Garfield - the REAL McCOY

Fat, orange and super lazy - What else can it be??
I was browsing through my photos folder and came across these pictures. These were taken on the way to dinner with some friends at Kallang Airport hawker center.
This orange furball is SOOOO lazy that it can't even be bothered to find some quiet corner to sleep... Instead, it chose to lie right in the middle of a pavement to doze off.. talk about "owning the road!" Didn't even wake up when we started to crowd around it and taking pictures of him in dreamland.. = )

I hate Mondays..

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Nothing much happened today.. wasn't feeling too well so stayed at home and worked today..

Just finished a super long winded telecon with my team members from all around the world.. my boss was asking everyone if they felt there was a need for everyone to meet up in Fairfax for the P&B (Planning & Budgeting) preparation. When it came to my turn, my heart was screaming: "YES! YES!", but i replied calmly and professionally : "I think there is no need to at the moment, if there are any issues, we can always do a telecon". HAH!! what a load of bull, i thought.. = )

K bought chicken rice from nearby, and we watched Sex & The City through dinner. Carrie and Big are back as friends now, but it won't be long before they started sleeping with each other again.. And Miranda broke up with her date when he started to poop in front of her without closing the door.. i guess it can be dangerous when you start getting too comfortable with your other half.. Hmm.. I can still remember the first time i farted in front of K (at home)!

Tomorrow's gonna be another long day. I'm gonna attend a talk / forum in the office on "Handling Diversity in the Workplace" during lunch. Sounds very ATAS right.. actually i'm in it for the free Japanese Bento set lunch, that's all! How typical of good old "auntie" me right..

Follow your heart.. Set it FREE..

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The Dark Knight - Part 2

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You know, i still can't believe they cannot find a better looking actress to play Batman's girlfriend Rachel.. Damn.. Spiderman's girlfriend is like 10 times hotter than her !

Anyway, back to the question that K asked while we were waiting for our car outside Zouk.. What are those people searching for?? the people who go clubbing.. K says these people might be going there so that they are not missing out on something, so that they can tell every one of their friends (who don't club) that they have been there, tell them all about the latest and most happening scenes and the people they met at the clubs.. kinda like an ego boost thingie.. I keep asking myself why I like to go clubbing.. Seriously, i don't know.. i thought all along that it was because i enjoyed the crowds, and the music and the dancing. Then K asked if i would go to clubs and dance alone, cause i would achieve the same thing as well. And my answer was no. Which led me to wonder again, why the hell did i club so much when i was younger? Hmm...

In retrospect..

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Yesterday was too crazy (in a good way), so this shall be a retrospective entry about my wonderful Sunday yesterday..

Started the day roller blading with my good friends at East Coast park in the morning... Actually i was the only one who bladed, the rest jogged.. took a break at the jetty after about 1 hour and started the discussion on our Perth trip in October. I'm so excited! Can't believe we are actually going to Perth! And the best part is i don't have to pay a single cent for my air tickets cause i'm gonna redeem the tickets with my Krisflyer miles. Ah.. the perks of my current job.. = ) After a long discussion, we headed back, with me blading (and trying out some stunts) whilst the rest strolled back..

At around 12pm, we went to this coffee shop near East Shore hospital for lunch, wanted to eat my favourite minced meat porridge and char siew pao but apparently they only have those for breakfast, and we were too late. Bummer! After lunch, K and i headed back, had a super quick shower and headed to town to meet my in-laws for lunch (PART 2) at York Hotel. I had the most expensive (but delicious) chicken porridge in my life ($12 a bowl), and banana split for dessert. BEST!! Mom also bought us my favorite super huge chicken pies from the hotel, one of which i had for dinner the same day, and 2 more left in my fridge now (waiting for me to savor it).

After lunch Part 2, K and I went to Taka for a relaxing eye massage and mask. As usual, the guys there tried to psycho us to sign more packages, but to no avail. On the way there, i bumped into my colleague and his girlfriend at Imperial Treasure restaurant.. I asked K if he thought the girlfriend was pretty (cause a few of my colleagues think she is), but he bleahed.. = ) said something like too much make up. We went shopping for roller blades and the GPS Range finder after our massage. Not much success there though. Most of the shops recommend that we get the GPS range finder from the USA, and most of the roller blades were out of my budget... We had to search high and low for a stupid SAMSUNG service center as well, cause my handphone just refused to switch on despite my numerous (and futile) attempts. Initially, we approached the guys at M1 paragon to see if they could help. I even raised my voice a little at one of the sales guys, complaining that i only had this phone for less than a month and it's already giving me problems!! Anyway, the people there couldn't really help, so they directed us to the SAMSUNG service center at Center Point and Plaza Sing. K and I walked all the way from Paragon to Centerpoint, only to realize that the service center had moved to Plaza Sing! I was so pissed! In the end, we didn't go but headed back home instead.

When i got home, i charged my handphone, and realized that the stupid thing didn't switch up because there was no battery... haha!! Scolded that poor M1 guy for nothing.. Did some housework, cleared some mails, took a nap, and then went to watch Hellboy at 10plus. By the time we got home, it was already midnight.. Hellboy was okay.. nothing fantastic, thought the show was too BLAH and in your face with all the big creatures bursting out from nowhere..

So.. that was my wonderful Sunday. Don't you wish all sundays were like that??

The Dark Knight

I finally went to watch "The Dark Knight" today at Great World City. It was one of the movies i've been to...

Haha.. no lah, the show didn't suck, it was the process of getting to the cinema that sucked.. the carpark was full everywhere, we couldn't find a place to park, and we were running late. Ended up parking at the valet carpark opposite Zouk, and had to walk like forever to get to the cinema.. And i was hungry as well..

I had to give credit to dear old Heath for his fantastic performance.. but i didn't really understand the ending though. And Morgan Freeman is amazing as usual.. People should go watch "The Bucket List".. another Freeman masterpiece.

After the show, we took a slow walk back to Zouk. As we stood outside the valet carpark waiting for our car, i couldn't help but feel nostalgic. I kinda missed the days where i would go "clubbing" at Zouk. There was as usual a queue outside Zouk, the crowd seems to be getting younger though.. As i stood there missing the good old days, my husband asked me a question: What are these people REALLY looking for??

I told him for me, it was just fun.. but he said it can't be, and that it was something much deeper.. Hmmm.. i wonder..

Babies et al.

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out why i use the above title for today's entry.. As mentioned yesterday, i was supposed to attend 2 baby parties today, but instead, I went for just one baby party (the 1 year old's), while my husband went for the baby shower alone.. (My handphone just hanged on me. ARGHH!!!)

During the ride to the party, we had this discussion about having a baby.. (which didn't go very well by the way..) Then when we arrived at the party, there were so many babies and children in the house that i felt i was in a huge playground. Then i had to see my primary school friend at the party with a 7 month old baby boy. Apparently, she had a shotgun marriage 6 months ago.. And the birthday girl was so adorable that i wanted to carry her. But she didn't want me to and started crying before i could even touch her.. = (

After the party, i went to our corporate secretary's office in Clarke Quay to seek some advice on filing the Annual returns and AGM for Vivatech. Apparently, i had 2 datelines to meet: One for filing AGM and Annual returns to ACRA by 31 July 08, and the other for filing the Directors' Report and Form C to IRAS by 30 August 08.. SIANZ!!

Later in the afternoon, we went over to Suntec and Marina Square.. went into POSB and bought another 2 unit trusts.. at the bank, there was this baby boy in his pram who looked so happy with his little balloon. My husband said he looked like a cartoon character.. think the sight of this cartoon character made him want to be a father even more..

I wonder how i would look like pregnant?? Like this?? haha... i wish so!! Hot mamma huh?


Actually it's already Saturday now as i am writing this, so it should be TGIS! instead of TGIF..

My "F" started pretty "F-up", but it kinda ended well, because i cleared another dateline!! YAY!!

It was another happening day in the office today.. didn't even have time for lunch, but being the kind samatarian that he is, Mr. New AND1 basketball shoes actually bought duck rice back for me today. Then after lunch, we had a mentoring program kick off session. Was stuck in the conference room for 1 hour listening to some crap about mentoring and initiating new employees into the company.. then the next 1 hour was spent more meaningfully with nice sandwiches, spring rolls and surprisingly fresh orange juice. There was the usual chit chatting with people from various departments.. One of my colleagues passed a casual remark that the HR girl who organized the session was so fake.. i actually thought she was quite okay.. at least not as fake as this other girl i know in my department..

Tomorrow i have to attend 2 baby parties - one baby is 1 month old, and the other's 1 year old.. looks like everyone around me is having babies except me..

Not sure if i want to have one so soon actually.. but it seems my husband's biological clock is ticking faster than mine.. sigh.. = (

Now i need to get some beauty sleep..

Basketball and Shoes..

Thursdays are "Sports Days" for me and my colleagues.. every thursday, we will go for a game of badminton and basketball.. but unfortunately, i failed to book a badminton court for this week. They must be wondering why there is no badminton not long after i started collecting money from them.. haha!! Yeessh, i AM embezzelling the money..

I think i am really getting stressed out by all these super ass-tight datelines.. first time since i started organizing these sports activities that i forgot to bring my shoes today!! And i tot only Carol would forget her shoes.. = ) Ended up sitting by the side of the court watching the guys (and 1 girl) play ball. This was the pair of shoes i wore, which was literally impossible to walk, much less run and dribble the ball. Speaking of these shoes, i'm not sure if i should wear them again. It's causing me a backache ! I think i can't walk in anything more than 2 inches high..

ANYWAY, it was quite fun watching them play. I think my dear dear played quite well tonight, considering this is the second time he's played in 10 years. and that he's recovering from a sprained shoulder.. = ) In fact, i think all of them played well; it was a joy to watch, except there were no slam dunks, otherwise it would have been much more exciting..

And then there were the shoes again.. Alv had on his new AND1 squeaky clean and white basketball shoes today, which was very tempting to step on (too bad i couldn't play!). And on the other extreme end was Win, who had on a pair he hasn't worn in 2 years, and was literally falling apart.. The photo below was taken half way through the game.. by the time the game was over, i think the entire sole fell off.. = )

Tomorrow is TGIF! Hopefully don't have to stay late.

Today is Safety & Health Day!!

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Today is Safety and Health day! The first half of the day in the office saw folks from the Safety and Health committee walking around with goodie bags for everyone, and also a very cute Safety Mascot (both the mascot and the person inside!)

Tried to take a picture of the mascot, but my stupid handphone camera failed on me. By the time i figured out how to do it, all i could get was the mascot's head on the table..

Second half of the day was equally eventful.. There were free 10 minutes neck and shoulder massages and a buffet feast, both of which i did not participate in because i was too busy analysing headcount numbers in my little cubicle upstairs.. the next deadline is tomorrow and i can't wait for this to be ova!!!


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Checked out this site.

My first reaction was like : WTF??!!

So now we should encourage cheating, cause if we don't cheat, others cannot remain loyal to their other halves.. So to reduce fidelity, we have to increase fidelity??

Can all men be seduced ??

This was the topic of discussion during lunch with my hot-blooded male colleagues today.. = )

It was also the question posed by one of our more popular local radio deejays on his show this morning.

My take on this? YES. with the right women of course. Think Samantha Jones from Sex & The City, a.k.a the "Goddess of Seduction". She'll probably reply : "HELL yeah!"

Then again, what is the definition of "Seduction"? At what point would we consider ourselves to have "already been seduced"?

My FIRST posting !!

Yes, yes, this is the very FIRST time i am blogging.. Those of you who are familiar with the marketing jargon will probably label me as a "Laggard" - one who never follows the latest trends in the market / industry until the trend is about to fade out, OR the majority of the population has already caught up with it..

Why the title "Life is but a play"? Well, I was inspired by a scene in one of my favorit
e plays, "Macbeth". In the scene, Macbeth shares with us his perception of life, immediately after he heard of his wife's untimely suicide.

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

Just for the record, i am no pessimist. In fact, i'm more of a "Tigger" than an "Eeyore". Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!!

Today has been a freaking long day.. stayed in the office analyzing reports and making calls till 10-ish .. Seriously, with my stomach growling away since 8pm, i really couldn't absorb most of what was going on. Can't wait for this stupid annual reporting cycle to end soon.. This is the only reason that i look forward to National Day cause that's when my "dead" lines dies..

Anyway, as if things weren't bad enough with the stomach growling and all, it got worse when i finished my calls at 10pm and couldn't get a cab on the stupid 24-hour cab hotline. So with one hand holding my mobile, i started packing up. Then I had to knock over my mug while packing and spilled green tea on my table! WTF!!

So poor me, with one hand on my mobile waiting for a kind and merciful cab driver to take me home, started wiping the mess on my table and with a major headache on the way.

And here i am now, starting with my very first blog and bitching away about my awful day today.. The only good thing that happened today, is the fact that i got to watch one episode of Sex & The City (SATC) today. I'm so totally hooked on it! Hmm.. still trying to think which of the 4 women i can most identify with.. Maybe i should write a bit of something about SATC in my blogs from now onwards..

Tomorrow shall be a better day ! Till then, let me leave you with a photo of this shop selling Pies in the eastern part of the small country i live in. Pretty cool name for a Pie shop huh??