Banking Woes..

These days, i seem to keep running into problems with the banks.

I was home early last night.. had to rush to the AMEX counter at Tangs Plaza to pay my credit card bill by 530pm, otherwise i would get charged for late payment. At least that was what the customer service person told me over the phone. Which i thought was very silly, because the bill had stated the "Date Due" as 9th Dec 08. I had called AMEX to ask some questions on the amount i had to pay, and the girl on the phone had informed me that i need to pay at the AMEX counter at Tangs by 530pm. Any other form of payment (internet banking, AXS machine) would be considered as late payment because they needed at least 2-3 working days to process the payment. And only the AMEX at Tangs would work. If that's the case, then they shouldn't put the due date as 9 Dec right?? Cause from a consumer's point of view, as long as i pay the bill on the 9th Dec, then i am not late! It all boils down to the definition of the words "Due Date" printed on the credit card statement.

Today, i received an email reminder from Citibank informing me that my credit card bill was due in 10 days. Then i realized that i had not received my statement. Apparently, they had gone online, and i don't even remember being asked if i wanted to view my monthly statement online. So then i went online, and had to search through my files to find the stupid pin number for internet banking. But it didn't work cause my PIN expired or did not match with my card number or something. So then I called Citibank, and asked them to send the physical statement instead.

When one bank is trying to save trees by going online, another bank is trying to kill the trees by sending too many statements to their customers. 2 weeks ago, i received a statement from HSBC. There was no due date on the statement, so i called the bank to enquire. That was when i found out that HSBC sends reminder credit card statements to their customers about a week before they send the actual statement. I asked to be removed from their mailing list for the reminder statement, but was told i could not exercise that option. So i will keep getting 2 credit statements for my HSBC credit card. How dumb..

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