Christmas Party @ Mount Faber Jewel Box

Yesterday was our department's annual Christmas party. This year, we had the party at the ballroom at Jewel Box on Mount Faber. I was put in charge of decorating the function room. Was supposed to meet the rest of the guys at the office then take the cable car over together. But i woke up late so had to ask K to drive me straight up to Mount Faber.

Fortunately, when i reached, i was the first one. About 5 mins later, the rest arrived. It was not easy putting up the decorations.. it took us 1.5 hours before the room looked amazing. Even the staff at Mount Faber was impressed.. I got quite a few compliments too... = )

The party was great fun. We had table games such as Guess the Baby photos, using gum to blow bubbles and build Santa Claus etc. All of which i thought were very innovative. I took part in this game where my partner was supposed to stand directly behind me, blind folded, and feed me with 3 things: a banana, a sausage bun with lots of tomato sauce, and a packet of Chrysanthemum tea.. the first team to finish eating all these 3 wins. of course, i didn't win cause my mouth wasn't big enough compared to some of the guys who took part. = ) but it was great fun!

I also received a very nice present from Edwin for the gift exchange. It was a Marks & Spencer collection of 5 tubes of different scent shower gel. Travel size. Perfect for me to bring to my Hongkong trip end of this year!!

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  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    is that the reindeer from your desk?
    by the way, do you know how many people can the jewel box fit for a sit down dinner?