An Unforgettable Christmas Eve

K and I got into a car accident on Christmas eve, the night before we were supposed to drive our Miata up to Penang for the long weekend together with 2 others from the Miata club. Needless to say, we were not able to drive our Miata, so we ended up being the odd one (car) out.

This is the 3rd car accident we've had this year in our car. It had been raining the whole day. We were on our way home from dinner at my parents' place. K was driving into a huge bend heading towards the expressway along Simei road when he suddenly decided to try and make the car drift.

So he accelerated while turning into the bend. Before we knew it, the car spun out of control and we headed straight into the kerb on the right of the bend. The car stopped after the spin and we realized that we were facing oncoming traffic. Fortunately, we were both not injured. I was just shocked. K kept apologizing to me as he steered the car slowly to the side of the road. I had told him many times before not to do stunts with the car, but he kept arguing that this is the best way to learn how to handle the car during real accidents, and also to test the car's limits. I had kinda given up and knew that something has to happen before he will wake up. I guessed this was his first wake up call.

After we got the car safety by the side of the road, K and I got out of the car and checked on it. Our rear wheels were completely out of alignment, and the rims broken. I also had bruises on my left arm and leg. And a slight pain on my right lower back when i turned at a certain angle. The driver in the car behind us stopped and offered to help. We were fortunate that he had saw us speeding into the bend and had slowed down. Otherwise, there would have been a collision. K got himself busy calling the tow truck, insurance company, the guys we're supposed to go to Penang with etc.. we nearly had to skip the Penang trip. Fortunately, K's parents were out of town so we could borrow their Altis to Penag. K's sister and her boyfriend came down to pass the Altis to us, by the time they arrived, i was in tears.

I was upset at K for two things. One, for not listening to me and always putting his life (and mine!) at risk. And two, i felt he loved the car more than me. When the car spun out and came to a halt, the first thing that came out of my mouth was to ask if he was okay. But he never once asked if I was okay. And this was not the first time. The same thing happened even during the past 2 accidents. This time round, he apologized to me and then started to make all the phone calls without even pausing to ask if i was alright. I knew that K was the type who would assume i am okay unless i tell him otherwise. But somehow, i think my emotions got the better of me. So after he had finished all the phone calls and we were just waiting for the tow truck and his sister to come, i told K how i felt and then broke down. I told him that i needed him to ask, to stop assuming that i am okay unless he sees blood or i faint or something. I told him that i don't want to own this sports car anymore if he keeps putting his life at risk like that. I told him that getting myself into 3 car accidents in a year could jolly well be the reason why i still can't get pregnant.. I kinda just exploded.

K felt really bad after that, especially after i showed him my bruises. He explained to me that i was right, that he was the kind who needed me to tell him if i was hurt. Otherwise he would assume that i was fine. But me on the other hand, i was the kind who needed him to ask. My language of love is "Words of love"!! K said he knew this and that he would try and remember the next time. I guess the accident happened for a purpose. It brought us closer together as a couple.

The tow truck came about 40 minutes later.. and i sat in the tow truck for the first time in my life. At the insurance assessment center, i saw the most number of smashed cars i've ever seen in my life. All parked in one straight line. It's a wonder how some of the drivers managed to survive the car crash!!

By the time we got everything settled, it was already close to midnight. We had to wake up 4 hours later to set off for our Penang trip. And because the following day was a public holiday, we would only be able to report the accident on Monday when we come back from Penang. What a way to celebrate Christmas!

1 Response to "An Unforgettable Christmas Eve"

  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    oh gosh, thank God you can celebrate Christmas and countdown to 2009 lor! That was such a close shave. With the rain and all, good thing both of you got out fine.

    I heard that BMW offers special courses that train drivers on what to do in accidents. So K can sign up and do all the drift and staged accidents he wants without risking anyone's lives.