Christmas Decorations

I bought this grass reindeer for $2 at Daiso 3 days ago to decorate my work station.. So adorable! Everytime i walk past, it makes me smile.. In fact, i think it makes everyone who walks past it smile. Certainly a good way to start a conversation with people who walk past my work station!

I bought one for S as well.. hope she'll like it! = )

2 days ago, i went Christmas decor shopping at Tekka mall with my colleagues. We busted $300 just on the decorations and goodie bag stuff for our department's Christmas party! The retailers must be laughing all the way to the bank. Everything is so expensive! One simple 9 feet long "Merry Christmas" banner costs us $45 already!

Usually, with my friends, i will be the one bargaining on the prices... But this time, i left the haggling to my colleague. She was citing the recession as the reason for her bargaining, but the shop owner's retort was in my opinion, a very good one. He said: "It is precisely because of the recession that we need to spend MORE and in the process boost the economy!" * Faintz..* = )

Anyway, this morning, when i came to work.. the whole office was decorated with Christmas items.. now my grass reindeer isn't as outstanding in the midst of all the other decorations. Kinda camouflaged already. Then again.. i am the only one with this cute little reindeer. My colleagues wanted to buy more for the office, but Daiso run out of stock.. = )

1 Response to "Christmas Decorations"

  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    very cute reindeer! and i can see the little winnie the pooh toys on your desk! haha..

    i contemplated decorating my house with lights for christmas. but then will use up a lot of electricty and bill will go up. so now i might just get a christmas tree and decorate.