Christmas in Penang

Just came back from my 4 day trip in Penang with 2 couples from the Miata club. Think i gained at least 2 kg now! 4 days of non-stop eating and eating.. Only 30 minutes of exercise at the gym!! But at least i got to know these 2 couples much better, and really felt like i was on holiday!

The ride up took us 10 hours. We woke up at 4am, set off to meet the rest at the Shell station after the Tuas checkpoint. By the time we reached Penang, it was almost 3pm. We did the usual, lots of eating at the hawkers and road side stores. I had too many fried kuay teow, banana pancakes and Penang prawn noodles! Gurney drive was not to be missed.. We also went to the beach at Shangri La hotel. K went for his first jet-ski experience.. and fell into the water because he tried to turn too fast and lost control. I give up on this guy. Drive car also do stunts, jet ski also want to do stunts! = P

Then there was the shopping bit. Bought their local Tau Sa Peah, watched "YES Man" at the cinemas, and also had a foot, shoulder and back massage before the movie. And it was the painful kind. K moaned so much during his massage that everyone in the room (there were 3 of us with 3 masseurs) sniggered.. I got this bulky guy as my masseur, and my massage was so painful i had to ask him to stop at some point. And he can tell me "No pain, no gain!" = ( On the whole, it was quite a good experience. I had a stiff neck for the past 2 days, and the massage kinda cured it. I also liked the fact that we sat in a massage chair during the foot reflexology. I thought it was pretty innovative.

Overall, it was a good trip.. except for the totally lousy service at Traders hotel. If i have time, i will write in to complain. I had 2 very rude Indian ladies attending to me. One over the reception, another over the phone. If there's one thing i can't stand, it's bad customer service.. And we had to park opposite the hotel for 2 nights because the hotel carpark was full! Can you believe it?! Ridiculous..

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  1. Hollywood Tai Tai Says:

    Heya, thanks for adding Love Love Me Do to your blogroll! :)

    The last time I had foot reflexology, my head and back hurt for ONE whole week. At that time, it felt good though. I am a sucker for pain and the masseuse was so impressed he used extra power. Regretted letting him exert all that strength afterwards.