Deck the halls with boughs of holly.. fa la la la la..

I've been having loads of fun recently buying new Christmas decorations to add to my past year's collections..

Yesterday night, i was home early so i decided to deck my living hall with boughs of holly and plenty more..

So i took out my big bag of Christmas ornaments from the store room and went to work!

Here's my ultra-modern looking Christmas tree which i have been re-using for the past 2 years (a gift from my mother in law).. I have been asking for an artificial pine tree for the past 2 weeks, but K refused to let me buy one.. = (

The red ornaments hanging on the tree are actually Santa ornaments from Las Vegas given to me by a colleague. At the two sides of the tree are a reindeer and a mini Christmas tree - gifts from B when he went to Japan last year..

The hallway with red and green tinsel and a little mistletoe hanging in the middle.. whoever's caught standing underneath with somebody else would have to kiss! I'm having a hard time keeping the tinsel stuck to the wall, stupid thing keeps falling off!

My big empty white wall in the living room. I bought two big red socks today to add more color to this wall.. = )

How can i forget my folks from the Hundred Acre Woods? Bought them each a Santa hat to wear, although none of the hats fit their big heads.. Don't they look so adorable?? Eeyore seems happier in this picture.. = )

1 Response to "Deck the halls with boughs of holly.. fa la la la la.."

  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    hahaha.. i like the santa hats on hundred acre woods! all the decorations make it so festive, must have a party!