The day my laptop crashed AGAIN!!

Technology seems to be failing me a lot these days..

Last Thursday, after my laptop was used at the Christmas Party at Jewel Box, the hard disk crashed. I had to work on somebody else's desktop the whole of Friday and only got my laptop back on Monday afternoon. This was the second time the hard disk crashed over the past one year!! Fortunately for me, all the documents were recovered. But my Taipei photos were mostly gone! I'm still bugging my IT department to retrieve the photos for me... = )

Then over the weekend, my most loyal Philips hair straightener died on me. I could not straighten my hair for 2 days and had to tie it up until today after K bought a new one for me yesterday. Apparently, the model i had was discontinued and only selected Best Denki outlets carried the stock.

On Friday morning, one day after our department's Christmas party, i came to office and saw these on my table. One was from Xinlei: a home-baked cupcake with the letter "A" as icing on it. The other was from Emily: Bottle of Clinique moisturizer to thank me for helping out with the decorations for the Christmas party. So sweet.. <3

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