Body of Lies..

Caught the movie today with K at The Cathay Picturehouse... As usual, had free tickets so we used the money we saved and spent it on popcorn (and parking) instead..

I didn't really like the movie.. wasn't interesting enough to keep my attention. Kept fidgeting throughout the movie.

Nonetheless, i was pretty amused by how DiCarprio looked in this show. So different from the lead character in Titanic, which i remember him most fondly for. In this show, DiCarprio looks completely screwed up either as an American CIA agent posing as an Arab, or just as an American CIA agent who is accident prone and thus often seen with bruises, stitches on his face and blue black eyes. Totally not charming at all.. = )

When it comes to shows with terrorist-related plots, i still think "24" is the best!

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