Cameron Highlands Trip

K and I drove up to Cameron Highlands with the Miata Club folks over the weekend.. We got stuck in a jam near the Tuas checkpoint and reached home at 1am yesterday. Now i'm totally bummed out in the office..

There were a total of 13 cars in the convoy: 8 Miatas, 1 Marc X, 1 Euro-R, 1 WRX , 1 Murano and of course not forgetting our club president's new ride - the gorgeous white Lotus Elise.. She was the center of attraction every where we went.. = )

The Lotus Elise.. &
The 8-Miata convoy

The trip was sucky right from the beginning. We woke up at 4am, drove to the Shell petrol station in JB to wait for 2 other cars, and ended up waiting there for nearly 2 hours cause one of the drivers over slept... Because of that, we couldn't meet up with the rest of the convoy in KL and had to drive straight to another meeting point instead. By the time we reached Cameron highlands, it was almost 3pm, and both K and I were giddy from hunger. I was so hungry i couldn't really be bothered with social etiquette. The minute i reached the restaurant, i grabbed the menu and ordered without waiting for the rest... Our group was the "hungry" group; cause the rest had just came from buffet breakfast and so were taking their own sweet time..

K wasn't at his 100% yet so the drive up kinda worsen his condition. So on the first night, we skipped steamboat dinner and slept straight out for 14 hours from 6pm to 8am. We had so wanted to join the guys for steamboat, even told ourselves we will just sleep for 2 hours and join them, but when we first woke up it was 2am already so.. we went back to sleep.. when we next woke up, it was breakfast time. On hindsight, the 14 hours sleep was a good thing because K recovered the next morning, and I was totally rested from the day before. The downside was that i had SO wanted to eat steamboat in the nice cool Cameron weather!

Actually, to be fair, the trip wasn't all that bad.. there were some positive sides to it as well. Let's just say it was a good balance of both, and definitely memorable. Here are some of the highlights:

* During the uphill drive to Cameron highlands, our car went out of control and spun off.. We were trying to overtake at a bend, but was taken by surprise when the bend turned out to be too sharp. So K lost control of the car for a while, went into some slippery mud and spun off.. Any further and we would have fallen off the cliff. I was totally stunned.. my very first close shave with death! I thank my lucky stars that we are still alive. After this incident, our spin-off became the talking point of the whole convoy throughout the trip. = )

* We had tea and some really nice cream and strawberry scones at the T Cafe...

* We visited this Lakeview Hotel, which was a very nice and quaint colonial looking hotel..

Loved this little birdhouse in the backyard!

* Didn't manage to pick strawberries though, cause it wasn't the right season, there was not enough time, plus, the place was too jam packed.. Quite sad, cause i missed the 2 must-do things in Cameron Highlands (steamboat and strawberries)!

* We made lots of new friends.. There was a new Eurasian guy in the club, his name is Bond Freeman. His ride was an NA model converted to look like an NB model. One and only in Singapore. So then we had Bond, and another guy in our club called James. So when the two met, it went like this: "Hi, my name is James." And Bond went: "Hello, I'm Bond." Naturally, James thought Bond was pulling a fast one on him, so he said: "Eh, don't joke lah, what's your name?" This went on for a while until James realized the guy standing in front of him is really called Bond. It was totally hilarious! = )

* We visited the BOH Tea plantation and had some really nice hot home grown tea in the cool Cameron weather.. Took some nice pictures up there too.. The ride up was scary though. Can you imagine us in a van on one narrow lane, then stopping halfway down the cliff because we had one school bus in front, and another school bus behind us?! Until now, i still don't know how the hell our driver maneuveured his way out of that !

The BOH Tea Plantation

* We visited this new mall called The Curve at Damansara. Had some lousy "la mian" for dinner. But the Christmas decorations there were so cute.. I especially loved the animal sculptures there.. the bear and the squirrel are my favourites!

* The drive back was fun.. the rain had stopped, everyone had their tops down.. it was really nice seeing the whole convoy driving together, especially on the highway where the whole road was literally ours for the taking!

Can't wait for the next outing!

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