Our 106th Monthniverssary

22nd Dec Monday marked the 106th month that K and I got together.

It's also the last monthniverssary for the year 2008.

Because my laptop was under repair and won't be ready till after lunch. I did not go to the office in the morning. Instead, K and I went to run some errands, and then drove to the airport to deliver some signages to SATS. While i was there, caught up with some of my ex-colleagues and passed them Christmas cards and gifts.

For lunch, K and I went to Bedok Interchange for my favourite dark sauce carrot cake, and some pretty good wanton noodles.. We went shopping after lunch and K bought me this pair of diamond earrings. I had been bugging him for some time for a pair of diamond earrings for Christmas so.. = )

I went back to office after lunch.. but did not get my laptop until 4pm. By then, i didn't have much time to clear my work, as i had an appointment with Bust Station at 7pm. Supposed to go for a free trial (to enhance my boobs )that i won after i entered into a contest.

Anyways.. the whole Bust Enhancement trial was actually not bad. I had thought it would be crap and then plenty of hard selling. But this Bust Station is actually quite good. Could really see and feel some difference after the trial. I am proud to say i did not sign up for anything, despite the really attractive offer they presented.. = )

After my short bust enhancement trial session, i met K for some Fish and Co. at the Glass House.. my first time there.. always wanted to go there casuse i thought the glass house looked very nice.. We ordered our fave seafood platter for 2. The service there was really bad. Bunch of school kids on holiday jobs. Slow, not much energy and motivation.. wonder what makes the kids tick nowadays?!

1 Response to "Our 106th Monthniverssary"

  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    I just read another friend's blog and her bf gave her diamond necklace. And you have diamond earrings. Drools! Where is mine? hahahaha!