Christmas party with my loved ones..

I had my Christmas party at home over the weekend..

This year is the second time we're having a Christmas party at our place with the usual gang. And as usual, we all dressed in green and red.

I decked the living room and kitchen with some decorations to create some festive cheer. K also downloaded a few Christmas albums to play throughout the night, and i borrowed TABOO from Carol for some fun after the feast.

It was potluck, and all of us prepared something for the feast.. I tried my hand at making the tofu that i learned during my Taipei cooking class, but ended up being not very popular. In fact, it became the food for forfeit for the losing team in TABOO!! = (

Macaroon Christmas tree

Baked potato, tofu, sushi, pork knuckles, spaghetti

Ice-cream log cake from Goodwood Park

It was a great party.. good food, great company, and we laughed until our sides ached playing TABOO.. It's amazing how we can guess some of the words based on the clues our friends gave.. = ) Brion is one hellava player. For the word "3D", he said: "What is before 4 and after C?" And "Valentine's Day", his clue was: "What is one day one month after January the 13th?" Best!!

Our friends from the Hundred Acre Woods were not left out either. They were the stars of the evening after S got her present during the gift exchange: 4 baby soft toys of Winnie and friends. So now we have 2 sets!

For the gift exchange, we were supposed to give something of $20 value.. We had picked our receipient a week earlier, and nobody knew who their "Santa" was. Mine was S, and she bought me a nice silver necklace with a dolphin and a cute cup with a lid. B was K's Santa, and as usual, he did not follow the $20 rule and got K a Hugo Boss shirt. He also got me a pink Longchamp coin purse to match my handbag. = ) Actually, i also did not follow the rule. I got a Victorinox mini multi-purpose tool for everyone. Each tool had a different horoscope engraved on it and came in different colors. I have a Libran one and it has served me very well over the past few years! I hope they liked theirs!

We had another round of feasting the day after, mostly to clear the left over food. Played mahjong and watched "The Curse of the Golden Flower" by Gong Li and Chow Yuen Fatt. Very nice show.. boob fest for the guys! = )

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