off at their homes before hurrying back ourselves.  We had one hour before we had to rush to Indoor Stadium to catch a live basketball game at 4pm.

It was Singapore vs. Brunei for the Asian Basketball League (ABL) game.. Turnout was pretty pathetic, so i am not surprised professional basketball is still not a big thing in Singapore.  How good can the players get if they are not being paid well?? 

Nonetheless, i enjoyed myself thoroughly.  I think baby did too, cause she kicked and moved a lot during the game.  I guessed it's been a long time since she heard so much cheering and clapping. = )

Singapore won the game, so it was a home victory.  Next Sunday will be Singapore vs. Philippines.  Critics have predicted the Filipinos to be the ABL champion this year, and more than 3000 Filipinos to turn up for next Sunday's game, so i'm sure it will be even more exciting!

Singapore Slingers (in orange) and Brunei Barracudas (in black) 
Can you see the Singapore merlion mascot?

The Slinger Girls doing their cheerleading stuff

Slingers getting some prep talk before the second half begins


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Birthday Celebration - Part 2

I am officially 28 years old!!  My birthday celebration with K started with breakfast at this really small and cosy bakery just a few minutes drive from our place.  This bakery had been featured (and given a high rating) on so K decided to give it a try..

I had quiche lorraine, mushroom soup and freshly squeezed orange juice, while K had a cheese twist and rosti with veal sausage.. Everything was perfecto!  Haven't had such a delicious Western breakfast since NZ!

The wide selection of bakery goodies we had to choose from

Me enjoying my birthday breakfast!

After breakfast, it was all work again.. K drove me around to meet up with 3 more printers near our place for the Luftansa deal.  By the time we were done, it was almost 2pm.  We then headed to a car showroom and this baby hyperstore to shop for baby stuff and cars.. Our MX5 is really getting quite uncomfortable for me these days, so we have decided to buy a less "selfish" car.. = )

Next up was more baby shopping at Takashimaya.. We bought a big bag of baby stuff, but my list of things to be bought still seems very long! = (   While shopping, we saw Kumar from Boom Boom Room.  He had been hired by the organizers behind the New Face 2009 contest, so he was standing behind the stage when we saw him.. I decided to take a picture with him, cause he was SO nicely dressed! Plus, i just went on You Tube recently to watch some of his stand-ups, and i must say he's REALLY good..

A very fat me with a very skinny Kumar

After our little shopping spree, K and I went to catch a movie at Cathay. We watched "Funny People" starring Adam Sandler.. Some people say this is his best movie ever.. but i beg to differ.. it's nice, but not his best show definitely, just a good movie with a slightly different tweak / new angle on portraying comedy.

My plan had been to take as many photos as possible on my birthday, but that didn't actualize.  Mainly because my entire day was spent either at factories (visiting printers), or indoors during the shopping and movie watching..  So there weren't many opportunities or nice places for picture taking... Sigh.. looks like i have to set aside another day to dress up and take photos of my preggers body!

After the movie, K and I went to our favourite Modestos for dinner.. I had a complimentary 3-course birthday meal, and K ordered an extra pizza for himself.. It was a simple yet romantic dinner.. We tried to ask the wait staff to take some pictures of us in the restaurant, but gave up cause the lighting was too dim, and all the photos ended up looking blur.. Sigh.. In the end, we decided to just stick with K taking pictures of me instead...
 Me enjoying the focaccia and my favourite dish - Salmon Fettuccine!

Side profile of 28 years old pregnant me, and my Birthday Tiramisu Cake!

By the time we reached home, it was nearly 11pm.  I spent the last hour of my birthday going through all the quotes from the printers, and preparing a final quotation for Luftansa.. So sad right!  Really hope i can get this deal, otherwise all my efforts would have been in vain!  If i get this deal, that would be a really nice birthday present.. although my best birthday present so far is still little baby Bria... = )

Birthday Celebration - Part 1

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My mom and sister took half day's leave on Wednesday to celebrate my birthday with me.  We had lunch at New York Cafe at City Link mall.. Food was so so only, but it's the company that counts... = )  After lunch, the 3 of us went shopping for baby stuff and for my niece's birthday present cause it was her birthday that day..  Sis got her daughter a barbie doll set, whereas i bought her a Dora The Explorer lunch box in addition to the 2 educational card sets that i bought earlier last month.  I figured since she is going to Primary School next year, a lunch box would be useful.

We had a coffee break around 4pm at Ya Kun.. then i had to leave early to rush to Orchard Palais Renaissance to meet up with Luftansa airlines... As usual, they called me one day before and asked me to meet them at such short notice.  Sigh.. no choice loh, got potential business so cannot complain.. So for the second half of my day, i was running around like a mad woman so that i can get a quotation to Luftansa.  After my meeting with them, i went to Bras Brasah to show one printer the samples, then i went to the airport to get more of the samples cause i only had one.  Then i met up with another printer below my house after i left the airport.  By the time i was done, it was nearly 8pm.  K landed at the airport since 3pm but i didn't get to see him until late at night.. = (  What a day!!

Shopping Marathon

K left for HK this morning around 5am.. I had planned to go for a walk at Botanic Gardens with the New Mothers Support Group, but it started to rain later in the morning, so i stayed in bed.  I was so lazy to get up from bed (plus it's very tedious to do so nowadays) that by the time i got up to close the windows, my bedroom floor was already wet with rain.  Sigh...

I met up with B at Eunos MRT in the afternoon, and we spent the entire day shopping in Orchard Road, the latter of which has changed so much since i came back from New Zealand.. The whole place has been given a face lift with 2 new malls (Ion Orchard & Orchard Central) and one more coming up (Knightsbridge).  Not sure what the ultimate end game is for these developers cause all the retail shops are more or less the same.  B and I had soup spoon for lunch at Paragon before heading to Metro for the infant fair, which isn't much of a fair cause it's really just their baby department with discounts.

All in all, i indulged myself in retail therapy and bought myself 2 gorgeous dresses and 1 top from this HK label in Hereen, 1 tube top from Wisma, and a pair of really cute soft leather shoes from Ion Orchard.  Definitely not looking forward to my credit card bill this month! = P

After a whole day of shopping, i am now officially tired out.. For dinner, B and I met up with J at Clarke Quay for some Mexican food.. another craving of mine! = )

Tomorrow is another day of shopping, this time with my Mom and Sis, who took half day leave to accompany me.. This time round, we will be going to Marina Square!  I really hope my feet will be able to take all this walking!

Mooncake Festival

B and J came over to my house for mahjong on Saturday.. We played 2 rounds, and then had mooncakes and tea at 1am.  We finally ended the game at around 230am that day.. I seem to be sleeping quite late these days... wonder if that will encourage baby to sleep late when she is born.. haha.. =)

On Sunday, K and I went over to my grandma's place for dinner. My sis was there too with her two girls, and both my parents as well.  After dinner, the girls and the neighbor's daughter went outside the house to play with their lanterns while i took turns with my sis and mom to watch over them.  It was a joy simply watching their delightful faces and innocent behavior.  The 3 of them also took turns to come over and touch my tummy, asking all kinds of questions that don't fail to amuse me.. = )

Overall, i had a wonderful mid-autumn this year!

Moving House & 2 Big Meals

2 days ago, K and I moved into one of the studio apartments at The Sail.  K suggested this, cause the apartment was supposed to be vacant all the way until 14 Oct.  That got me really excited, cause it means i can go to the aqua gym everyday!  I even asked some friends and my sister to come over to swim.

Then yesterday morning, K got a call from a customer who had arranged for someone to move into the apartment the next morning.  So we had to pack up the 2 week's supply we had just unpacked the day before, and move out.. So stupid right!  And i haven't even started to use the pool yet. There goes my plans!

Anyway, I met up with a Japanese customer yesterday for lunch.. finally after trying to "date" him out for the past 2 weeks!  He had suggested a quaint Japanese restaurant in Tanjong Pagar area, and we ordered so much food for the 2 of us.  I did the ordering at first, but somehow, when the dishes came, i saw some items that i did not order, cause my customer had spoken to the waiter in Japanese and ordered these additional items.  One of which was grilled puffer fish.. When i saw the dish, i was thinking: "Wah lau, he very smart hoh, go and order this dish super expensive one leh!"  I was a bit reluctant to try it at first, cause i heard that puffer fish is poisonous if not prepared properly, but for some reason, i tried one, and liked it so much i had more. It actually tasted like bah kwa!

In the end, my customer paid for the meal.  haha.. i had no choice, cause he was sitting just beside the door and he went out to get the bill quite quickly.  We were in this private room where we had to sit on the floor (Japanese style), so clumsy pregnant me could not stand up fast enough to fight for the bill with him.. So i just  let him pay loh.. haha..  The meal must have been really expensive!

In the evening, i met up with Corey for dinner at Tampines Mall.  We had a 2 hour dinner at Din Tai Feng, chatting over mainly pregnancy and motherhood.  It was the first time we met up since i left for New Zealand, and she got a shock when she first saw my bulging tummy.. = ) Being a mother herself, we had plenty to catch up on.. = )

When i got home, i told K about the puffer fish, and he got quite upset.. until now i still feel guilty and i have been apologizing to baby since.  Really hope she's okay and not affected by my selfishness and recklessness.. 

Straits Times Interview

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I got a call from AC Nielson on Wednesday.  Apparently, their client (some government agency) was so impressed by my active participation in the focus group discussion on Monday, that they are asking me if i would like to be interviewed by the Straits Times.  They said my photo will also be published on the newspaper.  With nothing much to do these days, I of course agreed to the rare opportunity. Maybe i can even take the change to complain about the service i am getting from some of the government agencies! = )

This would be the second time I would be appearing in the newspapers.. haha.. I think i should go and laminate the articles so i can show my baby next time.. = )

Earthquake Tremors

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K and I were having dinner at home on Wednesday when i started to feel my whole body wobbling and my head went giddy.  At first, i thought it was because i was eating too quickly, cause we were rushing out.  But then K told me he could feel it too.  It was then that we realize that we were feeling earthquake tremors. 

It's actually the first time i've felt such strong tremors that actually lasted for quite long, about 3 minutes.  Plus, i've never felt it at home before.  Our bar counter lights were swaying like nobody's business for that 3 minutes.  I actually started to panic and wanted to go downstairs or hide in the bomb shelter, but K just stayed calm and asked me to finish up my dinner.. Plus, because we were rushing to go out, we had no choice but to finish our dinner quickly while the whole house was shaking.. haha.. = )

Sigh.. sometimes, i really pity the Indonesian people.. so many natural disasters seem to be occurring in their country.  Earthquakes lah, volcano eruptions lah, tsunami lah, forest fires lah..  And here in Singapore, we keep getting the side effects like the tremors and the terrible haze that has returned to haunt us yet again.  Si beh suay.. = )

Final Hurdle

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Last week was the start of my third and last trimester - the final hurdle of my 9 month marathon.  For the past 2 trimesters, everything has been smooth sailing, with no symptoms and morning sickness whatsoever.  Everyone says i am very lucky.. = )  Baby Bria is 28 weeks old now, and she is moving around ALOT these days, especially at night.  She is now at that stage where I can feel her hiccuping inside me(which is so adorable!), and I can actually touch her when she moves and press her little hands and feet against my tummy.. Nothing else in this world can make me happier than being able to touch her.  I am also trying to talk to her everyday now.  And singing "ABC" and "You Are My Sunshine" to her..  Sometimes, she actually responds to what i say!

Now those are the positively amazing highlights of my final trimester so far.  The less wonderful experiences are also starting to come all at once, like it's trying to take revenge for my easy pregnancy for the last 2 trimesters.

For one, my memory seems to be getting worse.  I keep forgetting to bring my handphone out, and this has caused some inconvenience especially when i am going for sales meetings. Then I am having heart burns more and more frequently.  I have to eat really slowly nowadays or else i get heart burns.  Heck, even sitting down in my living room watching TV gives me heart burns!  I am also suffering from cramps.  Earlier this week, I was woken up in the middle of the night by severe leg cramps.  I couldn't move both m my legs at all and it was so painful that my groans woke K up and he had to jump out of bed to massage my feet..  And now, i am having cramps in my right elbow. Sigh..   Then my feet is also getting more and more swollen... AND, it is so damn painful now everytime i sneeze!  Problem is, i seem to be sneezing quite a lot these days, probably due to my allergies to dust and the stupid haze.  Last but not least, I am having trouble sleeping because of my increasingly bulging tummy.  So far, the most comfortable position for me is to lie on my back, but i have heard and read that sleeping on my back is not good for the baby, and it will cause very bad backaches.  I have also heard and read that it is best to sleep on my left side.  But i have tried and it is simply not comfortable at all.. Plus, I have so much difficulty and pain simply lying down on my bed that sometimes i feel so frustrated i feel like sleeping in a sitting position! Hai.. my baby isn't even born yet, and already i am deprived of good sleep!

I really hope all these will go away soon.. although many people told me it will only get worse or stay.  Nonetheless, i keep telling myself this is only the beginning of all the "sacrifices" i will have to make as a mother.  I'm sure when i finally get to meet my baby, all these will be worth it! = )

Novena Frenzy

I had a sales meeting with Knight Frank on Monday morning to see if we could provide our creative design and advertising services to them.  Nowadays, i have been making cold calls to companies for this advertising and design company that C started, and  which K and I have a vested interest in.. In return, if a sale comes out from the company that i called, i get a commission.  It's actually quite fun, talking to strangers everyday, plus i also see it as letting Bria listen to my voice everyday so she can recognize my voice more easily when she is born.

C and I were thrilled when the lady we met at Knight Frank asked us to pitch for the design of their internal magazine.  Hopefully we will get the deal. = )

After the meeting, I basically spent the rest of the day in Novena.  K and I went to Thomson to see Dr Lim.  During my last check up, Dr. Lim had taken some samples from down under for a GBS test.  I called back on Friday to check the test results and found that i had bacteria / yeast infection.  So had to go down to collect medication and get the test report.  As usual, even though i called, and was told i don't need to take queue number, i still had to wait for almost 45 minutes before i got to see Dr. Lim.  He told me that i should avoid sugary foods (for the 3rd time! haha), and that it is quite common so not to worry..  Sigh.. looks like i REALLY must avoid all the sweet stuff that i have been craving for.. I just bought a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream! = (

By the time we left the clinic, it was already  4plus.  K dropped me off at Novena Square after Thomson, cause i had a focus group discussion in Novena at 630pm.  So i ended up shopping there, and bought more clothes and a pair of new shoes from Charles & Keith. = )

The focus group discussion was conducted by AC Nielson, and i actually met my NUS friend from Marketing there.  What a coincidence.  There was free Nasi Lemak provided, and it actually tasted quite good! The focus group discussion took about 2 hours, and it topic was about e-government services and government websites.  I think among the group of 7 people, i spoke the most during the discussion.  After the whole thing, 2 mothers who were in the group actually commented that i seem to enjoy my pregnancy very much... = )

K came to fetch me after my focus group, and we headed home for more episodes of "24" at night.. = )