The 5 Languages of Love...

I met up with my gang of 3 girls from JC for dinner on Monday.

It was supposed to be a very belated birthday celebration for 3 of us: Myself (Oct), WM (Aug) and HX (Nov)..

Dinner was at this Marche-style Japanese restaurant at Raffles City.

As usual, we were supposed to meet at 7pm but everyone was late. I reached at 630pm, went shopping at Marina Square and ended up being late as well.. how stupid.. -_-

And as usual, HX was the latest, cause she had gone to the hairdresser to dye her hair. During the course of our 2 hour dinner and after, we updated each other on our lives and i found out the following:
  • HX resigned from her Japanese company and now she can't find a job

  • WM's 7 months pregnant now, and it's a boy. They're gonna name him Justas @ "Disciple of God"

  • AB is earning S$5K a month. I think she's been dying to let everyone know how much she earns for like the longest time.. = )

  • AB was sharing with us this called the "5 Languages of Love". Each of us is supposed to have one dominant language of love. K and I both went to take the quiz and realized that both our dominant love language is "Words of Affirmation". Interesting.. So now K and I are experimenting with our new found love languages...
We left the restaurant around 10pm. Dinner was paid for by only the 3 of us, reason being HX was jobless. Frankly, i found that reasoning extremely lame, especially since she had the dough to go dye her hair..

What irks me more is the fact that HX didn't even hesitate when we offered to pay for her share.. Anyway, i didn't dwell very much on that, just paid my share and left..

Oh well..

2 Response to "The 5 Languages of Love..."

  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    wow. i don't think i have ever talked salary with my friend in that context. the only time was when i worked at shin kushiya and was grossly underpaid. so i was complaining to my ex-colleagues.

    I always thought that people will only share when it's low pay and not when their pay is high out of embarrassment or modesty. so your friend is unique!

  2. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    btw, mine is acts of service followed by quality time.